Woman Who Obama Cited as Obamacare Success Story Now Says She Can't Afford Health Coverage



In a Rose Garden speech last month, President Obama defended his health care law, and offered some anecdotes about people it would help. One of those people  was Jessica Sanford, who'd written to President Obama describing her health insurance predicament. President Obama read from the letter in his speech.

I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington State.  And here's what she wrote:  "I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven't had insurance for 15 years because it's too expensive.  My son has ADHD and requires regular doctor visits and his meds alone cost $250 per month.  I have had an ongoing tendinitis problem due to my line of work that I haven't had treated.  Now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 per month.  I was crying the other day when I signed up.  So much stress lifted."

But Sanford's story doesn't end there. As CNN's Jim Acosta reports, thanks to a series of glitches, Sanford's insurance premiums turned out to be far higher than she initially expected:

After Obama mentioned her story, Sanford started having problems. Sanford said she received another letter informing her the Washington state health exchange had miscalculated her eligibility for a tax credit.

In other words, her monthly insurance bill had shot up from $198 a month (she had initially said $169 a month to the White House but she switched plans) to $280 a month for the same "gold" plan offered by the state exchange.

Sanford said she was frustrated with the state's error. But she decided to purchase the new plan and thought everything was fine.

It didn't end there either. Eventually got a second letter from Washington's state-run exchange. That letter, according to CNN, stated that "there had been another problem, a "system error" that resulted in some "applicants to qualify for higher than allowed health insurance premium tax credits." And because of that error, Sanford would have to pay more still:

The result was a higher quote, which Sanford said was for $390 per month for a "silver" plan with a higher deductible. Still too expensive

A cheaper "bronze" plan, Sanford said, came in at $324 per month, but also with a high deductible—also not in her budget.

Then another letter from the state exchange with even worse news.

"Your household has been determined eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of $0.00 to help cover the cost of your monthly health insurance premium payments," the latest letter said.

Sanford, who is self-employed, tells CNN that she now plans to avoid purchasing health insurance entirely, because it's simply not affordable on her budget.     

It's worth highlighting the fact that this occurred in one of the 15 state-run exchanges that is supposed to be working better than the federally facilitated system covering 36 states. Indeed, Washington state's exchange has frequently been touted as one of the systems that works the best among the state-run exchanges. But those reports tend to focus on the consumer experience—the ability of a user to smoothly navigate from start to finish in the insurance enrollment process. Yet as Sanford's story shows, a smooth process can still be frustrated by inaccurate pricing and subsidy information. The same, naturally, would be true of incorrect enrollment data being sent to insurers, another problem that's apparently pervasive in the federal system.

Sanford's story illustrates how some the Obamacare stories that might initially look like successes might not be once the data and pricing issues are all sorted out, and offers a reminder that sometimes the process of getting things straight can take weeks. That's why we ought to remain skeptical about the White House's push to improve the enrollment experience for the "vast majority of users." It's not just the user end that's broken. And even if the website works well enough to allow most people who want to enroll to get through the process, there's no guarantee that it will continue to work once they're inside the system. 

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  1. Do we really have 15 state-run exchanges and 36 Federally-run state exchanges? Its an honest question, not a snarky typo hunt.

    1. It can’t be right, that’s not 57 states!


    2. Does DC have its own exchange?

      1. Yeah, that’s probably right. Didn’t the DC Insurance Commish get canned for saying “thanks, but no thanks” when Obama magnanimously ruled that insurance companies could offer illegal plans?

        1. He did. I think the DC exchange is probably considered federal though (even though their commissioner is local and under the mayor), as it isn’t a state, so it would seem that the math checks out.

          1. The title of the ACA that establishes the exchanges also states, “In this title, the term “State” means each of the 50 States and the District of Columbia.”

    3. 36 states fall under the federal system.
      There are 15 other exchanges — 14 run by states, one run by D.C., but for ease of description we typically count D.C. in the state-run exchange category.

      1. Ah. I had the 14 states stuck in my head. Thanks.

      2. Correction… 57 states fall under the federal system, and 100,000,000 people are signed up for O’Care.

        1. “and 100,000,000 people are signed up for O’Care.”

          And every one of them couldn’t afford insurance before!

        2. That’s not right. It’s more like 500,000,000 people, the same number of people in the U.S. that lost their job in a single day before the Stimulus Bill was enacted.

          1. I thought 500,000,000 was the jobs created or saved due to the stimulus bill?

            1. I thought 500,000,000 was the cost of each job or saved by the stimulus bill

    4. I think they are counting DC as a quasi-state, because it is too wordy to say “15 state- or DC-run exchanges” over and over.

    5. Yes, there should be common code: you have the interfaces to legacy systems like IRS db etc, middleware brokers to mediate comm with legacy, then business logic brokers to crunch the numbers, and the MVC client facing code for website. Every piece of code but the those specific to each state’s crazy regulations should be shared code. It is a complete fucking mess. Complete rewrite is justified.

  2. Big government failed this woman. Solution: Even bigger government! Forward comrades!

    1. The solution to big-government failure is always even bigger government.

      1. Intentions trump results.

      2. The solution to big-government failure is always even bigger government failure.

        There, finished it for you.

  3. a smooth process can still be frustrated by inaccurate pricing and subsidy information

    By definition, that is not a smooth process.

    1-Click Ordering on Amazon is a smooth process. If I 1-clicked, and then amazon sent an order confirmation with a higher price than indicated when I submitted my order, and then Amazon took weeks to rectify the situation, that would not be a smooth consumer experience.

    1. (read in the voice of Barry White, accompanied by the soft harmonic stylings of the Love Unlimited Orchestra)

      “But baby…. you know when I service you…. things can just get so… complicated…. but when you get what I’m giving….and you feel what I’m giving …. you realize … there’s no other choice…. because… our love…. is MANDATED, bay-baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

      1. Now *that’s* a smooth process.

        1. more like smooth RACISM!

          (read in the voice of Dana Church Lady Carvey)

    2. Funny Amazon can implement each state’s tax code correctly but Obamacare software is a mess after 3 years and over $1B.

  4. So – the government system is working exactly as expected. And someone’s SURPRISED by this?

    1. We are going to add 30M people to the system, we are going to demand “insurance” companies accept those with preexisting conditions, we will implement moar regulation… AND the price will decrease.

      What, Spike the magic unicorn didn’t show up to sprinkle pixie dust on the program to suspend reality?

      I’m shocked. Didn’t see it coming. I mean, who could have foreseen such an outcome? It certainly wasn’t intentional. We had the best of intentions…

      1. That what I kept saying when this obamination first came out.
        The derp response I got was “economies of scale”

        1. That’s. or Dat.

        2. Larger risk pools lower prices! So the mandate lowers prices! And, subsidies! /derptastic

      2. I’m sure he had/has the best of intentions, and he isn’t even knowingly lying. He’s a sociopath who truly believed/believes his own BS. Now he’s truly baffled that what his Alinskyite professors taught him isn’t working the way they promised.

        Pity him. Stop his coup, but pity the man who’s caught up in his own mental Wonderland.

        We shouldn’t call this the “Second American Revolution.” We should call it a Nonvolution or Unvolution, restoring the Constitution to its Right Place.

    2. What he said. Imagine my bleeping surprise.

  5. Garbage in, garbage out.

    1. Even worse, the machine itself is made of garbage.

      1. …she treated it like garbage. And that’s what she is, the Queen of Refuse. So bow down to her if you want, bow to her. Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo. Boo.

        1. We could use a hag like her about now.

          1. You mean that wasn’t a Pelosi cameo?

        2. +1 buttercup

    2. As much as it applies to IT, it is a more accurate description for government.

  6. If only there were a word, perhaps a foreign word, to describe my feelings about this.

    1. je ne sais quoi?

    2. gesundheit?

      1. Kommesautloose.

        1. tookmeaminute….ACHOO!

    3. schadenfreude?

      1. You’re not supposed to guess the right word, dude.

    4. I’m thinking it needs something only German can convey.


    5. Chalupa?

    6. Verstopfung?

    7. ennui

      1. banzai kamikaze?

  7. She voted for Obama and supports ACA.

    And we’re supposed to sympathize because?

    I’m a business owner and can’t afford a health insurance plan but I’m not about to go vote for the nearest ‘free shit for everyone’ candidate.

    1. She made the classic progressive error. She thought those evil rich people were going to foot the bill. Surprise bitch, you are rich according to the Feds because you still have some money in your pocket.

      1. “Floridian|11.19.13 @ 11:36AM|#

        She made the classic progressive error”

        Never get involved in a land war in Asia?

        1. No the slightly less well known one. Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

          1. Fortunately, I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

            1. Ahh, the 126th Dread Pirate Roberts?

              1. The others weren’t very good at immunity.

                1. Would anyone like a peanut?

      2. Even more generally, the classic progressive error is thinking that since the intent is not to harm yourself, that you therefore will not be harmed by whatever policy you are advocating.

        I saw this in the city that I live after they installed speed cameras. Suddenly all sorts of people who had been vocal supporters of speed cameras, claimed “if you don’t want a ticket then don’t speed”, “it’s for the kids”, etc were outraged when they started getting speed camera tickets in the mail. They would actually say things like, “it wasn’t supposed to target people like me.” Fools.

        1. I’ve told this story before, so sorry to those who’ve seen it.

          A guy I worked with was stationed in Germany. Two days before he was to leave he got a camera ticket in the mail. He took a picture of his money and sent it in as payment.

          1. Lemme guess – the court sent him a picture of a pair of handcuffs in return?

      3. My greatest experience in schadenfreude is when a long time, “fair share” lib friend complained about his property and income taxes. When I explained to him that he’s now part of “the rich”, I thought his head was going to explode when I saw all of the the realizations hit his brain.
        To this day I ask him for free shit all the time on the grounds that it’s not fair he has so much more money than me.

      4. Or perhaps the classic liberal-democratic error of assuming that you are NOT one of “the rich”.

        According to Buttplug downstream, making $60K a year makes you unworthy of sympathy.

      5. Please don’t refer to naive backwards people as “progressive”.

      6. Please don’t refer to naive backwards people as “progressive”.

        1. Please don’t submit duplicate comments.

    2. I can’t afford it for now. As my business grows and debt loads lowered, I’m thinking I will be able to get it. In this way, I don’t get this woman’s situation. Is her business breaking even? Not profitable? $250 for her son seems manageable to me for someone who is self-employed that long – I hear she’s been in business 15 years. I mean, I know it can be tight, but that tight? Am I missing something?

      1. It’s for ADHD meds thought. She could save herself that money and just whoop his ass everyone once in a while.

        1. Or let him go outside and play and burn off some of that young male energy.

          1. 10yr old w/ADHD and a box of matches = a “match” made in heaven!

            (cue montage of small town being set ablaze to the tune of “Autumn Leaves” – because Autumn is the season of juvenile leaf-pile arson)

          2. Or let him go outside and play and burn off some of that young male energy.

            It’s funny how the symptoms of ADHD are exactly the same as the symptoms of “bored child”. Only a real (expensive) doctor can tell the difference.

        2. I understand that the point was she was showing how high her costs are.

          I agree. My family has all sorts of mental issues including ADHD and autism. Only my sister (bi-polar) and nephew (mild autism/ADHD)used medication. In the latter, my sister decided the ritalin was simply not good for him and worked him in other ways without pumping him with pills or dishing out cash.

          He’s 18 now and still has issues but he’s come a loooonnnngggg way.

          1. Rufus, aren’t you in Canada?

            1. Yeah! No one in Canada has problems! That’s what I’ve been told at least.

            2. Yes. Why? Is that a bad thing?

  8. This story needs to be widely publicized. This is a head shot.

    1. Let me put it this way: Jessica Sanford is the Pat Tillman of ObamaCare.

        1. I’m referring to the fact that she was initially touted by the President for propaganda purposes, and then it turns out later, that the whole story was bullshit.

          Just like, ya know, Pat Tillman was actually killed by friendly fire.

          Sanford, it turns out, is going to be one of the self-employed people who are priced out of the market by the high premiums. The law is hurting the very people it was intended to help. The very people the administration is going around touting as it’s success stories.

          That’s a direct analogy to what happened with the whole Pat Tillman thing.

          1. The law is hurting the very people it was intended to help.

            you say that as if it’s a bug.

            1. FTFY The law is hurting the very people they claimed it was going to help.

          2. The law is hurting the very people it was intended to help.

            You are confused on exactly who the law was intended to help.

          3. except it was never meant to help anyone but the democrats get re-elected

      1. *facepalm!*

        1. Oh, now I see it….

          head shot … Tillman … ooops!!!

          1. I thought that was intentional. On your part, that is.

          2. Hey – I wasn’t criticizing! This is HyR 🙂

    2. It very well might be. It depends on her AGI. If it is $60K plus it wouldn’t be though.

      1. Because $60K as a single mother is so rich she can afford to pay $390/month for health insurance?

        What planet do you live on?

        1. He’s not sure, but the sunlight is sort of green.

          1. Probably not Class M then, as that sounds like the atmosphere would have a lower oxygen/nitrogen ratio than earth.

        2. Planet Obama in the progressive system.

          It’s a BS class planet circling a red star.

          1. It’s almost as if ObamaCare was designed entirely by wealthy elitists who have never had to actually live on a budget in their lives.

      2. she just needs to eat her nothingburger, right buttplug?

      3. Hey Shreek, how does it feel to suck a dick that is going flaccid?

          1. So it does interest you.


    3. Since rule of law isn’t exactly a thing with those guys, I would be very surprised if somehow a tax credit comes her way…..unexpectedly.

      1. She just needs to have her business unionized.

    4. HazelMeade|11.19.13 @ 11:34AM|#
      “This story needs to be widely publicized.”

      The Chron will give it 1 column-inch, page 10, under the fold.
      The edi-cartoon will be a metaphor for the GOP griping about the marvelous plan and thereby wrecking it.
      So, yeah, it’ll get ink.

      1. It will also go on my facebook page, so there’s that too.

  9. What a bummer. Next you’ll tell me that nobody else is going to pay for Julia’s maternity care.

    1. “Under President Obama: She decides to have a child.”


      1. Phrasing?

  10. technically, isn’t she still a success story since her inability to afford the new plans is the ideal trigger for “market failure” and the move to single payer?

    1. The only reason the plan costs more than she can afford is those evil insurance corporations immorally wasting precious resources on profits to rich people!


    Will someone please hunt down that idiot who said in 2008 that Obozo was going to pay her mortgage and gasoline bill and ask her what she thinks now?

    1. Oh I’m sure she blames the Republicans.

      1. It’s the kulaks and wreckers who are preventing the glorious transformation!

        1. Don’t forget about the speculators and counterrevolutionaries!

          1. And the immigrants and muslims.

    2. Obama is incredibly frustrated by the way the wealthy banks and the Republicans have prevented him from paying that lady’s mortgage and gasoline bill.

      1. He just found out they were preventing him from paying her mortgage and gas bill. NOBODY TOLD HIM.

  12. I think I have to give the Obama administration credit on something that I was previously either misunderstanding or ignoring.

    The Obama administration claimed that Obamacare would reduce costs and lower the deficit.

    I now understand that it probably will. By overcharging everyone in America, healthcare costs will go down, and revenue will go up, thus reducing the deficit.

    So, props to the Obama administration.

    1. It’s like European socialized health: Great, until you actually have to use it. Then, you die of kidney failure because they don’t fucking give you water.

      1. But the illusion of security helps you sleep at night, which, with any luck, is where you will die before needing any actual medical services.

        1. Correction: You’ll die before receiving any medical services. Not before needing them. That’s the nature of this “care.” You get the almighty “coverage.” Care is another thing entirely.

      2. my grandfather keeps going on about how wonderful socialized medicine is. Not realizing that in Britain he wouldn’t have survived his heart-attack, stroke, or colon cancer.

        … yeah my genetics are gonna screw me over.

  13. So… the people who couldn’t afford health insurance before still can’t afford it now. And many of those who could afford it before are either having their benefits slashed or the premiums jump (and many of those can no longer afford their insurance).

    Success all around!

    1. Apparently Jessica Sanford is one of those relatively healthy “losers” who have to be forced to pay for other people’s healthcare.

      1. She should be grateful she no longer has the ‘junk’ policy she was previously relying on.

        1. She didn’t have a junk policy. She was one of the millions of uninsured that the ACA was supposed to help.

          But at least she didn’t have to pay a fine of 1% of her income back then.

          1. Awesome – she previously didn’t have insurance because it was too expensive; now she still doesn’t have insurance because it’s too expensive, but now she’ll pay a PenalTax!


      2. She’s a YOUNG INVINCIBLE!

        Who are quickly turning out to be the Young Invisibles.

    2. My situation is unusual but, because of ObamaCare, I decided to go uninsured as of November 15 for the first time in 23 years. If the Healthcare.gov website ever actually works (103 attempts without success), I will consider ObamaCare policies, but for now medical insurance looks like a sucker’s bet to me.

      1. If I weren’t married with 2 young kids, or felt like really getting into a battle with my wife, I’d be right there with you ditching my current insurance, because I feel the same way.

        The only kind of medical insurance I even consider to meet the definition of “insurance” would be a catastrophic plan. You know, the kind you pay negligible premiums for, have massively high deductibles, and you hope you never actually need to use. And you go on with your day to day health needs as if you are uninsured, meaning you take on the responsibility of a consumer: checking and negotiating the prices you will be paying, with ALL relevant providers (not just those that are “in network”), voting with your dollars, that kind of stuff.

        That’s the world of medical consumers I want to live in. Unfortunately, even though that world already seemed like a long time ago, I believe that ObamaCare formally made that world illegal, because those insurance policies don’t meet “minimum essential coverage” requirements. Because it’s “essential” that consumers merely sit back and not worry about a damn thing related to their health, other than reporting to a “health professional” at the specified time and place, taking the medication and paying the bill that they are told.

        1. My family plan got another 25% increase. It’s now $350 for $10K deductible. I’m guessing it’s still legal, since they didn’t cancel it, but at this point I have to ask myself if it’s worth paying that much for mostly nothing. If I sell my house, I’d definitely drop it, because then there’s nothing to go after in a worst-case scenario.

  14. I think I read that all of the state exchanges rely on the federal system to calculate subsidies, no? Is it possible that the issue that affected Sanford is happening to virtually everyone who has enrolled so far, and they are thinking that they’ve signed up for much lower premiums than they actually did? If so, that’s going to be a true shitstorm.

    1. Another shitstorm, you mean.

      I’m sure that’s already happening. And if the Administration manages to coerce the insurance companies into offering “estimated” subsidies then it’ll go from a likelihood to a near certainty.

      They don’t care. Once you’ve “enrolled” in the system, you’ve served your purpose. So if they have to lie to get your buy-in, that’s what they’ll do. After that you’re just a whiny bitch who’s complaints can be safely ignored for the greater good.

      1. …”So if they have to lie to get your buy-in, that’s what they’ll do.”…
        I seem to recall this ‘sales technique’ being used by some slick con-man to pitch a new law.

      2. “Once you’ve “enrolled” in the system, you’ve served your purpose.”

        Exactly right. Years ago I lived in CA. I wanted my wife to take the train from Orange County to Redlands rather than drive the hwy every day. I called and asked what time the last train left and was told, “the last train on m-f departs [Orange County] at 5:15.”

        WTF???? I asked how ANYONE who works (especially an attorney) could possibly make a 5:15 train? Answer: “I don’t think the schedule was designed with them in mind.”

        The train was built. The unionized jobs handed out. The taxpayers fleeced. Who gives a shit if anyone rides it?

        1. You’re supposed to live in Redlands and work in OC.

    2. Looks like I was right. Her problems are at least systemic to Washington state, and perhaps every exchange. That means that a lot of the enrollees have signed up based on a false premium, and it’s pretty likely a lot of them will drop coverage when their told the real bill.


      1. The woman is truly beyond help:
        “She says she wants to make it clear she has no beef with Obama and Obamacare. She still believes in the Affordable Care Act. “I don’t want this to be a political thing,” she says. “I don’t want to be bashing the president. I don’t want to be bashing the ACA. I don’t want to come across as saying that. I am a big Obama fan.”
        See, it’s not Obo’s fault; he only wants to do good!

        1. He only hits me because he loves me?

        2. She still believes in the Affordable Care Act.

          The ACA is a real thing, not a metaphysical thing; therefore it doesn’t make sense to BELIEVE in it.

          Obama lied to you ten time in a row, fuckhead. If you don’t have a beef with him then you pretty much deserve the beatings.

        3. “If only der F?hrer knew!”

    3. Do you mean that it’s a bait and switch?

  15. OT: whoa.

    Wonder how long it will take for people to blame this on teabaggers.

    1. Maybe not teabaggers but certainly everyone can agree that something must be done about mental health in this country.

    2. According to the scuttlebutt, the son did the stabby-stabby before killing himself, so they probably won’t. Then again, that doesn’t rule out Illuminati mind-control by the astroturfed Tea Party and their Zionist Lizard People masters.

      1. You forget the Reverse Vampires

        1. Also, George Zimmerman

      2. Kinds like Judas Priest getting blamed for a Spooky Tooth song.

    3. As long as it takes to find some way to claim his son was actually a teabagger?

    4. Annnnnnnnd the winner is…Gawker!

      pumpkinflavoredinfinityUTaylor Berman11L
      The Virginia Senate is tied 20-20 between Democrats and Republicans. Democratic Senators Northam and Herring just got elected to higher offices. Northam, as the new Lt. Governor replacing Republican Bill Bolling, casts the tie-breaker in the Senate and switches control of the Senate to the Democrats. Northam and Herring’s seats are likely to be retained by Democrats, keeping the 20-20 tie. If something happens to Deeds, Republicans keep control. Hmm….. Today 10:26am

      1. Wow, just, I don’t even…

      2. What would happe if someone were to post there that the son had recently spent time in Manchuria?

      3. You waded into Gawker? Consume whiskey immediately.

        20-20? No. Now it’s 20-19 with a special election for Northam’s seat so it could be 21-19 before long.

        1. There needs to a special website who sole purpose is to record really dumb comments on other websites for posterity.

          And not just tweets.

    5. Is it balanced out by Katherine Harris’s husband’s apparent suicide?

  16. Question for the lawyerly types: if she had already paid the originally quoted (lower) premium, could the constant downward revisions be interpreted as a breach of contract, and would she have grounds to sue?

    1. There’s probably a force majeure clause in there somewhere, but IANAL.

    2. doubtful. the contract with the insurance company likely lists the full unsubsidized premium. the fact that the government is longer coming through with the amount it promised isn’t the insurance companies doing.

      1. I was asking about the batshit crazy notion that the government violated a contract when it retracted the subsidy after she had already paid for a plan with the assumption she would be getting it.

        I know, I know, FYTW.

        1. Sovereign immunity. You can only sue and collect damages from a government if they deign to let you do so.

    3. In a free market insurance program? Yes. Here, with the government in charge? No. Why? FYTW.

  17. And, of course, the helpful compassionate lefties immediately berate her for failing to adopt the proper spending priorities. If she _really_ wanted insurance with all her heart she could afford those new premiums and deductibles. So, really, this is all her fault.

    1. That $390/month premium is only as much as a car payment. What does she need a car for anyway? Internal combustion engines are the bane of a healthy eco-system. She needs to be riding a bike to work and transporting the groceries in the baby stroller.

      1. When Obamatransport gets passed, we’ll be promised a flying electric car for each household. What we’ll get is a rusty shopping cart with a bad wheel.

        1. And a bill for $75k.

            1. I like how the Wikipedia article has a note on the sentence calling the Trabant an example of troubles with central economic planning “dubious.”

            2. Actual true story. When I was a wee lad living in Poland with my grandparents, a neighbor had one of those and would occasionally take his kids and me on trips to the countryside. I also remember him working on it quite a bit in between those trips.

              Thanks for giving me a glimpse of our revolutionary transportation future.

        2. You only got one bad wheel on yours? Niiiiicccceeeee.

          1. While I only had one bad wheel – it was also the only wheel on it.

    2. Bryan C|11.19.13 @ 12:01PM|#
      “And, of course, the helpful compassionate lefties immediately berate her for failing to adopt the proper spending priorities”…

      You bet! Why, she had some junk policy forced on her by the evil insurance korporashuns, and now she has the wonderfulness of O’care!

    3. Suddenly the progressives understand the concept of competing choices, do they?

  18. she loves obamacare and is refusing to pay for it. heckuva business model Barry.

    1. In all fairness, she thought somebody else was going to have to pay for it.

      1. she’s finding out her money is other people’s money.

        1. hence, she feels Othered.

        2. There are items in her budget that are less important than other people’s healthcare. How can she be so selfish?

  19. Sanford’s story illustrates how some the Obamacare stories that might initially look like successes might not be once the data and pricing issues are all sorted out[.]

    That might as well be the case, but the problem is that the touting always makes the front page of the Times and get parroted by scores of fawning toadies in the media whereas the corrections, retractions and backpeddaling end up way inside page 12 or so, right along the dog-bites-man stories.

  20. You are all lying: The President has said that 100 MILLION Americans in 57 states have enrolled in ObamaCare. I’m sure it was just a slip of the tongue, but the guy deserves all the ridicule he gets.

  21. The amazing thing is that as a woman of child-bearing age with kids she ought to be one of the people who would benefit MOST. Maternity care! Pediatric dental care! Pre-existing conditions!

    And yet, even people like HER are finding the premiums too high.

    1. Re: HazelMeade,

      And yet, even people like HER are finding the premiums too high

      That’s because of the other mandated benefits included in those expensive policies like impotence treatments (which would benefit her once she finds a new boyfriend) and most important, treatment for sticker-shock anxiety attacks.

      1. treatment for sticker-shock anxiety attacks

        The only well-thought-out mandate in the ACA.

        1. The substance abuse treatment will help you deal with the drinking habit you develop when you have to sell your home to make your health insurance payments.

  22. If you like your president…

    1. …You can repeal the 22nd Amendment!

  23. It didn’t end there either. Eventually [she] got a second letter from Washington’s state-run exchange. That letter, according to CNN, stated that “there had been another problem, a “system error” that resulted in some “applicants to qualify for higher than allowed health insurance premium tax credits.”

    Another problem? What, are these guys alpha-testing their shit while it is already live?

    Maybe by the fifth letter of confession she will realize that her love for Barry was completely misplaced.

  24. Witness Obama’s wisdom.

    1. People don’t buy individual health insurance because they’re broke.

    2. Point a gun at them and force them to buy health insurance or pay a fine!

    3. Receive accolades for how much you care about the middle class.

    Yay Obama! You so smart!

    1. It’s like he really gets what I need and want from government. But the trainwreck is already happening. Didn’t we have 3 years to look at the tracks and notice they were headed off a cliff?


        1. Train tracks made of gold would buckle and derail a train pretty damn quickly.


    2. It’s just crazy how obvious it is, without direct consequence so far, that the ACA screws the vast majority of Americans, either by shitcanning reasonable insurance or massively increasing premiums, while helping a vanishing few, and even that “help” is very questionable.

      1. One thing that hasn’t even come up much yet because of the website problems is that most people who are currently using the ER, clinics, and city hospitals to get free health care are not going to sign up for health insurance, even if it is heavily subsidized. Why should they? It costs them nothing now, the penaltax (which they will only pay if it’s taken out of a refund) will be much cheaper anyway, and they can always sign up later if they get really sick.

        1. They can only sign up during open enrollment, which ends on March 31. Hell, if they sign up now the coverage doesn’t even start until Jan 1st. Why the hell would anyone lock it in this early? The rates are already locked in.

          The reason no one will sign up for it is because it is likely a TERRIBLE deal for them, especially if they are of even middling health or better.

      2. The irony is also that most of the people who wanted health insurance wanted it for chronic health conditions, but the deductibles are going to mean that they are going to be spending several hundred bucks a month on health care anyway, plus the premiums.

        The only people benefiting from this are people who have conditions that are going to cost over $10,000 a year to treat.

  25. We should change the food stamp program and replace it with ObamaSNAP:

    1. People can’t buy food because they’re broke.

    2. Point gun at people and tell them if they don’t buy food they will be shot.

    3. Because we care!

    Yay! We just solved the problem of hunger!

    1. You sound agitated. It’s a good thing your health insurance will now cover mental health isn’t it?

      1. Does it cover metal health?

  26. Make no mistake, the important thing is that all of these glitches didn’t start affecting folks until after I was re-elected.

    1. “Let me be clear…you folks have already used up all your votes.”

      1. Votes are just one type of ammunition, right?

  27. Here’s what I honestly don’t get. 80% of Americans had health insurance pre-“ACA.” This is “a disaster” and something has to be done. That something is the “ACA.” But pre-ACA, there were still ways for individuals and families to buy health insurance; either they chose not to buy it or they couldn’t afford it.

    So the solution, under the “ACA,” is to set up these exchanges (that don’t work) in order to get the ~20% of Americans who didn’t have health insurance to buy health insurance. The problem was that of the 20%, many of them had to be younger people who chose not to buy a plan in the individual market, which plans were undoubtedly cheaper than what they can buy now in the exchanges.

    So after the “ACA,” we have (1) people losing coverage and (2) the 20% of people who were not covered are either (a) choosing not to buy health insurance because of the price or (b) unable to buy it because of a disaster of a website.

    All of this was predictable, and I am sure I can go back and find instances of Michael Cannon or Suderman or whoever predicting these exact things years ago (I would think this would be a good project for a Cato or Reason intern…). So back to my first sentence, why the hell would people ever support this predictable abomination?

    1. (cont.)

      I am really frustrated with this whole thing. If there’s a silver lining, maybe it will shake people out of the “we have to do something!” mentality. I was in law school last year in the lead up to the Obamacare decision. At one of the forums we had, one of my professor’s arguments that it should be constitutional was essentially the following: (1) Some people don’t have health insurance. Bad! (2) ACA might not be perfect, but it’s something! (3) Republicans don’t have any ideas, so shut up. It’s one thing for your standard HuffPo Super User to post this, it’s another for a professor at a very good law school say it. The “do something” mentality needs to go away.

      1. I don’t think that mentality is going away. Some French dude wrote this back in like 1850 or something.

        Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all.

        We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.

        We don’t want government to “do something” about health insurance because we want everyone do die from a lack of health care.

        1. Smart guy, that French dude. Freddy something, right?

          I’m getting at the “we have to do something” attitude, which I think is related but different from the “you don’t want ACA therefore you want people to die” attitude.

          I wish people would learn to consider that taking action to fix a problem might lead to worse consequences than the problem itself. But it’s not going to happen. I think that old French dude had something to say about that, too.

          1. I’m getting at the “we have to do something” attitude, which I think is related but different from the “you don’t want ACA therefore you want people to die” attitude.

            I don’t think it’s different at all. If you disagree when someone says “we have to do something” with “we” meaning government, they interpret it mean you don’t want anyone to do anything at all.

            1. I want people to pay their providers themselves, that is how you make it more affordable, cut out the middleman.

            2. I’ve always liked – “Don’t just do something stand there.”

    2. which plans were undoubtedly cheaper than what they can buy now in the exchanges.

      That’s only true in some states – the states that fucked up their insurance market with idiotic regulations that made everyone pay the same rate regardless of age.

      In states that actually had risk-based pricing, the younger people didn’t buy health insurance because they were either still covered under another policy or had such small incomes that even a low-cost policy made little sense to buy since their income AND risk was so low.

    3. The problem is that under the ACA, health insurance companies have to accept people who are already sick. Pre-existing conditions, they call it.

      In order to pay for their health care, they need to charge healthy people more.

  28. I heard some lady on Imus this morning lamenting that Obamacare isn’t fair to poor people who can’t afford computers. How can they enroll with no computer!? Solution: We have to do something about getting people free computers. Or something.

  29. I’m starting to think John Roberts is an evil genius.

    “It’s not our job to protect people from the consequences of their electoral choices.”


    1. The dipwad clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of consent.

  30. question, if I get injured in an accident I’ll get taken care of in the ER, if I get sick or need physical therapy I can get insurance later (Gold Plan!). So why the hell should I pay $2300 per year for the shittiest of plans available?

  31. And all her personal info, SSN, DOB, relatives names, etc., has probably been stolen by Russian and Chinese hackers, to say nothing of the enterprising US hackers who have been out of work since Obama was first sworn in 5 years ago.

  32. I’m beginning to think either Barry never took an economics course or he slept during it.

  33. Mr. Suderman, where were your story on the people Fox News touted to have lost their Health Care coverage they liked due to Obamacare that turned out to be outright liars.

    Ms. Jessica Sampson is just another Tea Party plant who just is another lying bitch.

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