'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill Passes House

39 Democrats defect from the president


In a vote where Democratic leaders scrambled to minimize party defections, the House on Friday approved a Republican bill that would block the cancellation of insurance plans that don't meet the Obamacare standards.

The Keep Your Health Plan bill passed 261 to 157, with 39 Democrats ending up joining most Republicans in approving the measure.

Senior House Democratic aides already conceded that dozens of Democrats would side with Republicans in favor of the measure. Many rank-and-file lawmakers have been feeling intense pressure to display some response to the troubled roll-out of the Affordable Care Act.


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  1. I don’t see a problem here. They’re just enacting a law that turns our President’s lies into truths. Keeping your promises is a GOOD thing, right?

  2. This was a stupid move by the Republicans. Why let the Demoncrats off the hook? Instead, the Republicans should have insisted on endless talks on cutting the budget FIRST. Let the People suffer enough BEFORE the 2014 election that they turn on the Demoncrats and vote them out of office. What are the Demoncrats going to say? “We really, really wanted to repeal that part of Obamacare?” After they forced a government shut down over the Republicans wanting to delay Obamacare?

    Who the hell is the Republican strategist?

    AFTERWARDS, the Republicans (with full control of the House and Senate) could pass a full-blown repeal of Obamacare as part of any spending bill of any kind. Then if Obama wanted to refuse to sign his veto could be overridden and the rest of his term (foreshortened, one would hope, by impeachment) would be irrelevant.

    1. This is why I became Libertarian after voting for Reagan once. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats.

  3. It is all a charade anyway. Nothing in this bill will roll back the plethora of increases in the cost of the actual health care.

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