Damn! Did the Prez Just Gut His Own Health Care Law?, Asks Shikha Dalmia


The president ordained yesterday that insurance companies don't after all have to cancel the "junk" policies that he had previously insisted they had no business selling and Americans had no business buying. Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy offers some very good reasons why the president's remedy, meant to honor his "if-you-like-your-plan-you-can-keep-your-plan" promise, might be illegal unless Congress—not Obama's regulators—changes the Affordable Care Act. (Yet Obama has threatened to veto one such law that just passed the House.)

But the more serious problems for Obamacare will occur if the president actually succeeds in restoring these cancelled promises, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia in the Washington Examiner. This might well set in motion an uncontrollable adverse selection death spiral that will likely put the law in hospice by this time next year.

She notes:

Obamacare's viability depends on its ability to herd the 15 million or so Americans getting "junk" coverage from the individual market onto the Obamacare exchanges where they'd be forced to pay more for benefits they don't need. This would spread premiums across a bigger population and keep coverage affordable. (At least in theory.)…

But even if the administration fixes the exchange—a big "if"– what incentive will these folks have to sign up if they can keep their existing plans?

Go here to read the whole thing.

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    1. Is it possible policy is not determined not so much by the Constitution, or morality, but more by vote-getting/losing?

      I mean is it possible?

      Has anybody seen my rose-colored glasses?

  1. Am I being too optimistic when I hope for more, more, more of incredible blundering from Obama and crew? It’s already been like Christmas since the exchanges “opened”. I feel like expecting more is asking too much, but…I think we might get it.

    1. Here’s some new material:

      1. See my post below about my erection. Go on, you know you want to.

        1. There’s no end in sight. You might have to stay off the internet for a while, otherwise you could end up damaging some very important blood vessels.

          1. Maybe…maybe you could help me relieve the pressure?

            1. Wrong guy in Manhattan Beach, Epi. Wrong guy.

            2. I could provide a bucket of ice water.

      2. Aaaaand, the spin:

        “You understand that if you had a policy on the day that this bill was adopted, you got to keep it,” Hoyer said. “Now, you didn’t get to keep it if the insurance companies didn’t want to offer it to you.”

        If by “didn’t want to offer it to you because that was against the law”, sure.

        1. We must pass it to see how we lied about it.

      3. Pelosi still hasn’t found out what’s in it:

        “There’s nothing in the Affordable Care Act that says that your insurance company should cancel you,” she told reporters. “That’s not what the Affordable Care Act is about. It simply didn’t happen.”

        See? That didn’t just happen.

      4. What we really need is a law banning the federal government from offering its employees, including elected official, anything more than the Bronze plans. Although, you’ll have to make it for new employees or after current contracts end to get around constitutional problems.

        1. Nah, just deem the old contracts contrary to public policy – problem solved.

    2. yes, too optimistic. TEAM RED is trying to bail him out with fixes that will immediately become THE REAL REASON OBAMACARE HAS ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL.

      1. The Stupid Party working mightily to live up to its name.

      2. I mean seriously, have they never heard Napoleon’s adage “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”?

      3. Nah. TEAM RED is actually doing something proactive for a change. It’s likely that Obama’s next recourse is to urge Congress to pass a more “comprehensive” fix, one beyond even his astonishing Super Executive powers.

        The GOP is pre-empting this, and taking advantage of Democratic panic to make it bipartisan. They intend to force the Senate to block or the President to veto a legislative version of Obama’s own royal decree. Which is, of course, what will happen. At the same time, Rubio’s pushing to repeal the insurance industry bailout portion of the bill. Which makes it even harder to justify silly half-measures.

        The GOP scores some political points, the President damages his credibility, and the Democrats are dragged one step closer to the only real solution: full repeal.

        1. I think TEAM RED is betting on one of two things:

          Harry Reid’s intransigence blocking the bill, or Barack Obama’s ego vetoing the bill.

          Those are pretty good bets. Of course, there is a Dem-sponsored Senate bill that would mandate that insurance companies keep offering the plans (its like the Dems simply cannot refrain from allowing something; it has to be either mandatory or forbidden). If that passes the Senate, the conference committee will be . . . interesting.

          And, of course, while the clock ticks on these legislative matters, the possibility of reinstating plans recedes into the distance.

          1. The mandate is predictable since they’re shoveling blame for the cancellations onto insurers. Mandating it prevents insurers from waffling on the issue of legality and/or their capacity to reissue those plans, and gives Democrats a credible denial.

            1. Mandating it prevents insurers from waffling on the issue of legality and/or their capacity to reissue those plans

              I honestly don’t see a mandate addressing either of those, at least not without blowing up state authority to regulate insurance. And repealing the laws of physics.

              1. Oh, I didn’t mean it would work just that it gives Democrats some leverage in suggesting that insurers are to blame for their abhorrent policy.

            2. A mandate requiring insurers to do something which is illegal? Why would that be any more persuasive to them then the President’s current “Trust Me” approach?

  2. I’m convinced nobody at the White* House gave any thought at all to the first order effects of their press release, much less the second order effects. You’d think they would have learned that half-assed monkeying (no racist!) around with health insurance has all kinds of knock-on effects, many of them undesirable. But apparently not.

    *ever notice what happens if you hit the key just below the “W” key when typing White House?

    1. Politicians can barely see to the next election cycle, let along comprehend knock-on effects. They’re panicking headless chickens.

    2. I think calling it the “Spite House” has been the most spot on (although too cute in some sense) recasting.

    3. why would they consider any such effects? For five years, they have gotten a free pass on everything. Whatever they put forth is accepted without question and those raising red flags are dismissed as cranks.

      The difference here is that many liberals were hoisted by their own petards; funny how the power of the state becomes a problem when you are personally affected by it.

  3. More progressive Obamacare derp:

    John M Conley ? 13 minutes ago ?
    Again, people find themselves behind the Obama intelligence curve. If you don’t see the brilliance in letting the loudmouths have their way and allowing them to keep their crap insurance policies for a year….then, you’re not keeping up. These are the very people who…after a little subsequent shopping…..will be ACA supporters and will have a bone to pick with the Republicans who tried to steer them away.

    Obama is running circles around us again. He’s playing 4D chess versus our checkers.

    1. They had to convince themselves that Obummer is smart, or they themselves must have been stupid to fall for his hot air – twice.

    2. Dude, you have to stop posting these. My “your delusion and butthurt is so yummy and sweet” erection is lasting more than four hours.

      1. Sorry, but trolling them is hilarious, like going to the zoo and flipping off the monkeys.

        I’ll leave the link to the article so you can read at your own discretion. Basically Maddow is appealing to Romneycare as an example of a program needing time to work. Those goal posts just keep receding and receding.


        1. So, I guess we should have voted for Romney last year?

          1. I would totally post that in the comments but there’s no way it would get past moderation.

        2. lyris damixaustex
          ? 3 hours ago

          Many of our forefathers had to agree with slavery even though they hated it in order to start the United States.

          We’ve always compromised to get good ideas working. Later we will improve health care if the gop doesn’t tamper with our votes and take over our country

          This person breaths air and consumes foodstuffs.

          1. An Austin resident, eh? You don’t say.

          2. Dude…seriously…I think I’m close to losing consciousness because of a lack of blood to my brain…

          3. C’mon HM…what what else would you expect from the great lyris damixaustex?

          4. Many of our forefathers had to agree with slavery even though they hated it in order to start the United States. We’ve always compromised to get good ideas working.

            Wait, did the idiot just compare Obamacare to slavery?

            1. when Palin compared slavery to the debt, the liberati lost its collective mind, which is redundant but you get the idea.

            2. Yes. It’s just so delicious! I’m getting woozy…

              1. At this point, even I’m getting a raging clue…

          5. This person breaths air and consumes foodstuffs.

            And votes.

        3. Wildly popular? MA has the highest insurance premiums in the nation.

      2. If you like your erection, you can keep it.

    3. Yes, yes! The Emperor is most stylishly dressed!

      1. He shot a 23 today with 7 hole in ones!

        1. The math on that snark just tugged at my brain.

          If it were a full 18, there is no way for it to work, as it implies 11 that were more than one shot, requiring a minimum of 22 for those, plus 7 for the holes-in-one, for a minimum of 29.

          If it were a half course of 9, that would mean 7 in one and sixteen strokes split between two holes. I find that mental image funny for some reason.

          1. Glad someone noticed that. I tried to come up with an impossible score.

            1. you’ve never heard of a “hole in zero”?

              1. “Mark it zero, Dude.”

              2. I have. That is a description of Obama’s asshole.

          2. he’s Obama. How dare you question the scorecard, subject?

        2. It was an 18, you racist, they were all hole-in-ones!

          1. Only the truly great like Hugo Chavez and Dear Leader can perform such miracles of sport.

          2. Dear Leader was merely displaying his perfect humbleness.

      2. A thousand cranes took to the sky the day healthcare.gov launched!

        1. That made me laugh. People like that would have no problem adopting Stalinist, North Korean-style propaganda about Obama if they could get away with it.

          1. Well, that Lightworker column comes immediately to mind… that, and the fact that it was produced unbidden.

            1. Mark Morford would be so much saner if he just came out.

              1. I remember reading that. Sent it to a buddy of mine in SF that knows Morford and said, he’s a great guy. I also sent him the Morford column on loose change and how you had to watch it.

          2. They had school children singing about him like a demigod when he won the first election. They are already there, we are the only things holding them back from riding a comet to Paradise.

    4. LMAO. Guess I got my answer!

    5. If you don’t see the brilliance in letting the loudmouths have their way and allowing them to keep their crap insurance policies for a year….then, you’re not keeping up.

      It’s not completely retarded damage control to say they will delay the cancellations for one year, thus trying to get Democrats up for reelection through the next election cycle.

      That doesn’t change the fact that this is illegal, or that a year later the shit will still hit the fan.

      1. It’s not completely retarded damage control to say they will delay the cancellations for one year, thus trying to get Democrats up for reelection through the next election cycle.

        Actually, it is, because pushing it back a year just makes it the number 1 election issue. Possibly even more potent because its not “what happened in the ancient history of earlier this year”, but “what’s going to happen to you if you vote Dem.”

        1. They have better control of the polls in the presidential election years because of the higher levels of funding in those years. They get passed the mid-terms, they can expect smoother sailing with a tighter organization behind them in ’06.

          1. ’16, wished their electoral hopes would die for ninety years.

        2. Agreed. Every single one of those people on an about-to-be-cancelled plans will know that voting D will mean $5000/year out of their income.
          That kind of money buys a lot of votes.

    6. I’ve never understood that expression. If you try to play checkers by the rules of chess you’re going to have a hard time.

  4. I’m confused. So did he promise that you could keep your insurance if you liked it or did he not promise that? Because if he did promise that, then he lied. But I keep hearing that’s not what he said/meant. So if that’s not what he said/meant, then why is he now decreeing that you can keep your insurance if you like it.

    I’m also curious what his water carriers have to say about this. Because for the last few weeks, the One was protecting us from the evil insurance companies who sold us this junk insurance we could no longer have, but now he’s saying the insurance companies have to let us keep this junk insurance.

    1. It’s the NEP writ small. Just a temporary lapse in total state until total state is ready for, um, totality.

    2. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!!!

    3. Nobody likes their policies, though. If they do, it’s false consciousness.

    4. My theory is that Obama had no fucking clue what was in people’s “junk” insurance plans, so now’s he’s going to let people keep them so he can find out what’s in them.

      1. My theory is that Obama had no fucking clue

        You could just stop right there.

        1. The qualifier is theory. That first part is fact.

          1. Yes, proven over and over again. Obama knows as much about economics, business, health care, the military, and management as I know about clock making. Or feminine hygene

    5. So did he promise that you could keep your insurance if you liked it or did he not promise that?


  5. I just got off the phone with someone I’ve known for a long time, whose policy wasn’t up to snuff. She has to pick another policy.

    She’s a cancer survivor, was just diagnosed a while back. She’s been all the way through surgery and chemo, and they caught it early enough that they say her chances of it being gone forever are very high.

    But she still has to take certain medications, and she still has to have regular follow up visits with her oncologist. But her oncologist and the hospital where he practices isn’t in any of the options that ObamaCare approves of…

    Thing is, he’s part of Scripps Health, which is about as good a hospital (especially for cancer) as you’re going to find anywhere in the western United States–maybe in the whole country.

    In other words, ObamaCare is kicking her out of one of the highest quality systems in the country–and the coverage she’s getting will not be better in the future than it was in the past. …and that’s because of ObamaCare.

    Whatever criteria they’re using to decide what level of insurance is of sufficiently high enough quality is completely bogus.

    1. But she’s totally getting a better plan which provides ‘free’ birth control and pediatric dental coverage!

      1. And she has a pre-existing condition, so she must benefit!

        /I can’t keep up the derp.

      2. and acupuncture

    2. Damn, now I just went from being giddy over the ineptitude to being pissed off at the ineptitude. These are real people’s lives he’s fucking with, and Dear Leader, and the ones sucking his cock, don’t give a shit.

      1. Hey, you know, you gotta break a few eggs and all that.

        1. Hey, you know, you gotta breakprevent the fertilization a few eggs and all that.


      2. and they’re you go. Kills the schaden-boner when you realize that people who did NOT vote for this are being hurt along with the morons who did.

        1. *there* say, does O-care cover spelling errors?

          1. Iff yew lyke yore speling erers yew kan kepe dem.

    3. What ObamaCare is doing is it’s forcing people into plans that make the patient responsible for the first three to eight thousand dollars worth of care, so many practices are simply not accepting it because they want to be paid.
      That’s what happened to us. We got forced into some ‘Silver’ bullshit plan, and now we’ve got to find new doctors.

      So much for “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

      1. Hey, it’s not Obama’s fault, it’s the doctors evil profiteering that’s at fault.

      2. ‘Silver’ bullshit plan…..

        Yeah…I hate Coors Lite too!

        1. I hate everything emenating from Colorado this week

          /Chiefs fan

      3. There was so much pointless suffering in this world already.

        All of this could have been avoided.

        1. But Ken, you forget the feelgoods tingles of expressing the right emotions (outrage! Empathy!) and signaling the right intentions when gambling with the lives of others. How can you deny progressives their right to empathic validity via ill-conceived policies backed by condescending assertions of their unremitting benevolence?

    4. Tell her to just shop around in the new marketplace.

      Except the “marketplace” doesn’t work.

      So call them up on the phone.

      Except the call center will just tell you to go to the website.

      I guess she’d better send up smoke signals or something.

      1. Elizabeth Warren will personally be on her case.

    5. Whatever criteria they’re using to decide what level of insurance is of sufficiently high enough quality is completely bogus.


      They are forcing people to give up out-of-network coverage in exchange for maternity care.

      The objective here isn’t to improve people’s coverage – it is to funnel resources towards favored Democratic constituencies.

      In this case, clearly, poor women, single mothers with children, drug addicts and the mentally impaired.

      All of their needed shit is “essential benefits”. But the kinds of things that middle-class people in their 50s need (specialist treatment for cancer) is being thrown under the bus.

      1. To be fair, we all should have known that the mentally ill were a big Democratic constituency, judging by the type of people you’re likely to meet at an Occupy rally.

    6. Don’t be surprised if you hear news of a ‘buy in’ where providers need to get in line with the right political organizations. I have already heard rumors. Not on line rumors, but people in a profession to know rumors. I wish your friend the best of luck.

  6. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-ma…..-analogies Has anyone honestly heard of anybody referring to this fiasco as “Obama’s Katrina?” I haven’t heard a single person. Although, I don’t see how “Obama’s Watergate” is that far off.

    1. No, and that sounds like a phrase used by somebody whose vocabulary consists of approximately 30% “Buh-buh-buh-but Buuuuuuuush!” by volume.

      I get tired of everything being Vietnam and Watergate but that is indeed far more accurate.

      1. Be fair to Nixon. He actually intended to get us out of Vietnam. Obama stumbled out of Iraq by total chance.

    2. How about “Obama’s Fast and Furious”, “Obama’s Benghazi”, or “Obama’s IRS”?

      1. You forgot “Obama’s NSA”.


      I think it was the SF Chron that used “Obama’s Katrina”, and I’m not even remotely surprised that Maddow is butthurt about it. Because it’s a brutal phrase. I love it.

      1. Actually, it’s Steven Benen, who, from what I can tell, is the only person who posts over at the Maddow Blog. It really ought to be called the Benen Blog.

      2. Epi now has a “your delusion and butthurt is so yummy and sweet” erection that’s so hard he could fuck his way through a concrete wall.

        1. The wall said it wanted it! It’s not rape!

        2. “Can you hammer a nail through a six inch board with your penis?”

          1. Not right now.

        3. Epi and Warty need to get a room together.

          1. He barely lets me out of my cage enough as it is, jerk!

      3. HAs Kanye weighed in yet on how Obama doesn’t like black people?

      4. The NYTimes also ran an article about that today. Of course, Obama has it worse.

        From the article:

        [U]nlike Mr. Bush, who faced confrontational but occasionally cooperative Democrats, Mr. Obama is battling a Republican opposition that has refused to open the door to any legislative fixes to the health care law and has blocked him at virtually every turn. A contrite-sounding Mr. Obama repeatedly blamed himself on Thursday for the failed health care rollout, which he acknowledged had thrust difficult burdens on his political allies and hurt Americans’ trust in him.

        1. Again with the Obama is facing unprecedented opposition!!111

          Contrite Obama still said it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t blame himself at all from what I saw. Just people let him down like in Cleveland.

        2. Mr. Obama is battling a Republican opposition that has refused to open the door to any legislative fixes to the health care law and has blocked him at virtually every turn.

          What fixes have been proposed by the Dems in Congress that the Repubs have blocked?

          1. It doesn’t matter, they’re blocking all of them. Specifics unnecessary.

    4. It shall be merely called “Obama’s Obamacare”. It’s that bad.

      1. “Obama’s Obamacare”

        *Throws salt over shoulder, hisses, spits and crosses self*

    5. Katrina is a bad analogy. Bush didn’t create Hurricane Katrina.

      1. I have five letters for you:

        1. Again, I say, we all should have known what an important part of the Democratic base the mentally ill are.

    6. This is way fucking worse than Katrina.

      Katrina was a natural disaster. This is a man-made one.

      1. Well, Katrina was a natural disaster (are we talkin about Van Dehouvel or whatshertits?) while obamacare is a disaster, naturally.

        1. Katrina only affected people in New Orleans and nearby cities. This affects 5% of the population of the US, spread all over the country.

          The website disaster affects even more. There are millions of currently uninsured people who are going to get fined if they can’t get on the website to buy a policy too. It’s just worse for the people who had good policies that are being forcibly herded into the exchanges.

  7. “Shaka, when the walls fell.”

    1. “Kiteo, his eyes closed”

      1. It would be great if he were beamed from the White House and made to sit with – and understand – someone who spoke incomprehensible gibberish as his only means of escape.

        Of course, his ability to speak incomprehensible gibberish probably means he’d get out quickly.

  8. Can someone explain to me why this administration won’t get behind their own policies. It’s only going to hurt them more if they continue down this path of blatant dishonesty and don’t get a head of it. Are they so incompetent that they don’t understand their own law or are they lieing to cover up a lie that will come to a head In two months that will show that they are lieing again. I thought they were supposed tilo be the smartest people in the room or something.

      1. You really are close to passing out, aren’t you. The lack of blood in your brain has reduced you to one word answers.

        Or is it just easier to type one word answers when you only have one hand free?

    1. Intellectuals (people who supposedly think for a living but have never been accountable for a result) rarely succeed in the real world.

      1. I think it would be a stretch to refer to Obama as an intellectual. Watching Nick Gillespie’s interview with Richard Epstein (uploaded 22 Nov 2010) helped me form that conclusion. I could understand referring to Obama as a populist, a puppet, or as a political creature. But an intellectual? I don’t think so.

        (I realize you may not have been referring to Obama specifically but I wrote what came to mind.)

    2. it’s a combination of hubris and too clever by half.

    3. No. But, here. [passes tub of popcorn]

  9. This just keeps getting better.

    I know yesterday we were all worried that this change would let the True Believers pin all the blame on insurance companies, and that Obama would be able to wriggle out of another one. But the reaction of Gawker(yes, Gawker) put my mind at ease.

    By allowing insurance companies to keep their old plans on the market, this is just Obama pandering to conservatives and Republicans, which is, like, the worst thing ever!

    From the comments:

    Good ol Democrats, always acquiescing to idiots. The plans being “canceled” (in actuality, they were being made compliant) were junk plans. It was a good law to get rid of them in favor of comprehensive coverage. If people were too dumb to see it, that’s their problem. When the GOP feels they have a good idea, they’re intractable. Democrats are easily bullied into changing.

    1. And another one:

      I’m trying to understand why this particular administration is so hardup about being universally liked by people who will NEVER like them.

      Maybe I’m going fucking crazy and it’s just me but insurance has been pretty shitty since forever right? Plans that will drop you a the drop of a hat over a pre-existing condition. People are crying about losing that piece of shit coverage?

      Because I swear five years ago, THAT was the crux of this whole legislation in the first place: Insurance companies are pretty much the worst.

      Now it’s 2013 and people across America are raging because they want to keep paying for their cardboard car instead of paying a bit more for a real one?

      Since when did Americans turn into such fuckin crybabies? What the fuck is the reason to even pass the law if the Democrats are willing to capitulate every single little thing that those irrational douchebags rage about?

      We complain about the system and want some change to come. Then when the change is here WE RAGE OVER THE CHANGE. We’re the people that live in a city with potholes all in the street then we RAGE ABOUT THE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS CAUSED BY THE FIXING OF THE POTHOLES.

      I’m seriously through. Obama is fucking forgetting that he won a goddamn election last year and Democrats are constantly wanting to hang out with the jocks even after they continually kick sand in their faces

      1. Oh god…I think I’m passing out…the projection…the following of marching orders and the narrative…the butthurt…oh god…

        1. Damn it, Epi!

          Didn’t we ALL tell you to tie a slip knot when you auto-erotic asphyxiated yourself to this stuff?

        2. Also, Epi, I know you refuse to read Gawker comments, but I urge you to make an exception for this article. Because that comment produced this exchange:

          Are you kidding? This guy doesn’t give a crap about what other people think of him. He has no problem approving indefinite detention of American citizens without even so much as due process. He has no problem prosecuting Bradley Manning and many other whistleblowers, more than any previous president before him. He has no problem cracking down on medical marijauna, more so than any previous president before him. He has no problem killing innocent civilians through drone strikes, more so than any previous president before him. He has no problem extending how far American citizens can be spyed on, more so than any previous president before him. He has no problem passing healthcare legislation that essentially forces people to buy from insurance companies lest they are fined?excuse me, taxed?and which forces hundreds of people off of their insurance plans, despite him promising this was not going to happen. But at least he has the basic human decency to apologize for that. That is the ONE good thing he has done within the past five years. So excuse me if I don’t like the guy, because I see no damn good reason to do so. But I guess it must be because the guy is black, right?

          r/libertarian is over there, neckbeard

          1. gasp…gasp…ughhhh…

            (keels over and passes out)

            1. You never go Full Carradine, Epi! We have been over this!

            2. [Checks Epi’s vitals, and rolls him over into rescue position.]

              1. Did Epi say the safe word before you rescued him?

            3. Get some photos, guys!


              BTW, Epi, do you have insurance?

          2. To make it clear, eftp is the original poster and replied to the comment pointing out Obama’s missteps like indefinite detention.

          3. Where is “there” and who is neckbear?

          4. The funny thing is that I hear people complain that Reddit is some kind of libertarian stronghold all the time, but when I took a look, there was a shitload of nearly shriek-grade “bloo bloo you guys are only interested in saying mean things about Obama and that hurts my widdle feelings, you racists” concern trolling.

            I mentioned this here before, but it seems more a case of “libertarian viewpoints not immediately considered trolling/banned = implicit support of said viewpoints” thinking.

            1. Well, Libertarians are intolerant. And tolerant people don’t tolerate intolerance. Therefore, to pretend that libertarians have any right to speak, without censorship, is being intolerant.

      2. I really enjoy how the second person has apparently never, ever read Machiavelli. Because he had some pretty good advice on change.

      3. Replacing something less shitty with something more shitty for 10,000 years: Government.

      4. Stupid proles don’t know what they really need!

        1. Well, I know most of you guys will not read Gawker comments, but this post might be worth it. There are people in there arguing that, No, Really, they liked their policies, and then other shouting them down and telling them how they must be stupid, evil, troglodytes who just want to be a burden on society.

          This shit is tearing the Dems apart.

          1. They are obviously agents of Goldstein paid Kochtopus operatives.

            1. Kochtoturf!

              1. Oh, good one.

            1. You know, what we need is Khancare. With Khancare, only the genetically superior get medical treatment. The rest must overcome their ailments through sheer will, or die for the benefit of the genetically superior.

              1. I don’t believe in the no-win scenario, ProL.

                1. What, Kirkcare? Look, nothing ever changes, except man. Your medical accomplishments? Improve a medicine and you may double longevity, but improve man and you gain a thousandfold. I am such a man.

              2. So your plan will OFFER THE WORLD CARE?

            2. Oh hi Barry.

            3. Be fair, Epi. Wiseau is a much better filmmaker than Obama is a President.

          2. Weren’t there polls indicating that 80 some percent of people were satisfied with their healthcare back when they were trying to pass this abomination?



            Pass the popcorn.

            1. They were tricked! Those plans sucked! They were like selling people a car that was really just a cardboard box with drawn on wheels! FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS!

            1. We told you to not to mess with STEVE SMITH.

      5. Since when did Americans turn into such fuckin crybabies

        HAHAHAHA! The self-awareness!!

      6. Oh, the butthurt and lack of self awareness is delicious.

      7. He’s super cereal!

      8. “THAT was the crux of this whole legislation in the first place: Insurance companies are pretty much the worst

        I really work hard to understand the positions of people who I disagree with, but I still can’t wrap my skull around how, if you think insurance companies are the problem, your solution is to force people to buy insurance with the power of the state. Look, I get the single payer folks. I don’t agree, but I understand them. The Obamacare folks? It’s impossible for me.

        1. The idea is to turn the insurance companies into heavily regulated, government controlled utilities. Not that I expect the rank and file to understand that. They’re just supporting whatever they are told to support.

  10. The butt hurt going on from the Democratic House members speeches right now is epic. It’s like open casting for an Ayn Rand flick.

    1. I just jumped in at random, and — I am not making this up — heard:

      “Our future lies in the future!”

        1. “Lean forward into a lean future!”

  11. OK, people, I need a ruling since we’re going to be using this a lot in the coming weeks: butt-hurt, butthurt or butt hurt?

    1. I am partial to butthurt, one word. When said out loud it flows together–it’s said rapidly–instead of with a distinct separation, which it would if it were “butt hurt”.

      1. I also appreciate the ability to lisp it. Makes us sound more sinister.

        1. Shorter Sudden

          I am slow.

          1. This was supposed to be for AuH20 below.

    2. I like the hyphen, because it makes it easier to read.

      Also, I think we need to vary it up. Jaw-sore is also a good one. Because these people’s jaws are sore from sucking Obama’s dick so often. Or licking Michelle’s pussy, but that would be more a case of tongue-burn, and we should save tongue-burn for when Hilary is running in 2016.

      1. They’re way beyond cock sucking at this point. Now they’re freely offering up their mouths for Obama to piss in so he won’t have to be bothered to walk to the toilet.

    3. Pending overwhelming opposition, I tentatively declare “butt-hurt” to be the official term. Hyphen for ease of reading, and that makes it almost a single word.

      1. Oh yeah? Splitter! I’ll never use a hyphen!

        1. “The People’s Users of Hyphens? They are nothing but splitters!”

        2. Hyphen, not hymen. Geez, learn to read.

        3. Or an ampersand

    4. I’m with Epi on this one. Butthurt should be the proper term. Butt Hurt is what you get when you Warty “loves” you.

      1. Butt Hurt is what you get when you Warty “loves” you.

        I thought that was STEVE SMITH?

        If Warty “loves you” you end up dead or committed, right?

  12. They just have to get through mid-terms and then they can go back to doing whatever they want whether we like it or not.

    1. They’re going to get hammered, which is good! But a bunch of republicans will take their places and believe they have some sort of mandate. That’s bad.

      1. But it comes with a free frogurt!

        1. The frogurt is also cursed.

      2. Not if they get the fuck primaried out of them first.

  13. So Carney just said that Obama would veto the Repub bill to let people keep their insurance because that would go against everything Obamacare is about.
    Has he spoken to his boss recently? The one who just decreed that insurance companies allow people to keep their plans for another year?

    It’s hard to believe this is real, and not some Onion parody.

    I’m convinced that the strategy is to just say anything to get through the day for the next 3 years, with them knowing the media will help them as much as they can. There is no master plan in the works.

    1. that would go against everything Obamacare is about.

      Total executive power? Petulance?

    2. I agree. This is a level of incompetence and disorganization that I never thought I’d see, and it’s wonderful. And you know what? This would never have been possible without the absurdly compliant media. Obama and crew needed them to make this happen. Any level of real media scrutiny would have caused them to at least check things, to be a little careful.

      This debacle is like Xmas times 1000. Because not only is it amazing to watch, all the scum who made Obamacare happen helped make the debacle happen. It is so much “just desserts” that I almost find myself believing in karma. I don’t, but…you know what I mean.

      (almost passes out again)

      1. Speaking of compliant media, I posted this in an earlier thread after it was already postmortem so I’m going to bring it up again here because it just made me laugh:

        By the way, I caught a brief snippet of the NBC/Brian Williams newscast on this last night and there was nary a mention of the fact that the President can’t just rewrite laws at whim. Or that medical marijuana providers got shafted on a similar promise.

        They did have some talking head on assuring us that the current medical industry fiasco was not actually caused by Obamacare, though. Nope, must have just happened. Like spontaneous combustion.

        I remember a while ago the response I’d usually get when I’d try to point out that some namby-pamby ostensibly “objective” news outlet–or NPR, hyuk hyuk–was biased was outright denial.

        Now? “Buh-buh-buh-but FOX NEWS!” And then they’ll go back to pretending that Fox is some kind of unique phenomenon without parallels across the political spectrum.

      2. Mark Steyn just put up a wonderfully snarky analysis of Obama’s speech.


        1. I would compliment Steyn on a great column except that he really is just shooting fish in a barrel.

        2. Wow, he really said this? I guess I’m missing a lot of comedy by not listening to his speeches anymore:

          Had I been I informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, “Boy, this is going to be great.” You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying, “This is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity,” a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work.

    3. Look, if they let a Republican bill pass, even if it is to do something they already want to do, then they couldn’t pain the Republicans as evil obstructionists.

      Also, on a more serious note: Their base would murder them. Look at the Gawker comments I posted above. The hard core lefties want to crucify them every time they even start to act like Republicans aren’t the devil in human form. They would flip a shit over Obama agreeing to anything with Republicans. They already did over the sequesters, the tax cuts, and the idea that the debt ceiling is something that you have to talk to Congress about.

      At this point, Obama’s only hope for a cushy post-Presidential career is that the true believers in his base will forgive all sins as vagaries of the Presidency and RETHUGLICAN OBSTRUCTIONIZM!!! and shell out cash to whatever foundation he creates. But if he compromises with Republicans, he will lose the only people he has left.

      1. They created and encouraged their rabid, viciously partisan base, and now it’s coming back to fuck them. It’s just so delicious.

        (gets new necktie and Astroglide)

        1. Warren (fauxahontas) will save them

          1. Save us, fauxcohontus, you’re our only hope

  14. Please stop referring to these polices as “junk”.

    As numerous people with canceled plans have come forth, it is clear that the only thing “substandard” about these policies is their failure to redistribute resources from the healthy to the unhealthy – to the satisfaciton of the President and his cronies. But paying premiums that aren’t overpriced relative to your risk does not make a policy “junk”. It makes it rational.

    It is a big fat lie that these policies are junk. The Democrats are bald-faced lying about the ACA’s true intent. It’s not to make peoples health plans “better” it is to forcibly redistribute resources from the upper middle class to the lower class.

    1. That’s an excellent summation of it and very well put.

      You should post this exactly as is on a bunch of of leftist blogs and websites and set back and watch them start foaming at the mouth and having strokes over it.

    2. I disagree. I think it is to redistribute money and power into a huge bureaucracy. It is a power grab.

      They dont give a flying fuck about the poor.

      1. Yep, and I gauran-fucking-tee you that some percentage is being skimmed directly into Obama’s bank accounts

  15. I’d like to see an article covering the effects of PPACA on the Medicare supplemental insurance market. IIRC PPACA defined exactly 10 such plans that insurers may offer. They don’t have to offer all of them (or any of them), but they may not offer anything else. I know for a fact that the premiums for these plans were much higher than similar plans before PPACA. How are the old folks taking this?

    1. Isn’t that how medicare supplemental has worked for a long time? They had the A though I plans or something, and they were the same from all insurers.

    1. the White House said, warning it would undermine progress by allowing insurers to sell new substandard plans that do not provide basic services and offer little financial help for catastrophic health events.

      Someone is using Wednesday’s talking points still.

  16. Was finally able to get onto the Obamacare site:


    1. Damn it’s for real.

  17. Ah yes….. More Huffpo sweet tears…


    67 Fans
    Who are the cowardly 39 DEMS who supported this bill. If any are from my district they can expect a call expressing my dissatisfaction. I suggest any DEM do the same. Breaking ranks will hurt our agenda.


  18. I was told today by an Obama supporter that it was all Bush’s fault.
    Because she used to vote GOP but Bush so screwed up things by 2004 that she started to vote Democrat. And that led her and lots of others to be so disgusted with Bush that they supported Obama in 2008 and 2012. Now she realizes Obama should “never have been called up to the majors from single A.” Obviously, “he should have stayed in the Senate, won re-election there, and then become Governor of Illinois for a few terms so we could see if he had executive ability or not.” If only the Buchanan chads had counted for Al Gore. Bush’s legacy will last a long time but, thankfully, Obama is giving many a new understanding just how crappy both parties are.

    1. Well… Her analysis of the what is correct, the why is… interesting. She should just admit she wanted to be part of the group to vote for a black president, even if he was a terrible president who happened to be black.

    2. She completely denies herself any human agency in her own derp. Pretty much a typical Murikan voter.

    3. so disgusted with Bush that they supported Obama in 2008 and 2012

      Apparently, under the misunderstanding that Bush was the Republican candidate.

      1. 2008 maybe, but 2012?

  19. They are already turning vicious. A few days back a long-uninsured friend with no discernible politcal agenda posted to FB about his trouble signing up. He was immediately attacked for that. Classic victim-blaming behavior which they would condemn if someone else did it.

    1. “It’s your fault for not having employer sponsored coverage!”

    2. No, he was being taken to task for pointing out that the system wasn’t working. For that he was accused of aiding and abbetting the evil teathug…

      1. And they wonder why I am heavily armed and well practiced in self defense. They are the mindless horde that I worry about.

  20. Obama is cooling off the marks. He doesn’t plan to restore these plans, he wants to look like he’s Doing Something and win the news cycle. He hopes by next year the public will be used to the “changes” and have moved on to something else.

    Maybe Iran?

  21. I havent had time to read here today, or to comment.

    I turned the tv on for five minutes and I am nearly speechless. Holy fucking fuck.

    This is the most spectacular failure in american history. I predict that the word obamacare will be used for the next 100 years as the standard for giant clusterfuck policies.

    There is your legacy Mr. President, you jugeared fuckwit. Suck it.

    I havent had time to keep up. Has Tony or Shriek been around? Or are they hiding?

    1. “I predict that the word obamacare will be used for the next 100 years as the standard for giant clusterfuck policies.”

      I think it’s unfair of you to call it ObamaCare. That was back when Obama was championing it, lobbied for it, and he had an election up coming.

      The Republicans in Congress did everything they could to stop it, and the Democrats are the only ones who can do anything about it now–so now its DemocratCare.

      If they don’t like it, they should do something about it.

    2. Tony and Shriek have been very conspicuously silent.

      1. Remember, Shriek only shows up for threads with which he has philosophical differences. Apparently, he’s onboard for this one.

        And Tony’s only beef with libertarians is that we don’t suggest invasive policies to counterbalance the interventions of both TEAMS. If we, too, offered cures worse than the diseases, he’d take us seriously.

        Such is his earnest SOMETHING MUST BE DONE mentality.

  22. He hopes by next year the public will be used to the “changes” and have moved on to something else.

    They will have moved on to the tsunami of fail reaching the employer plans, with a nice background of experience with the crappy plans and networks available on the HIEs.

  23. House Democratic leaders won’t apologize for Obamacare promise

    That’s awesome. It’s like they really, really want to say FYTW, and even though they can’t, they want everybody to get the message loud and clear.

  24. CNN is reporting that 31 Democrats in the House crossed party lines, and they passed the bill to give insurers the option to extend those “junk” insurance policies.


    That may be the beginning of the end of Obama’s political clout. Obama is promising to veto the bill if it passes the Senate, and the Democrat Senate have promised that it won’t clear the Senate…

    This is probably the end of the Democrat’s hopes to retake the House in the midterms. At this rate, the Democrats in the House may be running as much against Obama and the Senate Democrats as they’re running against their Republican opponents.

    At this rate, the Democrats will be lucky if they can keep the Senate.

    1. The Republicans will have a whole year to try to get the “mandatory minimum” reduced to catastrophic coverage. And they will have the idiotic “essential benefits” list as ammunition.

      People are NOT going to fucking stand for paying double for insurance so they can have maternity and pediatric dental care. They are NOT. The Democrats have no fucking choice but to reduce the mandatory benefits list. They will get destroyed in the midterms if they refuse.

    2. Prior to the meeting, the President said that he and his administration would brainstorm with and solicit ideas from industry on how to smoothly carry out the changes he is making to the Affordable Care Act.

      “Changes he is making to the Affordable Care Act.” That says it all, doesn’t it? Can somebody remind me why we still bother with this whole “legislative branch” thing?

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