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Americans Trust Obama as Much as Republicans on Health Care


For the first time since the Quinnipiac poll began asking the question, Americans are equally likely to trust Obama as Congressional Republicans with handling health care policy (42 to 43 percent respectively. In fact, just a few weeks ago, President Obama enjoyed a 9-point advantage over his GOP colleagues (47 to 38 percent) for handling health care.

A plurality of young Americans 18-29, a key Obama constituency, were actually slightly more likely to trust Republicans in Congress than Obama on health care by a margin of 46 to 41 percent). A plurality of independents also favored the Congressional GOP over Obama by a margin of 47 to 32 percent.  A slim plurality of Latinos favored Obama to Republicans on health care 49 to 41, compared to Caucasians who favored Republicans (50 to 34 percent) and African-Americans who favored Obama (78 to 13 percent). Despite the so-called Republican War on Women, Obama only retains a 2-point advantage among women (44 to 42 percent), while men favor Republicans (44 to 39 percent).

Obama's slipping advantage is particularly surprising given the president's previous upper hand on an issue traditionally owned by Democrats. Not only that, but Republican favorability sank to record lows just a few weeks ago during the government shutdown.  

However, once public debate over the government shutdown settled, attention focused on the messy and glitch-laden launch of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchange websites. The websites managed to only sign up 6 enrollees in the first day. Thus far the Wall Street Journal reports that only about 100,000 Americans have enrolled in federal and state run exchanges, falling about 80 percent short of the 500,000 enrollments the administration's models had predicted.

Reports of insurers cancelling millions of Americans' health insurance policies despite President Obama's repeated promises that "if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan" have further disillusioned the public.

Quinnipiac also found that only 36 percent of Americans approve of President Obama's handling of health care, independent of a comparison, compared to 43 percent in October.

Amidst the government shut down just a few weeks ago, few would have guessed the public would trust the Republicans on major issues, let alone health care. However, the roll out of President Obama's signature health care law has proven a difficult and uncertain process. Even before the shutdown 62 percent of Americans thought implementation of the ACA was not going well.

Perhaps the last few months have further demonstrated why it is not often that federal government can be trusted to do things well.

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  1. A plurality of young Americans 18-29, a key Obama constituency, were actually slightly more likely to trust Republicans in Congress than Obama on health care…

    So they’d much rather inaction on healthcare than some colossal fuckup on healthcare. Wise choice.

    1. Noo… They want their fearless leaders vision of an all encompassing health and welfare state, implemented by the morally superior democrat majority… but those nihilist teathugliKKKan obstructionists are fucking it up for everybody…

    2. Disillusionment setting in.

  2. Uh oh…is Wednesday Pollmageddon day?

    1. Yes, Obama’s internal pollsters left a pistol, with a single bullet, and a cyanide capsule on his desk… and quietly exited the room. He’s still somewhat optimistic, yet nuanced about the future, though…

    2. just about to comment on the same thing. NEED MOAR POLLZ!

  3. Is that poll a penis or what?

    1. You need to see a doctor, son. Your penis is all jacked up if it looks like that.

      (If you are a woman, DTMFA.)

      1. “You need to see a doctor, son”

        But no one will see you since your insurance has been canceled.

        1. “Penis-existing condition.”

      2. “You need to see a doctor, son.”

        I already saw Warty, that’s how it got that way …

        1. I recommend cryogenic storage until Futurecock technology is invented. Just put on your cryotank “Do not thaw until I can buy a supercharged penis with a laser sight that plays its own theme music.”

          1. 3D FLESHPRINTERZZ!!111!11ELEVENTY-ONE!!111!

  4. Again, leading people with the premise that either of the two are supposed to be handling health care.

  5. I trust Obama and the republican party about equally as well. Both of them score a big fat zero.

  6. I am not sure what this is supposed to mean. I am sure some of the people who answered “I don’t trust Republicans” are progs who want single payer. Still others are people who think the Republicans will sell out to the Progs and grant single payer or something almost as bad.

    The point is that the mere fact that people don’t trust one party or another says nothing about what policies people actually support. I really don’t even see the point of asking the question. Who cares if people “trust” this or that politician? They are politicians, no one should trust any of them.

  7. However, once public debate over the government shutdown settled, attention focused on the messy and glitch-laden launch of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchange websites

    Do you want to bet that the RINOs in the Senate will do whatever is in their power to throw in the trash this precious gift they have been given?

    1. Of course they will. They would have passed Obamacare themselves if their base hadn’t forced them to vote against it. Remember all of the gnashing of teeth from court Republicans like Frum and Brooks about how the Republicans blew it by not getting in on the credit for Obamacare?

  8. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that maybe blatantly lieing to people reduces their level of trust or something. Weird.

  9. It used to be that, in the polls, Reps had an advantage in allegedly caring about taxes and national security, and Dems had an advantage in allegedly caring more about the environment and health and The Poor.

    If the Dems have lost that advantage WRT health, then this is worse than it looks. If they’re not outpolling the Reps, they messed up.

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