A council warden in Hornchurch, England, slapped Tracey Hayes with a £50 fine for littering after he caught her brushing her dog in a local park. Hayes said the warden insisted on fining her even after she offered to pick up any loose hair. A local council member defended the warden, saying responsible pet owners groom their dogs at home.

The mayor of Lipari, Italy, has banned people from wearing swimsuits in the center of town. Those caught violating the law face a £500 fine.

Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has banned a commercial for Josh condoms, calling it indecent. The ad features a well-known Pakistani model doting on her less attractive "husband" in various ways. The man confesses to a friend it is because he uses Josh condoms.

Officials in Gothenburg, Sweden, have ordered a nightclub to reduce the volume of the music played there. They say the loud beats aren't healthy for fish kept in an aquarium at the club.

The St. Louis police department fired officer Rory Bruce after he was caught on video punching a handcuffed suspect. Prosecutors charged him with assault. But a judge found him not guilty of that charge without ever looking at the video. Now Bruce and his union are fighting to have his job restored.

Mansfield, Louisiana, police officer Tamara Jackson Brown has been charged with domestic violence, aggravated battery, and unauthorized entry after beating her husband. Brown, who was in uniform at the time, drove her patrol car to her husband's house, forced her way in, and struck him with her flashlight.

Maine's Department of Corrections is investigating how video of an officer pepper-spraying an inmate bound in a restraint chair was released to the media. Officials say the fact the video got out shows they need to tighten up their security. Capt. Shawn Welch was fired after the incident, but that decision was later overturned by the state corrections commissioner, who instead suspended Welch for 30 days.

The Denver government has been kicking exercise groups out of parks and other public spaces. A city ordinance bars commercial activities in parks without a permit, but the law doesn't provide permits for fitness groups. After meetings with trainers and park supervisors, officials have developed permits and fees for commercial exercise groups, which the city council is expected to adopt.

In April, Tom Hoffman got a $66,000 water bill from the city of Dallas, Texas. Because he has autopay and the bill was for more than he had on hand, his bank locked down all his accounts, including his ATM and credit cards. He eventually fixed the problem and got an apology from the city. He also canceled his autopay. Smart move: The city recently sent him a new bill for $67,000.

Charles Oliver