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Brickbat: Babyface


The European Parliament has banned photos and other images of infants on baby formula. Lawmakers say they hope to prevent parents from idealizing formula over breast milk.

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  1. Yeah, we definitely used formula because of all the cool pictures and enticing ads.

    1. You have to remember we’re talking about Europeans here. My experience with Europeans is the biggest reason I believe in American exceptionalism.

      1. You are talking about girth, right? Totally have to agree with you.

    2. Not saying this applies to you, but it has amazed me how many women I know that have used formula because their “milk didn’t come in.”

      Did babies die in large numbers in the past from dry tits? What am I missing?

      1. No, but in the past women didn’t have an easy alternative to breastfeeding so they had to buckle down and do it.

        Nowadays, if they don’t want to, they can just wait a short while, ‘oh my milk isn’t coming in – better bottle-feed’ and stop trying. Its self-reinforcing, if the baby isn’t trying to feed off the teat then the teat doesn’t try to produce milk, so you resort to the bottle earlier so the milk never comes.

        1. That’s what I was thinking, but didn’t want to accuse most women of just bailing when the going gets tough. My wife struggled to get going with our son, the milk was there but she was in pain the entire time.

          He ended up needeing a frenotomy to make nursing more pleasant, but I am guessing most don’t get to that point once they have cracked and sore nips.

      2. Usually someone else nursed for you. People had enough kids that there was often someone else around who had recently had a baby. And due to the high infant mortality rates, they may have lost that baby but are still producing milk…

        Wet nurses were also very common with the wealthy.

  2. Lawmakers say they hope to prevent parents from idealizing formula over breast milk.

    Yeah, well, my friend’s cousin lives in Spain and he said that it’s because immigrants get confused and think that the formula contains babies and will starve their children rather than resort to cannibalism.

    It’s like how corn has a picture of corn on the can and beans have a picture of beans on the can. So what would a can with a picture of a baby on it contain.

    Solid move by the EU here.

    1. If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? (And what do libertarians eat?)

      1. I eat only 100% freedom loving vegetables and animals.

      2. And I think we know what the progs eat.


          Be men!

      3. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

        1. Yes, but only if they are made out of meat.

  3. They need to ban photos and other images of government, lest people idolize government over voluntary co?peration.

    1. They’d probably ban photos and other images of people doing anything without being micromanaged by the Eurocrats.

  4. People who aren’t weaned on milk grow up to be cereal killers.

  5. So what if I put my mom’s someone’s tits on my fridge baby formula? Is that ok?

    1. It would sell out!

  6. Whenever i hear stories like this I imagine that the lawmakers were sitting around bored because they thought they were in a near utopia of their own doing. “gentlemen, we have completely eradicated crime, successfully replaced the currency with hugs and kisses, peace reigns, and everyone gets paid to prance in the meadows. What else can we do?” …”well, the labels on baby formula are not ideal.”

    1. This is the EU – *everything has to be codified and homogenized.

      These are the people who have rules (backed by the threat of fines and *jail*) delineating the maximum curvature of bananas sold to the public.

      These guys have regulations specifying what can be labeled jelly, what is jam, and what are preserves.

      These are the guys who codified the size range that your tomatoes have to be in in order to be packaged as a group.

  7. Being obsessed with the intimate details of other peoples lives must make for a miserable existence.

    1. Its like professional sports – the lower levels require a lot of time and effort and it doesn’t pay off for most people but if you can get in the big leagues you’re set for a pretty damn cushy life.

  8. The primary purpose of representative democracy is as a means for the government to justify the shit they want to do to us.

  9. Lawmakers say they hope to prevent parents from idealizing formula over breast milk.

    Obviously the solution is to put images of cancerous lungs on the baby formula.

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