Let's Call it Obama-Don't-Care Now, Says Shikha Dalmia in the Washington Examiner


If a private company had used the kind of deceptive advertising that the president and his minions have to sell Obamacare, this administration would have taken it to the mat. Yet all that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who says that she should be "held accountable for the Obamacare debacle," has gotten so far is a Congressional grilling.  But the real culprit behind the program of course is the president himself who assured Americans that no one who likes their current coverage would be forced to give it up even as he knew that the law would outlaw tens of millions of policies. He has neither apologized nor backed off. In fact, he went on the offensive yesterday to scold everyone who dared to question whether the law would work. So it might be time now, says Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia in the Washington Examiner, to rename the president's signature initiative "Obama-don't-care." She says:

When companies put profits ahead of people, the government can go after them for fraud and falsehood. But what should people do when the government puts politics ahead of people?

Go here to read the whole thing.

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  1. Doesn’t matter.
    Look over there! Rethuglicans! Gov’t shut down! The children! Racist! Obstructionist! Palin! etc.

  2. Let’s Call it ‘Obama-Don’t-Care Now’

    That was just terrible. That’s not even funny.

    1. What do you expect from a magazine that employs Gillespie?

      1. moar hitler references

  3. It seems the progressives are trying as hard as they can to bring about their own purge, vis-a-vis the post revolutionary purge of royalists. I am sure Canada would love to have them.

    1. I was cruising the comments from the earlier posts today to see how far off the deep end Tony has gone.

      I didn’t know ends could be that deep. I am truly impressed at the level of devotion that they have to their Dear Leader. It’s borderline psychotic of course, but you got to give them credit for their dedication.

      1. Tony is a sockpuppet. It can’t go off the deep end; being an insane TEAM BLUE partisan is what its shtick is, so of course it’s going to do it. You need to read comments from actual people, not sockpuppets. I suggest HuffPo. That is, if you want a brain aneurysm.

        1. You are right. His ‘people dont know what is good for them’ line today is a dead giveaway.

          I dont go to huffpuff. Just look at the ads there targeting its readers. That tells me everything I need to know. Come to think of it, all the lefty rags are filled with celebrity news, ads for fortune tellers and magical weight loss potions……all fare for the checkout line.

          1. I rarely go to lefty sites on purpose, but frivolous celeb stories aren’t aimed at just one side of the political spectrum.

            I just checked dailycaller.com and barely had to scroll down before I saw “A real Alyssa Milano sex tape actually DOES exist.”

            Come to think of it, I’ve seen some weird ads here at Reason on the few occasions I wasn’t blocking them.

            1. “frivolous celeb stories aren’t aimed at just one side of the political spectrum.”

              No, they are aimed at the vapid and the stupid.
              Yes those ads exist in other places, but not in the same density.

            2. What’s that about Alyssa?

              1. dude, its freakin hawt

          2. His ‘people dont know what is good for them’ line today is a dead giveaway.

            Maybe, but that has become the prog talking point.

            Case in point:


            The woman that he is calling an idiot in this article called Hugh Hewitts radio show to giver here side of the story, along the way she said that Hiltzik had interviewed her on the telephone for all of 2 or 3 minutes.

        2. Puffing Host?

          ARE YOU MAD, MAN?

          I’d be safer going to Gawker and talking about how much I love Tucker Max.

          1. I did warn you about the brain aneurysm part.

      2. I have now seen two different progs claim to have found better coverage for less money in Oregon on facebook. When I point out that Oregon hasn’t issued any policies yet, because, they can’t… It’s another one of those “You totally misunderstood me, I meant I found coverage, not that I purchased coverage…you’re bad because you’re a fox news watching conservative.” It’s seriously unreal how many libs are pulling Chad Hendersons, but when you call them on it, nelly bar the door…

  4. Meh, The progs are unraveling. My facebook pal progs are posting the craziest shit. One girl posted on her page day 1 of Obamacare that she enrolled and now had healthcare !!! Total bullshit, but to see the century long progressive dream going down in flames must suck for them.

    The funny thing is they hold out hope that once the website is fix all the unicorns will finally appear, but I suspect some of the smarter ones are beginning to understand that the light at the end of the tunnel is the train headed their way.

    1. Tony may be a sockpuppet, but there are plenty of real people out there just like him. They will be on their knees, arms held high and proclaiming “Finally, we got there!” an instant before that train flattens them. After the train is gone they will look down at their broken bodies and blame wreckers/bush/republicans.

      No matter what their savior does they will rationalize some bullshit defense of him. He could look them right in the eye and stick a knife in them and they would thank him. The whole obama phenomena is a true cult of personality. It is insane really.

      It is worth noting that Justice Kagan wrote a thesis in grad school proclaiming that the reason that the socialist movement in America failed is because….brace yourself…..it did not have the right people in charge. You read that right….not jr. high school, graduate school.

      1. “No matter what their savior does they will rationalize some bullshit defense of him. He could look them right in the eye and stick a knife in them and they would thank him. The whole obama phenomena is a true cult of personality.”

        Those working for most of the media qualify.

      2. You read that right….not jr. high school, graduate school.

        Academics get to define who’s intelligent.

        Academia is composed of mostly window licking commies.

        Being a window licking commie is intelligent.

        This is really basic stuff, teabagger. Jesus.

      3. The story I read said it was an undergraduate paper when she was 21. She blamed factionalism in the movement to answer sombarts question of why there was no socialism in america. Rather than say she wss a socialist as an impressionablecoed but then grew up, defenders just went with the claim that she didnt mean what she said, and what she said was the modern left must avoid factionalism if it wanted to achieve radical change.

      4. But this time, dammit, they’ve put the toppiest top men in charge. Hooray! We’re saved!


  5. This is great. Make sure you click through and check out the drop down boxes.


  6. People keep misquoting Barry when his words were plain for all to hear.

    ‘If you don’t like your neighbor having a plan better than yours, he wont be allowed to keep it.’

    1. Today, watching all the twisted rationalizations and craven excuse making over a completely impossible to deny, bald faced lie has convinced me that there is no point talking to progs. They never, ever speak in good faith.

      I suppose if I was trotting out some tired, horse shit policies that have been tried and failed 1000 times I would lie about what they were too.

      1. The policies were junk. On one of the sites I troll, the lefty author compared the canceled policies to Ponzi scams. With no actual supporting argument.

        It’s already a point of faith to them.

        1. RG|10.31.13 @ 8:28PM|#
          …”On one of the sites I troll, the lefty author compared the canceled policies to Ponzi scams.”

          Note that lefties are like parrots; they learn new words and toss them out at random.
          I remember when I first heard ‘externalities’ on some TV news broadcast; it was a proggy talking head confusing externalities with direct costs. ‘Ponzi Scheme’ has now hit the same level; use it at random and lefties nod as if you’d just made an astute observation.

          1. I have noticed that their talking points spread like wildfire. First you hear it from some talking head or the white house, then it is being repeated, almost word for word, by every internet troll and media supporter.

          2. Ha, I said the same thing when in late 2010-early 2011 they couldn’t stop talking about the Koch Brothers. That name was like a new chew toy to the drooling, inbred lefties.

          3. Now that I think about it, the Benghazi debacle is a perfect example.

            First the white house blames the ‘riot’ on reaction to a youtube video, which was a complete fabrication. The media and all of his supporters immediately began singing that song like it was gospel.

            I remember when people here were pointing out how absurd that was the usual trolls went to the mat defending that ridiculous explanation.

            After it was revealed to be a lie there was a fumbling moment as they tried to explain that away. Then it all just got fuzzy and eventually clinton excreted the ‘ what does it matter’ bit. In other words ‘nothing to see, move along’, which is where it is now. Bring it up and you get ‘fake scandal’ to this day.

            At no point ever did any of them acknowledge the bald faced lie the white house told.

            1. And no one has ever really pressed the jugeared fuckwit on where he was and what he was doing while the attack was going on. He seems to have been absent and no member of the press seems curious for an explanation about that.

              1. That is a fine example. No lefty I know actually engaged in any debate about Benghazi. It was just stonewalling and shouting fake scandal.

            2. Same metamorphosis re: the IRS smell-bag:
              1) What? Just a Fox News story…
              2) Well, it was a bunch of underlings in a branch office.
              3) Well, Obo didn’t know anything about it.
              4) Look over there! Rethuglicans! Palin! Christ-fags!

            3. At no point ever did any of them acknowledge the bald faced lie the white house told.

              This seems to be a consistent characteristic of proggies. Lying or even getting things wrong has no bearing on the present. We’re seeing it play out now with Obamacare. They predicted that this would all be sweetness and light and dismissed anyone who suggested otherwise as a redneck, a crank, or a buffoon. At no point is there an acknowledgement that the rednecks, cranks and buffoons got the policy consequences down much, much better than did the proggie policy wonks. Before long, I’m sure those same wonks will be pushing a whole new set of interventions in our lives to deal with those consequences without even recognizing that if we’d listened to the rednecks, cranks and buffoons we wouldn’t have those consequences to deal with in the first place.

        2. Maybe they’re actually talking about Social Security

        3. What really bugs me about that argument is the fact that health insurance policies in the US are easily one of the most highly regulated consumer products in the country, which not so incidentally is one of the driving forces behind the insane costs of health insurance.

          So the idea that adding more regulation is going to lower the cost of health insurance defies gravity.

          Yet explaining this logic to leftists is akin to shouting in Farsi to a group of North Koreans.

          1. 1. The wrong people were in charge.

            2. That wasnt real communism.

            3. We just didnt hit it hard enough.

            They are choosing #3 now. When it all collapses you will hear #2 shouted from the rooftops.

          2. What really bugs me about that argument is the fact that health insurance policies in the US are easily one of the most highly regulated consumer products in the country,

            Not according to Katty Sebelius, who said it was a wild west free market before Obamacare.

            So apparently she was completely incompetent, at best, for the 8 years that she was Kansas’ insurance commissioner.

  7. I love how with #1 how recently you keep hearing about how they have brought in TOP. MEN. to clean up this fucking disaster of a web page.

    This raises two hilarious points.

    1.) Who the fuck did you hire the first time, and why didn’t you get the “best” TOP. MEN. considering you had $600 million to play with?


    2.) Jeffery Zients? Are you fucking kidding me? The same guy who was sent to clean up the Solyndra mess? Really? How the fuck does this guy even still have a JOB?

  8. Pandora is running a “Hipster Halloween” channel tonight. Enjoy.

  9. My liberal friends, all of whom were very vocal as recently as the shutdown are all now just silent about this. I think they are embarrassed a lot of them. They believed and spent a lot time telling everyone how great this was going to be. And now they realize Obama lied to them and has made them look like fools. Feeling smart and caring is one of the biggest reasons they are liberals. And now they feel stupid. They do t seem happy about it.

    Not sure what they are going to do.

    1. My guess is they’ll find a new hero to worship.


  10. My liberal friends …

    Seriously, how is it possible to have liberal or progressive “friends” these days?
    They are fucking shitting in the pulsing pussy of American motherhood, and claiming to be the stiff cock it needs. When all it needs is a little air and a giant douche.

    1. I am very patient and non judgemental.

      1. i laughed. he made a joke.

    2. Once again Habeus, you really dont have to sugar coat things around here.

    3. Jesus Christ but that is fanfuckingtastic imagery right there. Well done!

  11. Comprehensive health reform is for liberals what ending the drug war is for libertarians. Don’t believe the post hoc bs their media liars are putting out about how they never liked Obamacare anyway. No they really thought it was going to be great and was the fulfillment of 70 years of work.

    Now imagine if libertarians got a one time super majority and passed a law to end the drug war. And then it went into effect and every single horrible effect the drug warriors said would happen did and the lubertarian president whose bill it was knew that the drug warriors were right and lied. How would you feel? That is how liberals feel right now. Don’t let the internet trolls fool you. This is crushing their dreams.

    1. How would I feel? Who cares. I am pragmatic enough to call for the reinstitution of the drug war and intellectually honest enough to say ‘ oops, I was wrong”.

      I suspect many here are the same, and that is the greatest difference between us and them. I hope they all have a mental breakdown over this.

    2. How would you feel?

      I’d be high as fuck just like everybody else.

      I am pragmatic enough to call for the reinstitution of the drug war

      Not me. It’s still people’s bodies to do with what they want. Anyone promising anything to the slavers in exchange for de-slaving ourselves is myopic and backwards. Leave the utilitarianism to the moral retards.

      1. You are correct of course General. I was simply going with his argument of ‘what if one of our policies proved to be disasterously wrong?’. It could be any policy. My point was, we might be red-faced, but generally we have the courage and honesty to admit when we are wrong instead of clinging to a mistake as the world burns down.

        1. I would also add that I dont see any realistic possibility of that happening. Basing a philosophy on self-ownership makes it the only truly civilized philosophy, and one where you will never be proven wrong.

          There is zero chance that libertarians sticking to their principles will one day end up eating crow. Also zero chance that they will be invited to the cool crowd. Small price to pay in my opinion.

  12. Remember just a month ago every liberal was doing their duty for the cause and telling everyone Obamacare was the law and republicans were standing in the way of people getting insurance. And now three weeks later the entire thing is a sick joke. The whole thing makes all but the most hard core feel pretty stupid. Suddenly it is just not very cool to be a liberal anymore.

  13. John, as delicious as this all is, I think it is just getting started. When the employer based policies start being cancelled, when people cant find doctors or hospitals or get treatment, the shit is really going to hit the fan.

    It may push them too far and I really wonder what they are going to do. Unrest? Martial law? More terms for the man-child?

    1. The number I heard today is 93 million. That many could get tossed off of their plans.

      If the progs think they can destroy the health care system and then ride to the rescue with single payer they are even dumber than I thought. They wont be able to hide the fact that they are the ones who destroyed it and single payer wont be what follows, lynchings will.

      1. That is what I think. I think the foot soldiers I am speaking of are angry about being lied to and feel stupid. Some of them even I think feel guilty about supporting something this bad though they won’t admit it. A lot of them are going to start turning on their masters.

        1. They feel stupid for a good reason.

          1. Ahk! I hit send too soon. I was going to add that this is one time when their feelings are a good indication of the truth.

    2. Yeah. This thing is only going to get worse. And they own it. The people I am talking about are the foot soldiers. The leaders are putting out the this is great bullshit. I wonder if some of the foot soldiers let themselves off the hook by turning on the media and Obama for lying to them.

      1. I dont think their claims of ‘we were lied to’ are really credible. No one believed that shit when it was being excreted. Everyone except them was saying it was nonsense and predicting exactly what is happening now.

        I think they knew the lies were lies, but somehow believed it would turn out to be just peachy, and not the giant turd that is is proving to be.

        1. The wonks were in on the lie but the average lefty believed all the socialist bullshit that they were fed in school. I’ve known a lot of people like that and they only deprogram after several years of first hand experience with government stupidity and venality. It’s actually easy for a lot of people to go through life having minimal contact with government and therefor to keep believing bromides like we are the government or companies only care about profit, not the people, that’s why we need government.

          Obamacare is so invasive that it’s impossible for large numbers of people to ignore it or continue believing the bs. For this generation it will have the same impact on faith in government that inflation, vietnam and forced busing had in the 70s.

          1. I made that very point to a lefty acquaintance a couple of days ago. There will be no more ‘going through life with minimal contact with government’. We all are being swept up into a massive bureaucracy that will have tentacles into every part of our life. For many people there will be frequent and painful contact with government.

            Pretty soon everyone will know an Archibald Buttle.

            1. I can’t think of a better way to create a libertarian majority.

        2. No one believed that shit when it was being excreted.

          And that’s why I’m not as sanguine about the forecast as you or John. No, I don’t think anyone really believed it. But, I really don’t think that’s what most of them were doing. I think they were looking for the illusion of consensus. That is, I think they were looking for a reason to accept the line of BS regardless of the fact that they knew it was BS. And as the negative consequences mount, I don’t think that pursuit of the illusion of consensus is going to get any weaker. Quite the opposite. They chose to forego their own right and responsibility of independent rational thought. Now, not only is the BS they wanted to believe on the line, but also their sense of self respect. To accept that they invited disaster would hold their lack of thought responsible.

  14. Pretty funny when you think about it.


    1. no, its not

  15. “So it might be time now… to rename the president’s signature initiative “Obama-don’t-care.”

    oooh, *burn*

    this is why Reason Writers get the big bucks. those endless koch funds buy us the best wits in the bizniss

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