Come See Jonathan Rauch Talk About the 20th Anniversary of Kindly Inquisitors in New York Tonight at the Museum of Sex!


Do you own this book? You totally should. |||

Twenty years ago, the great classical liberal journalist Jonathan Rauch (see his Reason archive here) wrote arguably the best modern defense of free speech: Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought. Now, the University of Chicago Press is bringing out an expanded 20th anniversary edition, featuring a new forward by George Will and a new afterword from the author, an adaptation from which we'll be running in the December issue of Reason.

Tonight, beginning at 6:30 pm at the OralFix bar in New York's fabulous Museum of Sex, Reason and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) are proud to bring you a conversation between Rauch and New York Times science writer John Tierney, discussing how the free-speech battle has changed for the better and worse in the last two decades.

The venue is at 233 Fifth Avenue (at East 27th); the bar is downstairs through the gift shop, and there will be snacks and adult beverages. RSVP is a must, at reason.nyc@reason.org.

Read Nick Gillespie's 2007 interview with Rauch here.