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Teen Committed Suicide After Potentially Facing Sex Crime Charges For Prank


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A 15-year-old Alabama resident recently committed suicide after learning that a prank he performed could have resulted in him being expelled from school and put him on a sex offender registry.

In late September, Christian Adamek sprinted naked across a field during a football game. At least some of his classmates enjoyed his streaking stunt. The Huntsville Times reports that students took to Twitter, declaring Adamek a "legend." One wrote, "Sparkman's new slogan is gonna be 'Welcome to Sparkman High School, Home of Christian Adamek."

Sparkman High School's principal, Michael Campbell, was not so amused:

"There's the legal complications," the school's principal, Michael Campbell told WHNT-TV — who recently took their report off of their website — a day before the teen committed suicide.

"Public lewdness and court consequences outside of school with the legal system, as well as the school consequences that the school system has set up."


"These are pretty serious consequences," Campbell said. "I don't think they realize all the consequences that we talk about."

Although school officials said they could not speak openly about how they intended to punish Adamek, the boy's sister apparently stated on Twitter that the school intended to expel him.

Far more seriously, "Sparkman High administrators even recommended that Adamek face a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal charges would be filed," according to The Daily Mail, which suggests that he may have faced criminal charges for indecent exposure.

Adamek died on Oct. 4, two days after hanging himself.

According to a law firm in Alabama, "indecent exposure is defined as intentionally exposing one's genitals in a manner which is likely to be offensive or alarming to a member or members of the public."

Broad and harsh sex offender laws are often justified as a means of preventing recidivism, athough they are not successful at doing so, especially among young people. These laws also have a track record of doing more harm than good, especially in situations with young people. Reason's Jacob Sullum has previously explained that registration "routinely ruins relationships, triggers ostracism and harassment, and impedes education." Even as a juvenile sex offender, Adamek could have potentially faced a lifetime of burdens because of his prank, that would have not only put him on a law enforcement registry, but also placed limitations on his employment and residency options.

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  1. I’m sorry to bang on the same point over and over, but this is example #943850942086574328 of how the State is the biggest bully of them all.

    1. While I agree, something doesn’t compute here.

      If this kid has the balls and “who gives a fuck” attitude to run naked in front of thousands of people, would he really be so frightened of the mere suggestion that he may or may not end up on some “list”?

      1. He pulled a prank to be cool.

        Some list where everyone thinks you’re the lowest form of scum and encourages others to treat you that way is sort of the opposite.

  2. Wow. Threaten to ruin a kids life and then he kills himself. Sounds like “bullying” to me. I don’t like the way bullying is handled or even defined. It reduces personal responsibility on both sides and is another game of victimization.

    That being said. There should be charges filed against those that blackmailed this boy. Punishment for reckless behavior is expected, but when they started threatening him with sex-offender charges (for an act that was clearly NOT sexually based), there should be liability. If charges can’t be filed may the family succeed in suing those responsible personally.

    1. Sorry, sovereign immunity, can’t sue, won’t be charged because they did nothing illegal. Evil is the official policy of our legal system.

  3. The brutal puritan society never ended. It just changed shape.

    1. For the children. Umm, except the ones who kill themselves.

  4. What ever happened to detention or being forced to pick up trash on campus as punishment?

    Jesus, zero-tolerance is the shittiest thing to ever happen to schools.

    1. This has absolutely nothing to do with Zero Tolerance. An ambitious prosecutor would have brought him up on charges no matter what the school thought.

      The issue here is hyper-criminalization based on irrational fear.

    2. As I’m reading the article, all I can think is WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?

      Seriously, fuck you, Generation Pearlclutch. I hope you all die in trailer fires.

  5. Next game, every kid in the school should streak and see what the authorities do about that. Expel them all, no one left to teach, lose all the jobs.

    1. Creech, love the idea but the actual response would likely be to charge them all and convert the school to yet another jail.

      1. How would the students tell the difference?

        1. The food will be better.

        2. They’d have more civil rights

      2. convert the school to yet another jail.

        So, just some new signage, then?

        1. The administrators also get that closet of assault rifles they’ve wanted for so long. And a tank.


    Nut Punch Zenon, that is your new name.

  7. What did he think would happen? Oh, he was fifteen years old. Never mind.

    1. Well, streaking isn’t exactly a new thing. Lot’s of people have done it without having their lives ruined. It’s not totally unreasonable to think that you could do it and just get a slap on the wrist.

      1. When I was a child, circa 1971-1974 we lived just off campus in Chapel Hill. After diner my parents would take us for a walk along Franklin St. and streakers were fairly common. Sometimes it would be some solo hippie. Other times, it was groups of 15-20 people of both sexes. No one was arrested. Certainly they weren’t perverts, er… sex offenders.

        1. So you didn’t require a “trigger warning” before reading this article?

  8. “Public lewdness and court consequences outside of school with the legal system, as well as the school consequences that the school system has set up.”

    “These are pretty serious consequences,” Campbell said. “I don’t think they realize all the consequences that we talk about.”

    So many consequences you guys.

  9. Pshh, reason. You’re not even telling us how many innocent young bystanders the sight of his genitals killed or maimed.

  10. I’ve sent kids younger than you to the chair. Didn’t want to. But I owed it to them.

  11. I feel for this kid’s family, and at the same time, wonder how they could not see how distressed he was by the actions of the principal.
    I streaked in high school, back during the streaking craze of the early 70s. I did it downtown, not on school property, but still, no one would have even begun to consider a sex offender charge for that (not sure we even had those laws – which I would like to see abolished as a double jeopardy crime).
    In fact, Ray Stevens even wrote a song about streaking…

    1. I’ve seen a lot of appalling stuff in the comments of this blog, but no one has yet sunk so low as to link to Ray Stevens’ ‘The Streak’.

      1. I am, the lowest of the low…

  12. The law-firm link mentions some other elements of the crime of indecent exposure. Rather than their summary, I’ll just link to the actual statute:

    Section 13A-6-68(a) “A person commits the crime of indecent exposure if, with intent to *arouse or gratify sexual desire* of himself or of any person other than his spouse, he exposes his genitals under circumstances in which he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm in any public place or on the private premises of another or so near thereto as to be seen from such private premises.”

    As for the sex offender registration statute, I don’t see how it applies to juveniles, since as I read it there’s an exemption for such offenders, but perhaps an Alabama legal expert can correct me:…..atutes.pdf

    1. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they its perfectly legal to expose yourself in public to arouse your spouse.

      1. Yet another perk granted by the social engineers in the legislature.

      2. Its not “in public”, its anywhere where someone other than your spouse may see you unless you reasonably expect that nobody else will see you. The spouse thing just takes away the right of your spouse to complain to authorities about seeing you naked.

      3. It’s apparent Anthony Weiner didn’t write this law.

      4. So you r neighbors can’t bust you if they see you banging your wife through an open window?

        1. There was a case a few years ago of a guy that liked to walk around his house naked and was arrested for indecent exposure.

          He was acquitted but only after a lengthy (har har) and expensive legal battle.

          1. I think I remember that one.

            1. They talked about it on Reason. I think it was noted that one of the complaitants would have had to trespass to see what she allegedly saw. I also seem to remember her being a cop’s wife.

    2. I also note that, going by the pronouns, this statute apparently applies only to the male of the species.

      1. Maybe it’s old fashioned enough that it uses “he” as a neutral pronoun. Or maybe if a woman does it it’s the people who fail to avert their eyes who are the perverts.

    3. The intent to arouse part would seem to exempt things like streaking or peeing in a public place. Isn’t that obvious?

  13. Let me posit the ludicrous notion that maybe a kid who streaked naked across a football field may have had manic-depressive tendencies to begin with.
    Far too early to jump to a conclusion that the kid feared the sex-registry component of criminal justice as his motive for offing himself.
    The case would most likely have been settled out of court without that requirement.

    1. Let me posit the ludicrous notion that maybe a kid who streaked naked across a football field may have had manic-depressive tendencies to begin with.

      Ludicrous! Schools are unerring in their diagnoses of such behaviors as they sincerely WANT as many kids on prescription medications – to be doled out on their say-so – as much as possible.

      1. Let me further posit that the principal should therefore be charged with medical malpractice. Furthermore, such medical malpractice in failure to properly diagnose a bipolar student such as this put the child at sexual risk and therefore the principal should be charged with sexual endangerment of a minor and forever be banished to a sex offenders registry.

        1. Let me FURTHER posit that you’re not going to stop some crazy-ass motherfucker from going off and killing him/herself or others even though you instituted the most draconian policies in your school district. Here’s the key: Life is random. And if that scares the shit out of you, go hide in your bathtub until you’re taken away.

  14. Fuck Alabama and whatever their laws regarding nudity are. Nudity is not lewdness. Jacking off in front on unconsenting viewers may be.

    1. How can there be a such thing as an unconsenting viewer?

      Do they prop yer lids open, ala A Clockwork Orange?

      1. Unless he announced that he was going to streak, most people would have had to see him before deciding to close their eyes.

        1. True.

          So more like unconsenting “quick glancers”?

          I think the potential damage one might suffer from seeing some dude’s flaccid (or hard, or whatever) member for a split-second is so slight as to make this a victimless crime. And if you’re looking for more than a split-second then you obviously enjoy the show and should not complain.

          1. You’re just making a smoke screen for Warty. How much is he paying you?

          2. Don’t go off all half-cocked.

    2. Yeah, this. Nudity does not equal sex.

      1. that’s what my wife keeps telling me 🙁

  15. “These are pretty serious consequences,” Campbell said. “I don’t think they realize all the consequences that we talk about.”

    Consequences you’re laying down, a-hole. Unreasonable, disproportionate consequences. And these people are supposedly trained to deal with adolescents.

    Every student needs to turn his back on this prick every time they see him.

  16. I spent Christmas Eve of 1995 with three beautiful Swedish girls. They prepared a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord. Then we took acid, streaked down the Venice boardwalk, and went for an invigorating dip in the ocean. Streaked back home. Crime of the Century!

    1. Your holidays sound way more interesting than mine.

      1. Actually, between 1990 and 1997, I had a streak of taking serious psychotropics on Christmas Eve. Alas, now the wife and I just enjoy the night with egg nog, Sinatra/Crosby Christmas tunes, and a good Turkey dinner. Middle age…

    2. “traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord”

      Lingonberry pancakes and meat rolled in to a ball on a stick?

      1. Didn’t have those. But lots of herring, salmon, and ham. I mean, like 5 different preparations of herring. Cold cuts. Pickled vegetables. It was good.

    3. I thought that was a beautiful story of human expression. Guess I’m a pervert too.

  17. Adamek died on Oct. 4, two days after hanging himself.

    Zenon – I don’t think that’s what you meant…

    1. He was hospitalized for two days, then died.

      1. Thank you

  18. The law is the law. Didn’t know you’d be a felon and sex offender? Too bad buddy, cuz ignorance of the law is no excuse!

    Without rule of law, there would be anarchy!


  19. Argh. So some kid runs naked, and we’re supposed to treat this as a sex offense and grounds for expulsion. Schools are becoming closer to prisons, students merely potential offenders of some fucking bureaucratic rule or another.

  20. One more vile sex offender off the streets! And without the expense of a trial or a jail sentence. THE SYSTEM WORKS!!!


  21. So all those girls on the cheerleader and band bus that were nice enough to comply to our “Show Us Your Tits” signs on the players bus would have been sex offenders in today’s school systems?

    And I guess we’d have been on there as well for inciting a sex act from a minor (since most were under 18).

    I won’t even get into the rampant moonings from buses going to and from away games.

    1. Was that before or after knocking down the mailbox of one of America’s best?

  22. Hate to make this even more sad, but…

    I live close to where this happened, and apparently the kid was already suffering from depression. They say that on the night he streaked he had taken way more than the recommended dosage of antidepressants, thus altering his state of mind considerably and altering his judgement.

    So, you take a kid that is already having serious problems and does something dumb whilst under the influence of antidepressants and tell him that his life is now permanently fucked up even worse than he could have imagined. Bravo, way to help him out.

  23. There is a profound need for Sparkman High School’s principal, Michael Campbell, to be placed on compulsory lifetime community notification, in the course of which he must not only lose his job and his pension but also be blackballed nationwide so that he will be denied any employment in education forever.

    He’s precipitated a suicide over a streaking incident.

    This man has established himself as too dangerous to be permitted around minors, to hold responsibility for them, or authority over them.

  24. Why hasn’t every spectator over the age of 18 who saw this boy been charged with sex crimes yet?

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