Government Shutdown

Obama's Approval Rating Sinks to 37 Percent


Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

The latest AP-GfK poll finds President Obama's approval rating has declined to 37 percent, while 53 percent disapprove of the president's job performance. This is the president's lowest approval rating since GfK began tracking in May 2011; it's also the lowest since Reason-Rupe started asking the question also in May 2011. Obama's approval has been on a fairly steady decline since his reelection "honeymoon" high. (Honeymoon periods are a time when the president enjoys the greatest support, as those who did not vote for him still express their best wishes.) Nate Silver notes that presidents' second term honeymoon periods have gotten shorter over time. In the wake of this year's revelations about the IRS political targeting scandal, the Dept. of Justice seizing AP journalists' phone records, the NSA surveillance program, Syria, and now the government shutdown and possible default, perhaps it's little surprise the President's favorability ratings have plummeted.

While polls find the GOP bears more of the blame for the government shutdown, the latest CNN poll finds the public is also angry at Democrats (58 percent) and President Obama (53 percent), as well as Republicans (63 percent). Interestingly, political independents equally blame all three parties (58% Obama, 59% Democrats, 60% Republicans).

The perceived intransigence from both sides has hurt not just the Republicans this time, but also the Democrats and the President's second term.


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  1. Well, it’s a shame 37% of the ‘people’ are still confused.

    1. I’d love to have a bunch of “I am the 37%” decals printed to affix under Obama-Biden 2012 bumper stickers.

      1. They’ll take it as a badge of honor for their blind faith.

  2. So what? It isn’t like we are going to be able to get rid of this shitweasel any sooner.

  3. Time for a 28th amendment limiting presidents to 1 term.

    1. That won’t help. Part of the problem is that he’s a lame duck. A politician who is going to be termed out has no incentive to care what the electorate thinks of their job performance.

      I think the real problem is that the two-party cartel makes for a low bar to hurdle for either party. All they have to do is make it seem like “the other guy” is worse.

  4. Polls are dumb, but the shenanigans surrounding the shutdown–especially the egregious shit with the National Park Service–have to be killing him. It amazes me no end that he hasn’t figured that out. But I guess to someone like him, this is more about his fight with the GOP. The peons don’t matter, and approval rating matters very little to a second term president.

    1. Wouldn’t any experienced CEO pick up the phone, call the Interior Secretary, and say “Make this shit stop by 5pm or start looking for a new job?”

      1. Yes, which is why I think that Obama and his administration are actually either giving the order to do it, or are approving of it. Frankly, they have shown themselves to be such thugs that such a case wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      2. ^This.

        For a guy who campaigns as much as President Not My Fault, there is NO FUCKING WAY he would let this ridiculousness with the parks continue unless he had a reason for it.

        I think the reason is that he really wants to convince federal workers that it’s “Us Against Them” and he’s on their side, so they will continue pledging allegiance to them.

        The people that think the NPS wasn’t ordered from the top probably still think the IRS scrutiny of the Tea Party was from a “rogue agent in Cleveland.”

        This guy does NOT GIVE A FUCK.

        1. “This guy does NOT GIVE A FUCK.”

          This. Clinton wanted to be liked, and knew that a strong economy would get him the approval ratings he wanted.

          Obama will never, ever change course on his agenda, regardless of the effect it has on anything, especially now that he isn’t up for re-election again (probably).

    2. Polls are dumb, but the shenanigans surrounding the shutdown–especially the egregious shit with the National Park Service–have to be killing him.

      If a voter doesn’t blame congress for the fact that the zoo was barricaded.

      1. People, especially Obama’s fans, like to attribute a lot to him personally as having gotten shit done, even when he just stood aside or didn’t actually do it. I think that’s biting him in the ass here.

        Obama could make this shit stop now if he wanted to, and they know that.

        1. Yeah, didn’t Obama stand on some body scraps in New York City and yell into a bullhorn a few years ago?

          That got shit done, right?

          Dumb fuck.

          1. Another response from PB that just doesn’t make sense.

          2. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Does everything with you have to do with complaining and whining that the evil Emperor Palpa, er, Bush did it too, or something like it, or he got out of bed in the morning and put his pants on just like this guy so it must be ok? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, I really do. But this incessant defense of the current administration’s odious acts by pointing out the similarly odious acts of the former gets really tiresome. We all think they both suck. In the immortal words of Cleo McDowell, can’t you get that through your greasy head?

            1. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

              It doesn’t, but PB’s Daddy Issues Tourette’s are pretty difficult for him to contain.

          3. you mad weigs?

  5. Why is Gesellschaft f?r Konsumforschung doing the polling?

    This is *America*!

    1. Comparative advantage.

  6. Interestingly, political independents equally blame all three parties (58% Obama, 59% Democrats, 60% Republicans).


    1. It’s on the ballot in all 57 states!

    1. Dumbya fell to a miserable 23% approval during the Financial Crisis of 2008.

      Bait that!

      1. But taken as a whole, Bush had better ratings throughout his two terms.…..enter.aspx

        1. Oh yeah! He inherited a Budget with a $300B SURPLUS (FY2001), and a CBO projection of effectively ZERO debt by 2010. When he left, he handed off a budget with a $1.4 TRILLION deficit (FY2009)thanks to an unfunded fabricated War in Iraq, 3 unfunded tax cuts an a trillion dollar unfunded Medicare prescription Drug Bill.

          So W inherits $300B surplus, turns it into a $1.4T deficit and he’s “popular!”

          Obama inherits a $1.4T deficit and in 5 years reduces it by $800B and he’s unpopular.

          Apparently popularity lost fiscal responsibility somewhere in the Spending spree that was the Bush era.

      2. As well he should have, as he was a proto-Obama.

        1. A protObama, you might say?

      3. Wow, are you saying Bush was even MORE unpopular than Obama. Golly gee!

      4. Don’t worry, Obama will find another country to nuke in an effort to build up his rating.

  7. Why does Rasmussen have his approval climbing back.above 50%?

    1. Rasmussen took so much shit for their rosy “Milt Romney wins!” predictions they might be overcorrecting.

    2. I have no idea. The RCP poll roundup is all over the map. The mean is 44.1%, but the spread is 37 to 51, with Gallup and Reuters showing him at 43% and 40% respectively.

  8. How many of those people are the ones thinking that Obama isn’t sticking it to the Republicans enough?

    1. I guess the New Republic is in that camp.

      1. Congress hasn’t been shelled yet so yeah.

  9. This is why the low poll numbers for the GOP don’t matter for 2014. The MTs will be about Obama. His numbers are bad, and that’s all that really matters.

  10. And the republicans have hit an all time low approval rating of 28 percent. Nice one. Let’s see if this ship can sink any lower.

    1. So basically it doesn’t matter then for the Democrats whether voters ‘disapprove’ of them or not because they disapprove of Republicans more so there’s no real danger of them losing in the future. It’s not like tens of millions of people are going to be voting for Gary Johnson or something.

  11. That’s a very important number for the midterms. I would guess, without doing any research, that many independents fall into the “no subsidy” category for ObamaCare and will be mucho pissed at their premium increases.

  12. I wish there were a 3x Inverse ETF on the presidential approval rating

  13. I want to get excited about this poll, but sadly I don’t think it matters because non-whites voted overwhelmingly democrat in the last election and I don’t think there’s much reason to suspect that any large number of them are going to be voting republican next time around regardless of how much they may ‘disapprove’ of Obama. And since whites are on the path to becoming a minority in the U.S. I think that permanent left wing governance is pretty much what we’re stuck with, short of a revolution or secession.

    1. Go fuck yourself, American.

  14. Interesting, yet pointless! Hard to believe in an era of ranters from all sides screaming “Hate the Government” that a President might have a lowering Approval rating. BTW, know how you hate context, but what was Reagan’s lowest Approval rating while in office? Oh 32%….Hhhhmmm, wonder what George W’s lowest was while in office? Oh, he hit a low of 25% three times.

    So again, other than deflecting from the reality that thew GOP has hit historically rock bottom Approval ratings, what’s the point?

    BTW, funniest thing I’ve EVER read was your kindergarten level “explanation” of the Honeymoon phase!! What world do you live in? The DAY of Obama’s first inauguration nearly 20 Republican leaders, in and out of Congress, met to determine how they could make Obama a one term President! From Graham to McConell, they then set about publicly proclaiming that their NUMBER ONE priority was to defeat Obama at every turn and ensure he was a one term President.

    If your Honeymoon was filled with that kind of hate and vitriol, someone apparently mislead you on the value of Marriage.

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