Brickbat: It's Duck Season


Officials at Virginia's Dinwiddie High School told student Hunter Spain he'd either have to turn his "Duck Dynasty" t-shirt inside out or go home because it was threatening. The shirt showed Si Robertson, one of the stars of the TV show, and the words "I will hurt you physically and metaphysically."

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  1. I don’t think Hunter’s mom is a God’s blond.

  2. Look at Virginia trying to pretend it’s not Virginia.

    1. Yes, Virginia, there is a shirty clause.

      1. No one? Seriously?

        Pearls before swine…

        1. Excuse me? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        2. Who’s afraid of Virginia youth?

    2. “We’re more refined in East Virginia.”

  3. “Dinwiddie High School”



    1. A few more-or-less unconnected thoughts:
      I used to live near Dinwiddie County, though I didn’t go there much, mostly because of a reservoir in the way called Lake Chesdin (from stretching along the Chesterfield-Dinwiddie border.)
      I’m surprised a place full of so many Good Ol’ Boys would have a problem like this.
      I don’t even watch the show, and I know the shirt isn’t threatening. I wonder what they would make of a Dexter Morgan t-shirt?…..tes_tshirt

  4. This kid and his parents ought to aruge that the school resource officer’s uniform is threatening.

  5. This being my home state gives me the sad. If my sister, who is a principal at an elementary school, ever does something this dumb I will disown her.

    1. Be prepared for some awkward parties at your Mom’s house.

      The grade school my kids went to, a new principal was making the kids eat in silence because she liked having a quiet lunch. If some kids talked, the whole class (sometimes the whole grade) would have to walk around the bus loop for an hour.

      My boy (a 5th-grader at the time) decided if she wanted silence, he’d give it to her. He disconnected her car stereo, horn and coil wire, then came home and told me what he did. That apple certainly fell close the tree.

      1. Ha ha.

        I attended 1st and 2nd grade in Falls Church, Va way back in the early 70s, and it was fascist as hell even then. They had all these crossing guards who would write us up for running–yeah it was against the rules to run home from school on a public street–but didn’t do jack shit when I was getting beat up on by a fifth grader.

        1. I went to public school in Montgomery County at roughly the same time, and things were no better across the river.

        2. –but didn’t do jack shit when I was getting beat up on by a fifth grader.

          Similar school experience: Three fifth graders came to my fourth grade class (an open plan school building) and were beating on me. When the teacher came back I had two fistfuls of the one guy’s hair doing my best to pound his head face-first through my desk while the other two beat on me. Guess who got in trouble, never mind I was still sitting at my desk?
          Principal: “What important lesson did we learn here?”
          Me: “Take out the leader first.”

      2. disconnected her car stereo, horn and coil wire

        Kudos for raising a kid with those mechanical chops.

        1. I used to get him to help me work on old cars. I was severely obese back then, so we spent a lot of time with me awkwardly wedged in as close as I could get to something, pointing and directing him how to do the actual work.
          Used to be when we were working on things I would call him “Waldo,” after the remote manipulator device.

      3. Can I assume that your boy was also clever enough to keep his mouth shut at school….sounds like he wasn’t caught.

        1. Scot-free. He got one of his sisters to write a very girly-looking note, “You want silence? I’ll give you silence.”

  6. I lived in Petersburg, briefly. Dinwiddie was the next town over… a shithole but not quite as bad as Petersburg.

    1. We used to call it Dim-witted County.

  7. *** scratches chin ***

    *Pretty sure* inside-out t-shirts are a threatening sign of gang membership.

    1. It’s threats all the way down.

      1. You better take that back!

  8. Tulpa approves, but is sad that the kid wasn’t roughed up so he’d learn to be obedient without being told in the future. Why that kid might go on to have an unpassworded wireless router at some point!

    1. The Reason commentariat has a long memory. That had to be one of the most Tulpafied threads in the history of statist cock sucking.

      1. Which one was that? I’ve seen lots of derp from Tulpa, obviously, but I can’t remember that one.

        1. (This place needs an Edit button)

          Nevermind. Read wrong. I remember the unpassworded router thread. That was indeed the most Tulpa Tulpa that ever Tulpaed.

        2. Srly, it’s the derpiest.

          A little taste:

          Tulpa the White|6.29.12 @ 12:13PM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

          Leaving your wifi unsecured so that scumrats can commit internet crimes using it is like leaving your car unlocked so bank robbers can use it as a getaway car. Maybe it’s not illegal, but you shouldn’t be surpised when you’re the suspect and are treated as such.

    2. I’ve been listening to a lot of Magazine lately, and have been waiting for Tulpa to show up so I can ask him if his name is a reference to the Real Life song, my favorite off the album. I imagine he’ll say yes, and then we’ll both smile as only two strangers who share a single piece of inconsequential information could.

  9. [The school’s superintendent said “I]f you haven’t watched ‘Duck Dynasty’ you may question if the shirt implies violence. As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible.”

    Those who can’t speak English, superintend.

    1. Day before yesterday, my daughter’s highschool counselor began a sentence to me, “Me and her spoke…”
      I held down my inner grammar nazi while it screamed, “Heil Myself,” but I managed to keep my mouth shut about educators needing to be educated.

      1. I really think you should have corrected her. These people are educating your child.

        If enough people like us were more willing to extol quality grammar, more people would likely see the virtue in speaking with purpose and serving the English language.

        It really is a wonderful language once you realize its diversity and multiple origins are a big driver behind its difficult technical rules.

    2. our slogans on student shirts”

      The shirt’s slogan belongs to the educational collective.


  11. I wonder what they think of Che shirts? First amendment and all, but I’d steer clear of guys wearing shirts that say “I’ll hurt you physically.” But maybe that’s the idea.

  12. Hunter Spain ? Hunter ? Come on, he’s lucky they allow him to use his given name. And he wants to choose his own’s just too much.

  13. Dinwiddie High School forced Hunter Spain to remove his shirt

    They need to make him change his name because of its threateningness.

  14. Brickbat: It’s Duck Season


    1. About fucking time someone went there…

      However, I would have suggested “WABBIT SEASON!”

      1. I see, pronoun trouble.

        It’s not that he doesn’t have to shoot “you” now. He doesn’t have to shoot “me” now. Well I say he does have to shoot me now, SO SHOOT ME NOW!!

  15. Meh. The problem is that it’s a government school. No private school would allow it’ students to display such ignorance and vulgarity. And libertarians would be just fine with that. If my kid was attending a school where kids walked around issuing blanket threats of violence I’d have a big problem with that.

    1. My kid goes to a school where you are allowed to wear Obama shirts. So I guess I should be freaked out?

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