Obama: Health Care Reform is like…Apple's New Operating System?


President Obama is likening the glitchy rollout of his health care law to Apple products.

Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don't remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't.

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Mm, yeah, and how are those, uh, TPS reports coming along, Mr. President?

Suggesting either a coordinated strategy or a stunning lack of imagination, Obama's comments echo a pre-emptive call for forgiveness made by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who hoped yesterday that when it came to enrollment muck-ups at Healthcare.gov, Americans will "give us the same slack they give Apple….If there's not quite the operational excellence right away, we'll continue to press for that."

There are many fundamental problems with this analogy (see below), but for right now, let's just stick with one: Private firms that roll out products that cost way too much or are generally ineffective usually go out of business. Apple stopped selling lots of products if and when they met either of those conditions. If it didn't, it would have gone belly up many times over its existence. Take a stroll down memory lane (anyone else remember the eMate 300?).

Yet when it comes to the government provision of health care, the opposite rules. By virtually everybody's reckoning, Medicare is fiscally unsustainable and is the single-biggest ticking time-bomb in long-term spending problems. Over its lifetime, both the number of enrollees and the cost per enrollee is simply incredible. Medicaid—slated for massive expansion under Obamacare—is not only either the first or second top budget item for every state, ever liberal defenders of the program acknowledge it has no clear positive effect on health outcomes (it does reduce money problems related to medical costs). If either of these things were Apple products, the company would have dumped them years ago.

Consumer products and services that don't fix their bugs (and quickly) disappear, often taking the companies behind them into oblivion. The government with a proven track record of expensive and ineffective medical programs? They launch Obamacare (whose costs keeps mounting in beta).

Watch "3 Reasons Obamacare is not Apple":

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  1. These fucktards can’t get a drop-down list to work and expect the public to believe they can manage 17% of the economy?

    1. I wonder what those security questions are though. “Who is your favorite african-american president?” “If the President had a son he would look like?” “What is your favorite Obama campaign slogan?” “Let me be ___”

      1. A: Joseph Jenkins Roberts

        B: Wicket

        C: “Keep the Change”?

        D: “untaxed”

  2. “give us the same slack they give Apple….If there’s not quite the operational excellence right away, we’ll continue to press for that.”

    Apple generally doesn’t put me in jail or have me killed when I don’t give them money.

    1. But other than that, it’s like totally the same, or something.


      1. totally

  3. Apple doesn’t make their prices a secret. How much are the premiums?

  4. Come on, America, get on the “edgy-cool” bandwagon.



    2. Damn, that’s an epic fail. It’s:


  5. “We are sorry, we can not create your account, your username appears on a domestic liberterrorist watch list”

    1. That’s LiberAnarchTeaThugTerrorist watch list.

      1. In a move to promote governmental responsibility that will surely save tax payers a great deal of money, President Obama has announced a new executive order to combine all of the previous watch lists into one giant Enemy’s list.

  6. Seems to me that the reason people buy Apple products (or a reason anyway) is that they generally work well out of the box and are pretty easy and intuitive to use. The couple of things on Apple stuff that didn’t work well right off were embarrassing to them because it was not what was expected. The situation with government insurance exchanges is rather different. Anyone who was expecting it to be awesome and work well right off is smoking something better than what I have.

    1. I’m trying to remember when the government was ever like Apple. That is, when the government produced stylish goods/services, that did exactly what large numbers of consumers wanted, at competitive prices, all while making a profit.

      1. Obama propaganda is kind of stylish among retards? Though I don’t know about the rest of your post…

  7. Well, let’s see here. Apple has competition, my acquisition and use of Apple products is entirely voluntary, Apple can’t imprison or fine me, Apple has some form of accountability and various kinds of oversight, Apple doesn’t spy on me or share information about me to people (except the government) without telling me what it does in advance. . .my fingers grow tired.

    Besides the issues with technology, which I suspect will be solved, eventually, by throwing money at the problems, does anyone think the exchanges will be any better run than the VA or state DMV offices?

  8. “Congratulations, your application has been approved, and you will be provided health care at no cost! Come to our office at 3265 Main St, to obtain your photo I D card. Please remember firearms are not permitted in federal office buildings.”

    1. or federalized doctors’ offices.

  9. Apple can’t imprison or fine me

    Then why do they call it “jailbreaking” Mister Smartypants?

    1. It’s the phone that’s in prison, not the user.

  10. Actually, when Apple puts out a glitchy iPhone, we buy Samsung Galaxy phones instead. Just as Apple benefited when Microsoft repeatedly put out glitchy Windows products. Where do we go when Obamacare is glitchy?

    And neither Apple nor Samsung nor Microsoft could long survive by dismissing with the euphemism “glitch” a product that fails to perform as advertised. When a private business does something like that, it is called Consumer Fraud and the class action lawsuits follow. Can we sue Obamacare on that theory?

    Oh, and another thing: when Apple screws up, it cuts its prices. When Obama screws up, he raises taxes or borrows money on the backs of future taxpayers.

    BTW: the other party line is that Team Obama “warned” us that their would be “glitches” and that this is nothing to be surprised about.

    1. No, wait, the president means that we should have healthcare competition, just like Apple. He is a secret libertarian!

  11. Remember Lisa?
    Can we hope Obama will pull this piece of crap off the market?

    1. No, but I remember the Apple III…

  12. I do not own an Apple product. I am not forced to buy one either.

  13. “give us the same slack they give Apple….”

    No. Apple gives me useful things and doesn’t coerce me.

  14. I wonder if it has ever occurred to President Nitwit how much time and effort the developers of Apple products spend trying to make the CUSTOMER’S life easier. The hallmark of government “services” is their utter disregard for the needs and goals of the “client”.

  15. They’re similar in that you’d have to break my legs in order for me to use either one.

  16. What would be awesome is if the IRS, SSA, or Treasury couldn’t process withholding tax payments during the shutdown, and people got paychecks for the full amount of their salaries.

    Then, post-shutdown, send a letter to everyone reminding them it is their duty to calculate their tax owed and remit it in a timely fashion.

    1. There was a news story yesterday on just that subject.

      The summary: The IRS is still collecting taxes. It’s not currently processing refund checks.


      Here’s the bad news: if you’re on extension, your 2012 federal income tax return is still due on October 15, 2013. And yes, the IRS will cash your check on time.

      But the door doesn’t swing both ways. If you are due a refund, it will likely be delayed


  17. If Apple fucks up, I can buy something else.

    If the federal government fucks it up, I get to pay more so they can try to fix it.

    Exactly the same thing.

    1. If the federal government fucks it up, I get to pay more so they can try to fix it. they shoot my dog and put me in jail.

  18. This time, the govt program’s headphone plug is on the BOTTOM!! (Head explodes in awe).

    1. Aren’t they saying “Be idiot fanboys ** like the people who wait in line for the latest Apple products”?

      ** I own several Apple products – the idiots are the ones waiting in line for a day, sleeping on the sidewalk, when the latest new version comes out.

      1. Well, you’ll definitely be waiting in line with obamacare, so that part is the same.

  19. Re: exchange websites

    Does anybody know what the actual reasoning behind the account creation requirement is? It seems sketchy as hell. If I would ever stumble onto a commercial site that required this before I could even so much as browse anything offered therein, I’d instinctively navigate away from it.

    1. Occam’s Razor says the premiums are high and the plans are shit. Otherwise they’d lead with those.

      1. True.
        If you get a long pitch with no price visible, you know it isn’t hidden by accident.

  20. If Apple had ever released something as buggy as the exchange websites, several people would be public fired. And these people would be very high up and not some low level schlubs Obama and company would blame.

  21. Media types reporting Obamacare Exchanges are having problems because they are overwhelmed with demand. Thoughts?

    1. ‘It’s not got *much* spam in it’.
      My guess is that the PR depts are offering that and no ‘reporter’ is about to argue.

  22. Iphones and Ipads and actual products. The exchange is a place where you get enrolled and get signed up for a product.

    I rarely experienced Amazon and online market sort of places crash down on me as repeatedly as the exchange or consistently fail to display information from the drop down bar.

    The technical glitches should be fixed shortly. But the more inherent problem of actually verifying that you’re entering correct information will be harder to address.

    How many people have actually enrolled and picked a plan? That’s what I want to know.

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