Government Shutdown

Obama on Shutdown: This Is Everybody Else's Fault But Mine*


Maybe if there were an actual budget …

Everybody is sticking to his or her talking points on the looming federal shutdown, including President Barack Obama. At a brief press conference where he took not a single question, the president said absolutely nothing unexpected about the fight between the two parties. From USA Today's quick post-speech coverage:

President Obama blamed an imminent government shutdown on House Republicans Monday, and said his health care plan is "moving forward" despite GOP efforts to de-fund it.

"You can't shut it down," Obama told reporters at the White House.

Obama also said a partial government shutdown—which would start at midnight unless there is an 11th hour deal—will damage economic recovery and hurt "real people right away."

Obama said the shutdown will close federal offices, delay checks, close parks, and damage loan programs.

Meanwhile, Social Security, Medicare, mail, and public safety functions will continue despite the shutdown, Obama said.

"The federal government is America's largest employer," Obama said. "These Americans are our neighbors."

That the federal government is the country's largest employer has always been a problem. To my perpetual annoyance, the president – like any government official defending employee spending – invoked the concept of economic multipliers, the notion that wages generate and grow a local economy as the money is spent in the community, thereby creating wealth. It's frustrating when government officials invoke economic multipliers because the money they spend is forcibly taken from the community in the first place. These are not voluntary exchanges where the consumer receives something of value in exchange for the producer receiving more than the cost to create that thing (in fact, the exact opposite often happens given the lack of incentives for efficiency). When a government official invokes economic multipliers, he or she inevitably doesn't consider what might have been done with that money if the government never collected it in the first place.

Anyway, that's my angry rant over the president's speech. Watch the speech below and find your own reasons to rant:

*All apologies to Homer Simpson.

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  1. I wish Obama would surprise us some day. He never says anything that everyone doesn’t already expect him to say. I love how he invoked Christmas, but wished he would have waxed poetic about no toys under the trees of federal worker’s kids and how he would feel as a parent if Sasha and Malia would feel if Santa Claus didn’t bring them presents.

    1. No questions and the same droning talking points over and again. No wonder everyone was tired of him in 2010.

      1. Yes, but you were tired of him before he gave his 2004 speech at the democrat national convention in Boston.

        You, unlike almost the entirety of the chattering classes, were already aware of his affirmative action beneficiary status, his community organizing flops, his association with the likes of Bill Ayers et al and his penchant for voting “present” while in the Illinois legislature.

      2. So I spent the afternoon on Saturday with some colleagues who are very die-hard Bay Area liberals, who of course blame everything on the Right (even in CA, where Dems have a supermajority and control of all statewide offices). I mentioned that Rand Paul might be someone for them to take a look at, he was different than what they traditionally thought of Republicans. Almost in unison, they said “he’s nuts” or “he’s a kook”.

        I asked what made Rand a kook and they stammered without really answering. Eventually, everything they said seemed to have the stamp of Dem talking points all over it. That must be what NPR is saying these days about libertarians. (Another thing that annoys me about these types — they always preface everything they say with “I heard on NPR” as if that makes it cooler, because they are so cool to listen to public radio).

        So at least we know what the Dem plan of action about Rand is — convince all he is a kook (they must be scared of him to already be circulating this.) But how would you have responded? I thought it better to just let the subject drop (which still took some time and grilling from them anyway.)

        But I’d just love to have a quick retort to silence anyone saying Rand Paul is nuts. Got one?

        1. Nope, In your guts you know he’s nuts.

          In choosing Johnson over Goldwater this country made a wrong turn. I think they’ll do the same thing with Rand.

        2. (Another thing that annoys me about these types — they always preface everything they say with “I heard on NPR” as if that makes it cooler, because they are so cool to listen to public radio).

          They are the same people who preface everything they eat with the words organic or local, who frequently name-drop their degrees and where they obtained them, who back in high school used to say they were on their way not to History class, but to AP History.

          Credentials are very important to people who lack any actual intelligence or wisdom.

          1. Or “we are going to the south of France”?

            Why in the world would someone say “we will be taking our vacation in the south of France”? I love and I do mean LOVE to needle and tweak those who resort to such a usage by frequently invoking “southern France” during the discussion.

            Thus, I ask the person, “so, how long were you in SOUTHERN FRANCE?” Did your husband like “SOUTHERN FRANCE as much as you liked SOUTHERN FRANCE?”

          1. Two more words: Hank Johnson. (The guy that thought Guam might tip over.)

        3. What we need is a CONELRAD style system to jam NPR signals while avoiding detection.

        4. ‘You lack any gratitude for the market that made your level of prosperity possible, you take it so much for granted you throw it to wolves who despise it with your votes. You don’t deserve what you have, and I’m going to take it all from you one day.’

          Is how I would answer them.

        5. But I’d just love to have a quick retort to silence anyone saying Rand Paul is nuts. Got one?

          Tell ’em your neocon war mongering friends say the same thing.

        6. But I’d just love to have a quick retort to silence anyone saying Rand Paul is nuts.

          You already had the right retort: Ask them “What, exactly, makes him nuts?” It’s less confrontational, it’s Socratic, it’s intellectual judo. If they can state an example, respond to that. If all they can do is sputter, you’ve won. Though if you want to go further, state some Paul positions that are quite reasonable, and some Democrat positions that aren’t.

          (My favorite these days is pointing out that the government gives billions [that it doesn’t have] in price supports and ethanol subsidies to agribusiness and rich “farmers” who live in cities, all of which increases the price of food, lowers gas mileage, and wastes energy, and then spends billions more on food stamps because people can’t afford to buy food.)

  2. Why would parks need to close?

    Its not like the Moose and Antelope depend on federal funds.

    1. Need edit button, that clearly should have been Moose and Squirrel.

    2. It was pretty funny when New Jersey closed the state parks. I had to walk around a gate instead of through it. Since there were no Rangers to hassle us, it was a nice day of unlicensed fishing.

    3. Oh my god, man. Do you know what you are saying? Think of the humanity. Imagine if you could just walk where you pleased at the Grand Canyon. Chaos I tell you, Chaos.

      1. What? You mean like people pushing their new husbands over the rim?

        1. That was in Glacier. And he slipped. Honest.

          1. LOL

      2. What? You can’t normally walk where you please in parks? I know you can in Rocky Mountain. Maybe now there will be no frowning rangers when I get back to the trail.

      3. Who will remove the unauthorized fliers from the bulletin boards!?

        1. Remove the bulletin boards.

    4. Without federal law enforcement peering through $3000 binoculars looking for hippie dopesmokers there is anarchy.

  3. Obama is a Led Zeppelin fan? Like the wookie allows white person music in the house.

    1. There walks a lady we all know,
      who shines WHITE light………..

      1. Yeah, well what about Black Dog? Zeppelin is racist!

        1. That’s right-only a black person can own a black dog; otherwise, it is, per se, racist.

          1. Technically, Obama and I could own, say, a dalmatian, and not be racist.

            1. You get a funny Tommy point for that one, HM.

              Same subject, different application:

              What about the sorts like me, who have not one, but two, beautiful nieces who could, in your words, “technically could own, say a Dalmatian”? Could I walk their black lab if I was babysitting them and / or their dog?

              1. No, but that’s because of male privilege, of which “babysitting” is a patriarchal tool to suppress natural female development.

              2. Probably would be better if you didn’t. You might end up like this guy:…..ddaughter/

            2. Or a Zebra….if one was thinking out of the box pet wise!

              1. I think Obama’s allowed to get any color pet as long as it’s been neutered.

                1. And boom goes the dynamite

          2. I’m screwed then… and tans…..and I’m rather pink!

    2. Being a bit serious, she has plenty of faults but I don’t think being a racist is one of them.

      1. Assuming being a racist is a fault, of course.

  4. “The federal government is America’s largest employer,” Obama said.

    Look how succinctly the Great Orator stated the problem.

    What’s that? He doesn’t think that’s the problem at all?


    1. And walmart is #2…

      So that must mean we should do everything possible to make sure that walmart stays operational. Right?

      1. Walmart employees force people to buy stuff from their stores or simply take people’s money and gives that money to themselves and their friends?

        The reason the federal government being the largest employer is because the ONLY way the federal government gets money is by forcibly taking from non government employees.

  5. A special quote just for you Scott.

    “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”
    ? Thomas Sowell

    You should never be surprised when a politician displays a willful ignorance of politics. It’s a prerequisite for the job.

    1. Anyone who’s smart enough to be President is smart enough not to want the job.

  6. I haven’t heard anyone say it, but in reality the GOP holds all of the winning cards on this one. Let’s evaluate the possibilities, shall we?

    On the one hand, the government shutdown is as bad as the media prognosticates. At the point when this is clear, the GOP can simply pass a bill raising the debt limit — in essence, affirming the status quo ante. This is not a win for Obama. He can’t really use it in 2014 (no one will care), he simply hasn’t lost this fight.

    On the other, the government shutdown is like the sequester: nothing much happens and it continues on indefinitely. This is a win in that, while Republicans can’t get anything in this state, they will be able to more forcefully argue for the shutdown of government programs that they don’t particularly like without getting punished for it.

    On the gripping hand, the government shutdown is like the sequester for normal people but puts enough pressure on Dem constituencies that they have to negotiate with Republicans to restore funding for their pet programs.

    This is why the Dems are getting ahead of the Republicans by claiming that anything other than clean CR bill is unreasonable, IMO: they are bluffing, knowing that Republicans are still skittish about government shutdown since the 1995 attempt. Unless the Republicans fuck it up, there’s really no downside to negotiating on the debt limit for them but they are risk-averse and might cave just to avoid a shutdown.

    1. People in the Washington bubble really just have no idea what the government shutdown will do to people outside the city. I think this, more than anything else, drives perceptions about relative bargaining strength of the GOP and the Dems in this debate.

      1. Apparently SuderWelch and maybe some other Reason writers are in that bubble.

        1. If you cry more about it, maybe Matt Welch will come and dry your tears.

          1. What’s the matter, Wiegel isn’t available?

        2. They definitely are. Matt’s a good egg, but if you do political journalism there will be a tendency to assume that what goes on in the nation (and to a lesser degree, state capitols) is important and affects everyone tremendously.

          95% of all political stories have zero effect on anyone outside the bubble. A government shutdown will have some effect on people, but mostly in terms of mild inconvenience. It won’t be the battle of Megiddo that everyone in DC is predicting.

        3. I thought Welch lived in Brooklyn.

          1. His occupation is to report on DC politics, and his friends are most likely of that same vein or otherwise work in some capacity for or in conjunction with the federal government.

            With the ubiquity of the internet and ease of communication, it’s less about geography than it is about networks, and Matt is obligated by his job to fill his network with the type of useless government hanger-ons who provide all of the delightful stories that we get to read about on Reason.

      2. And this is where the Beltway criticism is in fact appropriate. People in and around D.C. (yes, like much of Reason’s Staff) don’t understand that a lot of us don’t really care whether the government gets shut down for a couple of weeks. We really don’t. We out here in the hinterlands of Gaul don’t care about the machinations of the Empire’s “key” “players”.

        1. A friend of mine in 1995 was pissed off when he was declared “essential”. He wanted the time off.

          1. I dearly hope that every time we hear about “essential government employees,” more people think: “Then why do we have ‘non-essential’ government employees at all?”

        2. Un peu comme, les personnes de Provenance ne se soucient pas des Parisiens.

          1. Oui oui…no, really. I have to wee wee.

        3. the only way they would care is if Social security checks didn’t get cut. Otherwise, this is total beltway panic.

          1. There’s enough income tax and FICA revenue coming in to fund the national debt payments and make Social Security payroll. They could probably just automate the collection and check printing and lay everyone off. Just keep a few compliance officers at the IRS to make sure people don’t stop paying, although personally I’d lay them off too.

    2. The Republican Party isn’t called the stupid party for nothing. If there’s a way to fuck it up, they’ll find it and do it.

      1. I’m starting to think that the poles are reversing and they are reverting the EVIL party, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

        1. Both parties are stupid and evil.

      2. Andscrew…you just proved why the DUMBocrats are the A$$ party…you Blowbama d*ck sucking Libtard doucheb*g.

    3. -On the one hand, the government shutdown is as bad as the media prognosticates. At the point when this is clear, the GOP can simply pass a bill raising the debt limit — in essence, affirming the status quo ante.

      You seem to wave this away by saying

      -This is not a win for Obama. He can’t really use it in 2014 (no one will care), he simply hasn’t lost this fight.

      But what could be lost is the Senate in 14 and the White House in 16.

      Americans do not like what they perceive as ‘extremism.’ Cruz’s filibuster seems to only make sense as ‘playing chicken’ and the public is likely to see it that way.

      1. But what could be lost is the Senate in 14 and the White House in 16.

        Nope, that is hyperbolic. There is a distance of more than a year between what is happening now and the ’14 elections, and in any case the group of voters that turns out at midterms is very different than the group of voters that turns out for Presidential elections. In particular, midterm voters tend to be older and skew more conservative. A shutdown that lasts a couple of weeks will be forgotten, so long as the SS checks keep getting sent out — to say nothing of a Presidential election three years from now.

        Americans do not like what they perceive as ‘extremism.’

        What Americans perceive as extremism is very different from what Beltway prognosticators would label as such. For the most part, Americans couldn’t give two shits about parliamentarian inside baseball stuff. They care about extremism in the sense that Americans are mostly right-wing social democrats and will vote accordingly, but Senate comity is not something that factors into how Americans vote — or at the very least, is interpreted through a pre-existent ideological lens.

        1. -There is a distance of more than a year between what is happening now and the ’14 elections

          And what was the distance between the shut down in 95 and Clinton’s 96 victory speech?

          -but Senate comity

          Something like a filibuster and attaching a demand to a CR is not seen as ‘Senate comity.’ It appears as a person ‘holding things up.’

          Take a counter-example, Wendy Davis in Texas. The base loved her filibuster, they will likely get her nominated to run for governor. But does anybody think her filibuster increased her popularity with the general population?

          1. And what was the distance between the shut down in 95 and Clinton’s 96 victory speech?

            This would be a relevant question if there was a strong causal link between those two events. There isn’t, outside of your imagination.

            1. I do not think a ‘strong causal link’ between any two political events separated by a year can be demonstrated in the sense you are talking about.

              What is your theory on how Clinton went from arguing he was still relevant to winning a landslide?

              1. Clinton won with less than 50% of the vote (not exactly a “landslide”), and when Dole was nominated was always comfortably ahead in the polling. He did not run on the shutdown, but on the state of the economy. The Republicans won two Senate seats and lost two seats in the House. Dick Morris and many other Clinton staffers at the time attributed this to Clinton’s laser-like focus on the economy (“it’s the economy, stupid”) and his personal charm. I am inclined to agree.

          2. Wendy Davis won’t lose because she filibustered an abortion bill, she’ll lose because being a progressive pro-abort feminist Democrat in TX is a no-go right out of the gate. If anything, she might perform better than expected thanks to out-of-state contributions and support.

            As far as the 1995 shutdown goes, I’ll list in no particular order a number of ways in which it was different, and why I don’t think it will be important:

            -It was a Presidential, not a midterm, election
            -Republican strategists at the time thought a government shutdown would be a net *benefit*
            -The shutdown really lost momentum after Republican politicos made it about personalities rather than issues; see the infamous Newt plane story
            -Clinton’s negotiating position was far more flexible than that of the Obama administration
            -Republicans had an untenable bargaining position (effectively, wanting everything in the Contract w/America enacted into law)
            -There is less of a liberal monopoly on reportage than there once was (CNN was at the time the most “right wing” of the major networks)
            -Clinton ran an excellent campaign and was able to run on economic prosperity and personal popularity
            -Exit polling at the time indicates that the government shutdown was not the main motivator of independents’ voting patters at the time
            -There does not seem to be a correlation between government shutdown (which has happened many times in living memory) and electoral prospects

            1. In short, there are three things I urge libertarians to consider vis a vis government shutdown:

              1) A strong correlation between electoral outcomes and government shutdowns has not been established (1995 is only the most memorable shutdown, not the only one)

              2) A strong causal link between 1996 and the preceding attempt at shutdown hasn’t been proven.

              3) The shutdown at that time was significant for being a positive, aggressive aspect of Republican politics during a time of much more hostile press and which in any case became about personalities more so than principle.

              1. This just shows what a TEAM RED player you really are. /Team Orange Cosmotard.

          3. Shut down or not, ’96 wasn’t in play, competitively speaking. The only one who could have beat Clinton that year was Clinton shooting himself in the foot. The economy was in a strong recovery at that point after a slow one between 92 – 94.

          4. Bill Clinton’s approval rating took a dip during the last shutdown then recovered by the election.

            I really can’t take anyone seriously that will imply Clinton would have lost to Dole had it not been for the shut down. Dole made Romney look like a strong candidate and Clinton was not as unpopular then as Obama is now at the time. Additionally the ‘phants gained 2 senate seats, while only losing 2 house seats in the ’96 general. This was after making historical gains in the ’94 mid terms. It was hardly a loss for team red.

    4. “Unless the Republicans fuck it up…”

      You misspelled ‘When’.

      1. The shutdown needs to go on a long, long time to be a net plus for Reps. It will take a while for the MSM hysteria to be seen for what is, and that a shutdown govt is odds slant to most people, JSR like the sequester.

        1. ‘Odd slants’ = irrelevant. Damn iPhone!

          1. Oh suuuuuure. RACIST!

    1. At the risk of summoning Satans stupidest demon…..where has Anal Obstruction been? Haven’t seen him publically fellating TEAM BLUE pols on the board recently

      1. Curiously, many of our resident trolls seem to have left around the same time.

        1. I blame the sequester. Obama can’t even afford to subsidize his undead army of sycophants anymore.

      2. He was here yesterday spouting conspiracy theories about Pat Tillman.

        That thread was like a troll singularity as it also had Tony and American.

        1. Did Blowbama say anything about his tranny “wife’s” next taxpayer-funded super-vacation?

      3. He was on this morning talking about how Obamacare won’t affect anyone other than the 10% it will help.

        1. .0001% of NY residents will get cheaper insurance (since O’care isn’t quite as fucked as the state regulation)!

          1. it’s 0.08% actually. 17,000/19,000,000 being the size of the individual market prior to the new regulations.

    2. Can’t Obama just blame push for not raising the debt ceiling law higher in 2008?

  7. The local pizza shop closing for remodeling will affect me far more than shutting down FedGov.

    1. Which pizza shop is that?

      Speaking of food, a Chipotle recently opened near where I live and I must ask what’s the big deal about it? I tried it and it’s nothing special but all my friends and acquaintances seem to love it.

      1. Chipotle recently opened near where I live and I must ask what’s the big deal about it?

        I think the word is if you eat Chipotle, it makes blood come out of your anus.

        1. Is that before or after the free anal sex?

          1. Have I been doing it wrong?

            1. Where did you put your burrito?

      2. Nope. I can’t remember anything about my last food from Chipotle.

      3. It’s not “awesome” tex-mex food, but it is a different taste than Taco Bell. Chipotle feels like a fuller meal, but Taco Bell feels more like comfort food.

      4. Based on Yelp restaurant reviews, many people have no taste in food.

        1. They eat at CowChipotle…that explains SO much.

    2. Be careful with that. My favorite shop closed down to remodel and one of the partners decided to retire. They are no more.

      1. So the best course is to try to buy them out and retain the staff/recipes?

        1. Unfortunately, I found out about 6 weeks after everyone left.

  8. The government shutdown will have a negligible effect on the midterm elections, which is the greatest concern for Congress. The shutdown will be too far in the past for voters to care, and swing voters, the ones who turn out for non-presidential contests, are less likely to care anyway. And in 2016 there will be a host of more recent shiny objects for everyone to obsess upon.

    The GOP is going to get blamed for this shutdown NO MATTER WHAT but it shouldn’t concern any of them unless the individual candidate’s district is an urban population, in which case they they’re not going to win anyway.

  9. Obama also said a partial government shutdown — which would start at midnight unless there is an 11th hour deal — will damage economic recovery and hurt “real people right away.”

    Obama said the shutdown will close federal offices, delay checks, close parks, and damage loan programs.

    So the worst the shutdown will result in is Federal game and wildlife officials not being able to crack down on people who fish illegally?

    Of course there’s always the possibility that life imitates ‘Veep’ and some idiot gets killed by a bear in Yellowstone or some other Federal park.

    1. Wouldn’t any such 11th hour deal come in the 24th hour though?

    2. damage loan programs

      You mean they’ll be less able to lend money that they don’t really have? Oh noes!

    3. damage loan programs

      You mean they’ll be less able to lend money that they don’t really have? Oh noes!

  10. On Friday, Chip Bok should do a government shutdown themed version of the old Family Circle Not-Me toons, with Obama in place of Billy.

    1. That would actually be a mildly amusing satire, so I wouldn’t could on it.

      Needs more labels.

    2. Way to comprehensible. Needs moar labels.

    3. Picture this, if you will…

      Frame 1: Obama is being served breakfast by Michelle in hair curlers. “Thank you, Butler,” says Obama, his eyes never leaving the NY Times.

      Frame 2: “Butler?!? You let the government shut down so there is no butler!” Michelle bellows.

      Frame 3: “No, my dear,” Obama wags his finger. “That was the GOP’s refusal to compromise to my way of thinking.”

      Frame 4: Cash for Clunkers happens.

      1. Or they could just put a segment of The First Family…which is quite possible worse than The Nanny.

    4. Can’t we bring Payne back just to make sure they’re all drawn like dicks?

      1. I always thought there was a certain verisimilitude in drawing DC politicians as dicks.

      1. Who says the “childhood obesity epidemic” is a new thing?

  11. Just the ZPizza in Belmont Shore. Nothing special, but it’s my shop.

    Chipotle is nothing special as well.

    The wife and I were down at South Coast Plaza yesterday, and went to this place.…..-santa-ana It was pretty delicious, and they cook in steam kettles. So if you like delicious gumbo/jambalaya cooked in a novel and interesting method, try it out. Plus, the waitresses were cute as hell.

    1. That looks pretty good. I’ll remember that as a promising place to take a date.

    2. Why don’t you and V come out this weekend to watch the Northwestern game and get drunk?

      1. OK. That’ll be fun. But we gotta take off after the game. Doing stuff in Santa Monica early Sunday (some folk festival, ugh!).

        1. You fucking hippie. OK, come on out, but it’s a late game so I was planning on you guys just staying.

  12. “The federal government is America’s largest employer,” Obama said. “These Americans are our neighbors.”

    The president is very helpful with this reminder. If you have a neighbor who works for the Federal government and has been deemed non-essentially you are morally obligated as a libertarian to hurl abuse at them as you leave for your morning commute to your productive private sector job.

    1. I myself will be wearing sackcloth and ashes to work when the shutdown commences, in recognition of my ultimate uselessness to legitimate government functions as defined by libertarians.

      Please feel free to throw rocks at my head, or to sell my wife and children into slavery as befits my status among libertarians.

      1. Needs moar flagellation.

    2. “These Americans are our neighbors.”

      John Derbyshire (*q!G*@) has made the same point. It’s rather common to have one private sector employee and one public sector employee in the same household these days. The private sector employee pulls in the cash while the public sector one pulls in the benefits.

      1. Depends. Government jobs pay better than they used to.

        1. Those his-and-her government jobs are prevalent in Washington DC. Elsewhere, it’s more like the couple in Fargo.

      2. They live among us!

  13. Obama points fingers when he should actually be saying it’s

    Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

    1. Not enough contrition. He should be begging the American people by saying

      Baby Come Back

      1. Instead he’ll be telling us that You Never Give Me Your Money.

        1. He won’t do that because he’s too busy saying Fuck You, I won’t do what you tell me!

          1. Seriously, someone needs to get to work on a liberty-friendly version of RATM.

            1. What a disappointing bunch of douche bags. Rage against the machine my ass. More like bitch and moan you don’t get to run the machine.

            2. Suicidal Tendencies is the liberty friendly RATM.

              1. The Clash and the Ramones were pretty pro liberty sometimes.

                1. The Clash were one of the greatest bands of all time, but they weren’t very “pro liberty” on much of anything when it came to economic freedom or property rights. They were pretty collectivist unfortunately.

                1. That was a reply to EDG by the way.

            3. There’s Agnostic Front, The Exploited and Bad Brains.

              I don’t know if they are more libertarian or just nationalistic conservative.

        2. He doesn’t consider it to be your money. If you told him it was your money I’m sure he’d say “If it was your money why did you write ‘The United States of America’ across the top? Huh? That’s our money.”


        Now he is just the nagging fat wife.

        1. I just wish nobody would have payed attention to his 2008 theme song.

    2. I just called
      To let everybody know that it’s not my fault
      ‘Cause it’s not my fault

      And here we come
      Oh oh, here we go
      It boggles the mind
      One thing, all I know
      Is it’s everybody’s fault but mine

  14. Obama also said a partial government shutdown…will damage economic recovery and hurt “real people right away.”

    Let me be clear: we will do everything within our power to make you feel our pain.

    1. As if the terrible government and horrible overspending hasn’t been hurting “real” people for fucking decades.

      Seriously, piss on this turd.

  15. Jake Barack: No, I didn’t. Honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!
    [Elwood Harry covers his head in anticipation of more gunfire, Jake Barack removes his sunglasses to make a wordless appeal, and the Mystery Woman American taxpayer visibly softens]
    Mystery Woman American Taxpayer: Oh, Jake Barack… Jake Barack, honey…
    [Jake Barack embraces the Mystery Woman American Taxpayer and they kiss]
    Jake Barack: [to Elwood Harry] Let’s go.
    [He drops the Mystery Woman American Taxpayer and walks off]
    Elwood Harry: [to the Mystery Woman American Taxpayer as he steps past her] Take it easy.

    1. I like the part where American Taxpayer uses the RPG.

  16. Mark the date and time: I find myself in agreement with Shackford. I couldn’t give a bucket of runny shit if federal employees are our neighbors. Those assholes volunteered to work for the fedgov knowing full well that their employment would be subject to Congress continuing to appropriate money to pay them.

    Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em right in the ear.

    1. also the castles have much more room for my domestic staff.

      1. And with the FedGov laying off nonessential employees, we’ll be able to hire domestic staff for even less.

  17. Anyone else had enough that the Dems are screaming “they are playing politics”, when they used every nasty trick in the book to ram Abomicare down our collective throats? And, if this is supposed to be about a budget, why the assumption that anything that His Cockiness wants is automatically to be funded? Does the Constitution not grant the authority to originate the budget in the House?

    1. Yes, but the ACA is settled! It’s been voted for! You can’t change that!*

      * Unless you’re the President and you feel like changing it without Congressional approval, that is.

    2. Wanting to change the (un)Affordable Care Act = playing politics.

      Wanting to negotiate some spending cuts before agreeing to change the debt ceiling law = playing politics.

      Wanting to change the debt ceiling law to enable even greater fiscal malfeasance = being responsible and grown up.

  18. The latest fearmongering I’ve been hearing is that the VA will not be funded, and poor veterans will be unable to receive their medication. True or not true?

    1. I’ve heard that if the government shuts down, birds won’t be able to fly south for the winter and will all starve to death, if they don’t freeze first.

  19. All I heard was that some tour guides and souvenir shops will suffer, things are great otherwise, it’s just the congress

  20. They should have a “CNN appropriations bill”. Where they watch CNN for 24 hours and fund everyhting they mention on there that will be affected by this impending shut-down-a-geddon (except obamacare, obviously ) Deliver that sombitch to the Senate and refuse to talk about any thing else until they get Wolf fucking Blitzer to admit that it is 100% Harry Reids fault that the school for the blind kids didn’t get to go to the Smithsonian.

    CNN is really pissing me off now, if you couldn’t tell.

    1. Precisely. Listen to all the things they’re whining about that aren’t being funded, and pass a bill funding Just Those Things.

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