Ed Krayewski on DOJ Immunity Request For Bush & Co. on Russia Today's CrossTalk

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On today's episode of CrossTalk on Russia Today, I joined Inder Comar, an attorney representing a an Iraqi refugee suing over the Iraq War as a "war of aggression." The Department of Justice requested procedural immunity for former President George Bush and several senior officials in his administration, standard practice in issues like this. The Nuremberg Trials are mentioned in the segment, and I point out the "crime of aggression" was the hardest one for prosecutors in Nuremberg to pursue. In fact, 12 out of 19 Nazis were convicted on initiating a war of aggression, and 8 out of 23 were convicted of "crimes against peace. By comparison, 16 out of 20 Nazis were convicted of war crimes, and 16 out of 19 of crimes against humanity.

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