OFA on Potential Government Shutdown: Even Karl Rove Agrees With Us

Raising money on the prospects of a government shutdown


obama supporters turn to another karl?

Does anyone really think John Boehner's going to go through with shutting down the government* when the fiscal year ends next week?

Organizing for Action, formerly the 2012 Obama campaign outfit Obama for America, seems to think so, or at least seems to think saying so is good for fundraising. Oh and they'd like Boehner and House Republicans to know even Karl Rove, which OFA has used as a scapegoat to raise money on previous occasions, thinks a government shutdown is a bad idea.

The latest missive comes from Abby Witt, an OFA deputy director:

Edward — 

If you had a big deadline coming up at work, what would happen if you just watched cat videos and refused to do your job?

Some House Republicans are treating the deadline for Congress to pass a budget like it's not all that serious. They've decided that they don't like Obamacare, so they're going to refuse to pass any budget that includes funding for it. And if they get their way, our government will shut down after September 30th.

So buckle up, Edward, because we're in for a showdown—and OFA is going to spend every damn day from now till the budget deadline reminding John Boehner what he needs to do…

Some of these guys are so far gone that as we head toward a government shutdown, Speaker Boehner had the gall to call a bill that defunded Obamacare "a victory for common sense." 

But we're seeing signs of pressure mounting on them to do the right thing. Even Karl Rove came out publicly to say that John Boehner needs to stand up to this extreme plan that would shut down the government. 

We can't afford to play nice here—join this fight, and tell John Boehner to get the job done:




The e-mail footer includes a request to donate because the "other side"–like Karl Rove?–"will spend millions to maintain the status quo"

*Even with a so-called government shutdown, nearly 60 percent of non-defense employees would be exempt.