Cop Shoots Puppy in the Head Despite Owner's Pleas With Police



On Sunday, Anna "Chrissy" Music-Peed, of Macon, Georgia drove to the Jones County Sheriff's Department to ask if an officer would come to her property to investigate a vehicle that had been brought there by someone she knew which she and her roommate suspected was stolen.

While at the Sheriff's Department Music-Peed asked that the cops sent to investigate the vehicle not shoot her dogs when they arrived at her property. The 10-month-old puppy Ammo was described by Music-Peed as being jumpy but friendly.

However, according to Music-Peed's roommate Kyle Sewall, when Sergeant D. Little (who shot another dog last year) arrived at the property he shot Ammo point blank in the head.

From Police State USA:

JONES COUNTY, GA — A woman says that her ten-month old puppy was shot in the head after asking officers not to shoot it — twice.

On September 22, Anna "Chrissy" Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, drove to the Jones County Sheriff's Department to request an officer come to and investigate a vehicle that had been brought to her property by an acquaintance, that both she and her roommate strongly suspected to have been stolen.  Music told policestateusa.com that it was a Nissan Xterra from Virginia Beach, VA.  As Music wrote in a blog post, "I will not have that influence around my family," saying she was trying to do the right thing by making a report.  The acquaintance was still on the property and Music had not let on that she had gone to talk to the police.

Ammo survived.

Here is the link to a Facebook page dedicated to raising money for a now-completed surgery for Ammo. Click "MORE" below to see a graphic photo of Ammo after she was shot. 

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Credit: Facebook screen grab

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    1. Fast forward to September 22nd, 2013 I reported a crime. Someone had brought stolen property to my house and I will not have that influence around my family. So I went to the Sheriffs department.


      1. Her plan to remedy the situation is calling PETA, so she’s not too bright.

        1. Cops vs PETA.

          That would be fun to watch.

          *makes popcorn*

          1. The end of the canine race.

          2. Cops vs ASPCA would be more fun.

            When cops have to explain to their kids why they can’t have a puppy (because shelters and breeders refuse to sell to people who like to shoot dogs) this shit will stop.

            It will stop sooner if judges order that such cops be drive-stunned until their balls burn off.

      2. Only contact the police if you want someone to be punished and you are willing to risk being that someone.

        1. No. As someone pointed out here a month or two ago, the ONLY reason to call the police is if you find a dead body in your home or on your property.

      3. Seriously though in the RSS and on the above the MORE button is not needed as the IMAGE IS RIGHT FUCKING THERE!

        Now, I aint usually a nancyboy but i gotta say, i have no desire to see that image or any like it. The working “if you want to get rageporn pissed click below” is an excellent solution to this problem BUT IT DIDNT WORK HERE!

      4. Why invite a second criminal influence around your family? Wasn’t one too many?

  1. I kinda don’t know what’s worse: that the stupid fucking cop shot that poor dog for no reason, or the fact that we are living in a time when people have to specifically ask cops to please not shoot my dog when responding to a call.

    1. It seems your best bet is to drug the dog, lock it in a closet and hope they don’t notice it. Worst case is they charge you with animal cruelty.

    2. It’s a sign for the good that a citizen knew that cops were likely to shoot her dog for no reason.

  2. Hope she learned a lesson to never ever contact the police for any reason. I’m surprised she wasn’t arrested for the stolen car.

    1. Seriously. At this point I would pretty much have to see someone being murdered or raped in front of me before I’d think it was worth risking getting the police involved. And maybe not even then if it looked like there was some other way of dealing with the situation.

      1. I’m pretty sure if I saw someone being murdered or raped, I’d attack the attacker instead of calling 911. At least that way if I die, I died trying to help someone instead of from 43 shots being “misfired”.

        1. And you’d be there when the attacker was still there, unlike the cops.

  3. “As Music wrote in a blog post, “I will not have that influence around my family,” saying she was trying to do the right thing by making a report. The acquaintance was still on the property and Music had not let on that she had gone to talk to the police”

    The police taught her a valuable lesson indeed. Are these monsters deliberately TRYING to alienate people from their chosen profession? It certainly seems that way.

    1. Police resent being bothered with crimes that have actual victims. What’s in it for them? Why should they care?

      No, they much prefer victimless crimes against the state (and since they represent the state, they take these crimes very personally) that allow them to rob the perpetrator of everything they own.

  4. The owner, BTW, pisses me off. Essentially, her stated attitude is, “I did the right thing and cooperated and assisted law enforcement and they shot my dog anyway”.

    No, she called the cops. And cops kill dogs and fuck up your shit.

    Anytime you call the cops you are choosing to risk them coming in and fucking up your shit. IF the risk is worth it, then fine. But please dont’ pretend that the nice policement just did something incompehensibly wrong.

    Just as it’s in a guard dog’s nature to bite someone trying to come into its yard, it’s in a policeman’s nature to violently hurt people and damage property. And when they do shoot your dogs, yous shouldn’t be shocked.

    BTW, she knew this, which is why she kept pleading with them not to shoot her dogs when they said they were going over.

  5. I’m shocked that nobody has revenge killed a cop for a dog shooting. Has to be a only a matter of time. Hope I’m on the jury.

    1. What jury? Dead people don’t get trials.

    2. I hope I’m on that jury too. I also hope when the cop’s funeral is used an excuse to shut down every street on the way to the cemetery, that the streets are lined with protesters who have barrels of rotten tomatoes for the motorcade.

      1. Now there’s a funeral I can get behind picketing.

    3. Drake, I keep thinking this all the time.

      Man that cop is a piece of shit of monumental epic proportions.

    4. How do you know nobody hasn’t? What, like you think the person’s going to claim credit, like El Kabong in Kenya?

      1. Oops?”nobody hasn’t” = “everybody has”.

    5. Happened in PA. Actually the cop was shot as he was going to shoot the dog. Dog’s owner is now doing time.

      1. That seems unlawful. You have the right to use deadly force to prevent that kind of thing. Hopefully the cop was killed?

    6. When it happens, there will likely be no trace and the cops will be baffled. The only reason homicides result in convictions is because they were committed in the heat of the moment or someone squealed. But a planned killing? Very hard to solve. Somebody intent on revenge might follow a dog killer around for years before making a clean kill. Cops aren’t supermen or spies or politicians with professional bodyguards. They will eventually not be vigilant, and that’s when justice will be delivered.

  6. when Sergeant D. Little (who shot another dog last year) arrived at the property he shot Ammo point blank in the head.

    Sergeant Little saw the call as an opportunity.

  7. I wonder if the owners FB page is as creepy as the comments on this PoliceOne article about a cop dog being killed “in the line of duty”.

    I wonder if people are saying public money is being well-spent if it pays for memorial services for fucking dogs, or if it’s just cops that think so.

    1. TL/DR: cops think K-9 “partners” are worth more than “civilian” human beings, which are often referred to as POS’s, scumbags or sheeple.

      1. Well, in fairness, my dogs’ lives are worth more than cops lives and cops are POS, and scumbags.

    2. I wonder how they feel when one of their own shoot puppies.

      It’s sociopathic behavior to kill animals.

      1. Circle the wagons while looking askance at the perpetrator.

      2. I wonder how they feel when one of their own shoot puppies.

        They don’t give a runny shit when one of their own shoots other human beings, for fuck’s sake.

        It’s sociopathic behavior to kill animals.

        It’s sociopathic behavior to kill people, and they do it every damn day in this country.

        I said this same thing during the last “woe is us, a dog was shot” thread. It’s too bad people don’t get this upset when cops are beating mentally ill homeless people to death or shooting unarmed citizens for carrying around a pair of underwear or wearing the wrong hat. I hate to break up the “let’s all anthropomorphize our dogs” circle jerk, but goddamn, how about a little perspective?

  8. Sargeant Little deserves a commendation for attempting to put down that dangerous AR-15 pitbull.

    1. That was awesome. Hot tea spraying through nose…

  9. Why are cops such fucking pussies? Jesus, have these people never been around a dog before? It is very rare cases where a gun is needed when encountering one. Are they scared or sadistic?

    1. Are they scared or sadistic?


    2. No “all of the above” option?

    3. They’re not scared. They want to kill something, and they have learned that they can kill dogs with impunity. Killing humans might lead to getting a paid suspension, so they’re a little more careful about doing that.

      If you create a position where people can do things like this and get away with it, the worst possible people will gravitate to that position. This is basically a law of human nature. The fact that so many people don’t get that is depressing as hell. For instance, if you were to create, say, a position in which men who aren’t allowed to get married and who work with young boys and who have an inordinate amount of trust from the community, what do you think would happen?

  10. A couple days ago, my neighbors’ large dog came running down the hallway right at me as we were entering our apartments. Fortunately, I am not a panicky idiot, and merely held out my hand, which the vicious brute promptly sniffed and walked away when his master called him.

    Unless it is also growling or barking, a dog running at you almost certainly just wants to say hello and smell you.

    1. I’m the same way.

      1. I am not a tuff gai, not even on the Internet. Having said that, one dog isn’t going to scare me. Unless it gets me in the nuts, I will hurt it enough to get it to run away.

        sarcasmic’s situation below might frighten me, however.

        1. It’s a no win situation. If I complain to animal control then I risk retribution the next time I walk past his house. If I don’t, then I risk my dog being mauled the next time I walk past his house. If I arm myself I risk being jailed for protecting my dog, and/or the asshole shooting at me for shooting his dogs for attacking my dog.

          I found a different place to walk the dog.

          1. That’s what I do. I have an 8-month-old purebred German shepherd dog (60 pounds already!) that gets walked two miles a day through the ghetto. We plan our route carefully, haven taken note over the last six months where the potential problem houses are. My neighborhood is lousy with pit bulls (a breed I love), but their owners raise them for fighting and to protect their turf. Poor things.

    2. Last summer I was walking our retarded pug, and several pit bulls ran out into the street. They surrounded us, growling and bearing their teeth. Before anything happened their owner called them back, but of course not with an apology or anything. Asshole. Anyway, had I used a weapon to protect myself and my retarded pug, I undoubtedly would have been charged with a crime. But there’s no double standard.

      1. Some guy was charged in DC for shooting pit bulls who were in the process of mauling a kid.

        And a cop showed up and finished off the dogs and of course faced no consequences.

        1. That’s fucked up. Not surprising, but fucked up.

      2. retarded pug

        Unnecessary redundancy is unnecessary.

        1. Unnecessary redundancy is unnecessarily redundant.

        2. No. This one really is retarded. Something happened when they spayed the thing. Oxygen deprivation or something. When it came back from the vet it just wasn’t the same. Before it was, well, as smart as a pug can be. Now it paces and drools when it’s not spinning like an idiot.


          1. Which is why my puppy aint getting spayed. Had my last shepherd done and when she got older, I ended up spending thousands and thousands of dollars dealing with her perivulvar dermatitis, which according to the vet at the UofM (who was also Lassie’s vet) said was a direct result of the spading. Worse still, I had to clean her vulva thouroughly with gause and a blue solution and then apply Mometamax every time she peed.

            What. A. Fucking. Drag.

          2. Oh dear Lord dude that was HILARIOUS!!!!

      3. If you can’t carry a firearm, get yourself a large walking stick with a heavy end, something that’s as tall as you are. You can get the tip swinging pretty damn fast and cause some serious damage without having to get too close.

        1. Also, pepper spray works good on dogs. Very sensitive noses.

    3. I’m kind of in the same boat. My wife has commented to me a couple of times about the fact that dogs tend to pull their owners over with the leash when they run into me. Generally the worst I’ve gotten out of it is (quite often) a very wet face from being licked.

    4. Big thing is look at the dog’s ears. If a dog is running at you with it’s ears perked up, don’t worry. If the dog has it’s ears back and down, then you need to worry.

  11. Isn’t it funny hows cops and dogs associated fairly well together for years.

    1. 9/11 changed everything.

      1. Excellent.

  12. I wonder how much up it is the fact that dogs are loved by the general population in pretty much the same ratio cops are hated and feared.

    I’d never tense up and get paranoid if I saw a dog driving a car behind me, for instance. And a cop frolicking in a field would be just as loathsome as one beating a “civilian” to death.

    1. I might get paranoid and tense if I saw a dog driving a car. Unless it was Brian from Family Guy.

      1. Not all of us have horrifying acid flashbacks like you.

        1. They’ve gotten less frequent. The last time I saw a dog driving was last week. And it didn’t even tell me to kill anyone!

          1. Epi, are you going to continue to associate your moniker with email just to piss off us Google users?

            1. Reason sets it up that way. Fix your browser.

      2. That’s hardly any better. Prius drivers are generally the worst drivers on the road.

        1. Well, you can either focus on the road or being self-satisfied and what’s the point in owning a Prius if you have to focus on the road?

      3. A fucking lush driving a Prius! That’s some scary shit, yo.

      4. What if a dog was driving a police car?

        1. It’s going to run over every dog it can.

  13. As a counter agent to that nut punch, here’s a very happy dog jumping in a pile of leaves.

    1. since none of you were there, you don’t know that the dog didn’t try to maul the officer. obviously that officer feared for his life and took the necessary precautions. i’m sure a totality of the cercs will prove this. just as i’m sure your all ignornant cop bigoratti


    2. Hmmm…green grass in November? That’s probably as close as that poor husky is going to get to frolicking in the snow. XD

  14. My dog dropped dead yesterday, right out of the blue. My brother, who certainly doesn’t hang around political blogs, called to offer condolences. I said “at least she wasn’t shot by a cop.” He laughed. Maybe this cops-shoot-dogs thing is beginning to catch on with the general populace.

    1. Sorry to hear about your dog, that totally sucks.

    2. Sorry about your dog, B.P.

      1. Thanks much, y’all.

    3. Heartfelt condolences, B.P., heartfelt condolences

  15. I bet they shot the dog on purpose to teach this lady a lesson about being a wiseass and mentioning the fact that cops kills dogs in their complaint.

    “This bitch thinks we kill dogs? Fuck this bitch. We’ll show her ass some dog killing! Fucking bitch.” – Actual Thoughts of Cops on Call

  16. A man who would shoot a dog is the lowest form of shit on the planet.

    Or IOW…a cop.

    1. Talk about redundant.

  17. The cops shoot dog thing shows up in GTA V. It’s definitely a wider thing than you realize. Which is bad because it means lots and lots of dogs are being shot.

  18. I’m sure there’s a nutpunch in the post somewhere, but I couldn’t get past Music-Peed.

  19. About an hour ago I drove by a cop who had stopped in the middle of a busy road in Tallahassee and was helping two guys (both of whom appeared to be on the lower end of the socio-economic scale) jumpstart their car. No handcuffs, no beatings, no tazing or shooting or anything. Just protecting and serving. During the ten seconds or so when I could see him, at least.

    Who do I call to make a Cop of the Year nomination?

    1. It used to be that most cops were decent guys who wanted to help people and a few were violent psychopaths. Now it seems the ratio is reversed.

      1. The violent sociopathic cops give the other 1% a bad name.


    1. Would Tazers hurt less if humans had fewer Ohms?

  21. Wait a minute: A dog owner is named Music-Peed? And the dog that’s shot is named Ammo? Too good, I smell hoax.

  22. Jesus Christ!

    how hard is it to NOT shoot a puppy in the head?

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