17,679 Things the Federal Government Has Done Since Sequestration

Opponents of the sequester say budget cuts are ruining America and that austerity kills. Reason offers a look at what the feds have been up to since the cuts kicked in.


Sequestration is back on the agenda and so is anti-austerity hysteria.

Over at Politico, they're quasi-blaming the Navy Yard shooting on cuts.

The president of MIT says sequestration is "choking the innovation economy."

The Center for American Progress frets that "austerity kills."

The Atlantic says cuts are "undermining what makes America great."

The FBI is threatening a 10-day shutdown.

And President Barack Obama said in a speech this week that the sequester cuts "have cost jobs, harmed growth, are hurting our military readiness. And top independent economists say this has been a big drag on our recovery this year. Our economy is not growing as fast as it should and we're not creating as many jobs as we should, because the sequester is in place. That's not my opinion. That's the opinion of independent economists."

But has sequestration forced government to grind to a halt? To help answer that question, Reason offers this snapshot of what the feds have been up to over the last few months since the cuts kicked in.

Below is a listing of the 17,679 entries published in the Federal Register since sequestration took effect on March 1, 2013. The Federal Register doesn't capture everything the government has done, of course. But it gives an idea of what this austere, cut-to-the-bone budget has left intact. Click on the links for details about each announcement.

(You can also download the listing as an Excel file here).

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