House GOP Leadership to Go Forward With Obamacare Defunding Bill


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After weeks of resistance, and mounting pressure from House conservatives, Speaker of the House John Boehner has agreed to put a continuing resolution that funds the government—but doesn't fund Obamacare—up for a vote.

It's a fallback option after House leadership's earlier plan fell through. Boehner had initially planned to introduce two continuing resolutions: one that defunded the health law, and one that didn't.

That would have allowed House Republicans to say they voted to defund Obamacare. But it would also allowed the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, the option to essentially pick which bill they wanted to pass—with the clear understanding that the bill that included Obamacare funding would win the vote. The two-bill plan also would have helped Republicans reduce the risk that they lose the spending restraint won through the sequestration process by giving Senate Democrats the option to pass a funding bill that kept spending for Obamacare in place but also left existing spending reductions in place.

But instead of the two-bill plan, the House will now simply vote on—and presumably pass—a single bill that keeps sequestration spending levels and defunds Obamacare. That bill will go to the Senate.

And at that point Senate Democrats are virtually certain to strike the Obamacare defunding provisions, and perhaps increase overall spending levels as well. The new, Senate-altered bill will return to the House for a vote. If no continuing resolution is passed and signed by September 30th, then it's time for a government shutdown.

The big open question here is what happens when Senate Democrats do what they are all but guaranteed to do, and ditch the Obamacare defunding business in the House resolution. Do House Republicans back down, and agree to pass a funding plan that includes funding for Obamacare? Or do they hold the line, shut down the government, and try to win a standoff with Democrats by arguing that Democrats are holding up essential government functions in order to preserve an unpopular health law? It's a long shot plan, at best. The shutdown itself wouldn't be enough to stop Obamacare's implementation. And despite Obamacare's lack of public support, neither the polls nor the history weigh in the GOP's favor should such a showdown occur. But they may try anyway. We'll know for sure soon enough. 

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  1. This abomination needs to die. The ACA is a giant FU to everyone but the statist fucks that told us to grab our ankles while they passed this.

  2. What’s happened in the past doesn’t necessarily apply to today, anyway. We’re reaching the point (or have passed it) where the parasite is making the host very ill. I don’t think this was as obvious in the past as it is today. Sure, people go around pretending otherwise, but the economic swamp we’re in right now shows that no one really believes this is all sustainable.

    So I think the GOP should go all out, and not just fighting ObamaCarousel. Sadly, only a minority of the GOP really wants to cut back government. Heck, how many really oppose the ACA?

    1. Not enough, sadly.

  3. Or do they hold the line, shut down the government, and try to win a standoff with Democrats by arguing that Democrats are holding up essential government functions in order to preserve an unpopular health law?

    I simply don’t see how the House GOP would win that standoff, or be able to deflect an ounce of the blame regarding the inconvenience caused by such a standoff. The 2-bill plan made much more sense. Make it crystal clear who in the Congress continues to support OCare.

    1. They don’t have to win. They just have to make every Congressional Dem go on record funding Obamacare. All this is is a big reminder to the country that the Dems own Obamacare.

      Make them vote to keep it and then explain during next year’s election cycle why it turned out so badly.

      1. Wait until people find out that their medical privacy has been completely eviscerated and their doctors start asking them all sorts of strange personal questions that have nothing to do with their visit. And that the IRS now has access to all of the details of their ATM transactions, for healthcare reasons.

        Let’s see how well that goes over.

        1. Don’t forget the consumer agency they created to monitor everyone’s credit transactions. They have literally created an Orwellian state.

          1. They have literally created an Orwellian state

            Which is exactly what the progs want. With the full implementation of Obamacare, they have practically achieved their every dream.

            There will be no need to pass anymore laws, you just simply monitor and control every individual, for their own good, of course, through the ACA.

            Mission accomplished.

        2. Wait until people find … their doctors start asking them all sorts of strange personal questions that have nothing to do with their visit.

          “Well, if it helps keep us all *safe*, I don’t mind at all. Anyway, I have nothing to hide!”

          1. I would just answer, ‘that’s none of your fucking business. Now don’t ask me anymore questions like that, unless you want a similar reply. I came here for help, not an interrogation’.

            My doctor, typing on laptop: This one is a troublemaker, possible prescription for re-education is in order.

            1. Actually, he’ll probably just check the box labeled “RE”.

            2. That was on Seinfeld, when Elaine wanted a look at her chart. Uncle Leo lost his eyebrows on that one.

    2. I disagree. The 2-bill plan would do nothing, as the Senate would simply not allow it to come to a vote. End of story.

    1. The coffee story at the end creeped me out. That, and the pre-search photos.

  4. The most ominous thing about Obamacare is not the individual mandate, the skyrocketing insurance costs, the losses of jobs, or the losses of primary medical care providers.

    The most sinister thing about Obamacare will be the complete destruction of medical privacy, and privacy as a whole. This is the mechanism by which the progressives will finally take complete control of every facet of our lives, right down to the most minuscule detail. Kills this fucking thing, or we will soon see an Orwellian dystopia that makes the antics of the NSA look completely innocent.

    1. The whole thing is insane. The only thing more insane is how people like Sudderman can hardly contain their glee watching the GOP fail to kill it. I think Sudderman is so happy to see the GOP fail he can’t be bothered to be upset about how bad this thing is.

      1. I don’t see any evidence supporting your attacks on Suderman. You just made it up.

      2. There’s a reason he and his wife are such good buddies with Weigel and Yglesias.

        1. Guilt by association, eh? I don’t like when they pull that shit on the Pauls, either.

          1. If the Metrocard fits (in the wallet), ride that bitch.

        2. This is still not “evidence.”

          1. Right. And if I pulled the same stunt with Mike M. or some other yokeltarian, they’d cry and wail and accuse me of drinking dirty martinis with Valerie Jarrett.

      3. I don’t think he is happy about it either. He is just a wuss. Typical cocktail party insults are applicable also, if desired.

    2. Why are you such an obstructionist, Hyperion?

      1. It’s in my genes, I guess. It must be the ornery gene.

        Maybe some of the progs are right when they say the only way to make all of us radicals into borg like drones, is to reengineer our genes to make us ‘nice’.

  5. It’s pretty freaking obvious that the compromise that’s going to pass is Obamacare will be fully funded and the sequestration will remain in place. Simply because it’s the only possible compromise that has a snowball’s chance of hell of passing both chambers.

    Obama will of course bitch to no end about the sequestration, but he will cave on that in the end, regardless of what’s coming out of Jack Lew’s big stupid mouth.

    1. I think you are right. The House should pass a third bill that defunds Obamacare but ends sequestration. Make the Democrats show the world that Obamacare is more important than spending.

      1. That’s better than my idea. I was thinking that a one-year delay was the best obtainable outcome, but you have a much better idea.

        From your mouth to Ross Perot’s ears.

  6. Furthermore, “defunding” doesn’t solve anything. The regulations are still there. So imagine that Obama and the Democrats all wore their best Choom Gang closed, got completely ripped, and passed the defunding legislation. Now what?

    Again, if the point is to put the Democrats on record, doesn’t the two bill solution do that?

    1. The regs are there, but they can’t enforce them.

      1. No insurer would violate them, though, knowing that at any time over the fiscal year Congress might fund enforcement, and then they’re on the hook for all the violations up to that point during that year.

    2. That is what the 2nd bill should be, one that overturns ACA altogether.

      Defund it in the funding bill.

      End it in a general bill.

  7. What is mountain pressure?

    1. Duh, it’s like when you are standing on top of mount Everest, there is less of it up there, derrrr!

  8. Forget about the funding, I think the GOP should instead present a bill that just removes the individual mandate. That, I think, will get most Americans on board. Then the whole thing will collapse on its own.

    1. I dunno. I don’t want them to kill the mandate. This will make all the starry eyed college brats who voted for the great one, feel the damn pain.

      Anyway, how can they pass a bill? It has to pass the Senate and the pres has to sign it, right?

      But if they don’t vote to fund it, isn’t that different? Like in, they actually have a chance for success?

      1. You’re forgetting that the starry eyed ObamaBot college brats are “adult children”. They won’t feel any pain for years to come.

        1. 26? Barely out of diapers. Put him on Mom and Dad’s Medicare.

        2. Until 26? And don’t forget that parents are not obligated to keep the children on insurance. That is, if they have insurance at all after this debacle. They may themselves choose penaltax, and little Jack and Jill feelz da pain.

      2. Wasn’t that the bad guys plan the whole time? Set the system up, get rid of individual mandate, destroy all private health insurance, claim market failure, then go to single payer?

        I don’t like playing into that line.

  9. http://washingtonexaminer.com/…..le/2535950

    This is funny. This is what your campaign looks like when it is filled with white douche bags.

    The lack of black staffers, both in senior and lower-down roles, proved embarrassing for the campaign, Wolffe writes. For example, with no blacks to supervise ads targeting African-American audiences, the results could be remarkably off-key. When the campaign produced its first black radio ad, one aide recalled to Wolffe, “It was like something out of Soul Train from the 1970s.” With funk music behind it, the ad played sound bites from Obama speeches followed by a chorus singing “We’ve got yo’ back!”

    “It was so bad,” the aide told Wolffe. “The worst was that it started out with the president saying, ‘I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.” In fact, Obama had not approved the message, nor was there an African-American in a senior campaign position who might evaluate it. In the end, the embarrassment was the price Obama paid for a campaign that never lived up to his own standards of diversity

  10. I long for a true opposition party. I would be tempted to send all my money to any elected person, man or woman (although a woman doing this would be wonderful) who walked up to both Boner and Reed and slapped them in the pie-hole. Then told them to make her a sandwich, bitch.


    (CLAP! CLAP!)


    (CLAP! CLAP!)

    1. RAH! RAH! RASS!

      1. Kick ’em in the other knee!

  12. a single bill that keeps sequestration spending levels

    Huh? According to the Hill, “The House measure would keep the government funded through Dec. 15 at the current $986 billion spending rate, rather than the lower $967 billion level called for in the 2011 Budget Control Act.”

  13. Nobody seems interested in my idea of attaching a rider that makes high-deductible plans qualify to avoid the penalty for all age groups.

    I don’t think people are thinking through what that would do to undermine the essential function of the individual mandate without completely destroying the insurance market.

  14. So they have a shutdown. Big deal. It’s 2013.

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