People's Republic of China Flag to Fly Over San Leandro City Hall, For Investors

On China's National Day


no flags?

The city council of San Leandro, California voted narrowly to fly the Chinese flag over city on October 1, for a Chinese national holiday.

From CBS San Francisco:

The San Leandro City Council approved flying the flag of the People's Republic of China above City Hall next month, despite protests over the nation's human rights record.

On Monday, the council voted 4-3 to fly the flag on October 1st, China's National Day. The Chinese Consulate has said they might stop by to visit on that day.

Councilmember Benny Lee, who made the proposal, said flying the flag would help attract Chinese investors.

Protip to politicians from the People's Republic of California: policies that promote economic freedom attract investors, not magical thinking like hoisting rags.

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