Navy Yard Alleged Gunman Arrested in 2004 for Shooting Out Car's Tires

Had what was described as an "anger-fueled blackout"


SEATTLE — The man identified as the shooter in the Washington Navy Yard slayings had been arrested in Seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a parked car in what he described as an anger-fueled "black out."

Two construction workers told police that Aaron Alexis walked out of a home next door on May 6, 2004, pulled a pistol from his waistband and fired three shots into the rear tires of their parked car. Alexis later told police he thought the victims had "disrespected him."

Court records show he was released on the condition he not have contact with any of the construction workers.

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  2. How the fack could a man who shot out tires in a liberal town buy guns legally?

  3. Clearly the Navy Yard shooter is a crafty bastard, who never uses the Internet and never makes a phone call; else the NSA would have caught him.

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