Anna Wintour's Classy Vogue: Miley Cyrus Unfit for Coverage but Asma Assad Was A-OK!


The NY Daily News reports that Anna Wintour, the longtime editor of Vogue, has bounced Miley Cyrus from an upcoming issue due to the pop tart's twerking routine at MTV's Video Music Awards.

"Anna found the whole thing distasteful," a source told the [U.K.] Mail. "She decided, based on Miley's performance, to take the cover in a different direction."

Here's quick refresher on what Wintour— who backed Barack Obama in 2012 by offering a chance to win a free spot at an $80,000 a plate fundraiser—considered worthy of inclusion in her magazine's February 2011 issue:

Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young, and very chic—the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She's a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement. Paris Match calls her "the element of light in a country full of shadow zones." She is the first lady of Syria….

Of course, when it became apparent to Vogue—long after it had to the waking world—that long-limbed, analytically trained Asma was married to a brutal dictator, Wintour didn't simply issue a mea culpa. She had the offending—and incredibly awful and grotesque story—taken down from Vogue's website. Indeed, the article now seems to be successfully scrubbed from the web overall. Because nothing says journalistic integrity like pretending a really misconceived piece of work ever existed in the first place.

I realize that people don't read fashion magazines (or the Twitter feeds of designers) for insights into world politics. And I suppose there's no reason to expect even common human decency in such forums. There may be no need to take sides or render verdicts on anybody else's editorial decisionmaking process. But it somehow bothers me to see the late Hannah Montana get treated so shabbily for a harmless (if dubious) performance when put in the context of what else Vogue has seen fit to lionize.

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  1. Slow news day?

    1. I’d slam Assad’s wife. Maybe Hustler can call her?

      1. You mean SLAM?

    2. Waiting on the next poll’s results.

  2. Indeed, the article now seems to be successfully scrubbed from the web overall.

    When did this become possible? I was trying to find a bit of video the other day that a Russian news station had not liked and it had been completely disappeared.

    1. I’m sure the NSA has got it somewhere.

      1. Likely given to Israel.

    2. It sucks. Try to find Lindsey Grahams GQ pics from around 06-07.

    3. Its interesting how they say the internet cannot be cleaned but it can be.

  3. “Anna found the whole thing distasteful,” a source told the [U.K.] Mail. “She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.”

    The fashion industry is evidence for the notion that some people never mentally develop beyond their high school years.

  4. Meh. Let Vogue talk up the fabulousness of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. I can’t imagine its readers give a shit.

  5. I realize that people don’t read fashion magazines (or the Twitter feeds of designers) for insights into world politics. And I suppose there’s no reason to expect even common human decency in such forums

    No, but there’s no reason we can’t look at what they write and form judgments on whether they are disgusting people or not. I can’t and wouldn’t tell this cunt what to write about, but I’d sneer at her if I ever met her in person, and would treat her like the scum she is.

    1. but I’d sneer at her if I ever met her in person, and would treat her like the scum she is.

      You would other her? You are a monster.


    2. but I’d sneer at her if I ever met her in person, and would treat her like the scum she is.

      You would other her? You are a monster.


    3. Better yet, do a piece extolling the fashion sense of Nazi uniforms and what a sensible dresser Eva Brain always was. A sure winner.

      1. It’s been done (also, it’s quite a good read).…..185973717X

    4. but I’d sneer at her if I ever met her in person, and would treat her like the scum she is.

      You would other her? You are a monster.


      1. FUCK YOU SKWERLS!!!

    5. People like Wintour deserve to be held in utter contempt and disdain. We owe it to ourselves and our civilization to make sure Wintour understand what complete and utter low life scum she is.

      1. Wintour is coming?

        1. ew, I hope not.

  6. I didn’t know they even had articles in that thing.

  7. Time and time again I try to explain to our Muslim brethren that the West isn’t decadent, and then you get Miley Cyrus performing this act on MTV…

    1. My extremely mild-mannered Muslim friends I’ve had do look at our penchant for sex as barbaric. I can’t say that I blame them. They also abhor the apparent lack of family structure. Just saying.

      1. Sex is a lot less offensive than violence, which is also prevalent in American culture. Though not quite to the degree that it is in Muslim cultures.

        1. I don’t see how sex is offensive at all, unless you are making an effort to be offended.

      2. I don’t know about you, but I think that honor-killing your daughter by running her over with a car because she won’t submit to an arranged marriage (very structured, I’ll admit) and has become too “Westernized” is pretty barbaric.

        Charles Napier had the right idea when it comes to dealing with these little cultural conflicts.

      3. Remind them that in a lot of Islamic countries, fucking livestock, children, and any guy you’re alone with for more than an hour is actually fairly common.

  8. Sure Mrs Assad may be part of a murderous regime that gasses people and oppresses an entire country. But it is not like she is white trash or something. Stop pretending being the glamorous wife of a genocidal mad man is anything like as bad as being white trash.


    Anna Wintour and her ridiculous hair.

  9. Not that Vogue ever had any credibility in my mind, but whatever credibility they had went out the window when they called the first wookie a beautiful and elegant woman.

    *dang 3 o’clock squirrels.*

    1. That line of propaganda was really one of t he more disturbing pieces of liberal white racism I have ever seen. For them to pretend that Michelle Obama is some kind of world class glamour model is about as condescending and insulting to Michelle Obmaa as you can get. It really was a case of pretending the retarded kid hitting the free throw was a big deal. If I were Michelle Obama, I would hate white people too.

      1. Remember that picture that was going around that contrasted Laura Bush looking all classy as she exited an airplane, and the first wookie representing in sweat pants? I don’t know how many accusations of racism I got for forwarding that thing around.

        1. Remember this? Though a composite photograph, it still speaks volume.

          1. Wow. The Spanish crown princess is fucking awesome. I doubt a cow like Michelle Obama would ever want to be photographed with her.

            1. I don’t know why people are going on about Michelle’s looks. It’s unbelievably dickish.

              She’s a nannying, self-righteous busybody with the demeanor of a Stepford Wife. She’s married to a vile narcissist. She’s essentially a cult figure among the more brainless sects of the idiot left, despite the fact that she has never accomplished anything of value beyond being married to the God King and bearing his children like a good little consort.

              These are reasons to hate Michelle Obama. Mocking her looks just seems petty.

              1. She is a moderately overweight middle aged mom. That is no reason to dislike her. But the media, in pretending that she is glamorous makes it one.

      2. Hey! That retarded kid hit several 3s in a row, and it was a big deal.

          1. Cool story

    2. Vogue sucks, but almost everyone’s comments on Michelle Obama’s appearance are stupid. She is certainly not a particularly beautiful or elegant woman. But neither is she particularly fat or ugly. She’s a reasonably decent looking middle aged mother in reasonably good physical condition.

      1. I agree, as I stated above. I think that a lot of this is backlash to the left’s deification of the entire Obama family, complete with ludicrous comments about Michelle Obama being totally hot and awesome and ZOMG DID YOU SEE HER DRESS!

        I get the backlash. Still think it’s petty.

        1. Sure it is petty. But too bad. These people need to be ridiculed at every turn.

          1. I have no problem with ridiculing them. In fact, I fully support it. I just think that making fun of her appearance is vulgar and silly. There is plenty of real stuff to criticize and ridicule them about, like putting on private celebrity concerts and going on zillion dollar vacations all the time.

  10. Most people on the Left side of the political spectrum were saying the same stuff about Assad, including the Obama Administration. They were happy he wasn’t an Islamic fundamentalist.

  11. Simple, Miley is part of the vulgar pop culture while Asma was married to a TOP MAN back when Assad wasn’t The Enemy.


    Bloomburg may ride to the rescue in the VA governor’s race. Please Nanny Bloomburg help us. You are our only hope!!

    1. It takes a special sort of arrogance for him to insist that he’s not almost universally loathed.

      1. He’s used to being spit at on the street. But the looks of reserved disdain worn by literally all of the people in his employ fools him into thinking that people would refrain from killing him if they thought they could get away with it. It’s the closest he has ever felt to real love.

    2. Oh man. Seeing McAuliffe go down as collateral damage in the gun control rout is too much to hope for.

  13. Either way, I’m glad Miley isn’t going to be on the cover.

  14. This hurts Miley how. And Vouges perception of how other other people few them must be way off.

    1. If Miley did any photos for them she already got paid. And this story is just mkre publicity for her of the kind kind she seems to be seeking. Her next song or album should be “Too Trashy for Vouge”.

  15. I watched about 1 minute of Miley’s performance and couldn’t go on. But I really don’t understand people like my old college friends sputtering on Facebook about it, and how she was a role model for young ladies who needs to take her responsibility more seriously. My old friends who dressed and behaved as sluttily as they wanted to be back in the 80s, many of whom (myself included) adored Madonna and got a kick out of trashy girl bands like The Mary Jane Girls and Klymaxx, getting in a snit over Miley and twerking. But we mostly made it through OK. Why do they think young girls won’t survive Miley?

    As for Vogue, I don’t know why they thought to put Miley on the cover at all. She was just as talent-free and not particularly good-looking before her scandalous twerking behavior.

    1. Her behavior at MTV embarrassed the pretense of respectability for those who take pop culture seriously. They see robotic dance moves accompanied by the latest set of dubs and it satisfies their aesthetic prerogatives. Miley with her spastic moves, and twitching, grotesque tongue was like spitting into the face of Michael Jackson and the culture he defined. To them, it was border line racist.

      1. I should define it a bit more precisely, not so much pop culture, much of which is not substandard (Always Sunny, GOT, comedy roast, Scyfy movies), but the culture of pop music, the square root of mediocrity in a can.

        1. “but the culture of pop music, the square root of mediocrity in a can.”

          Ha! Well put. I know it’s been bad for a long time, but at one point pop music was still fun.

      2. Huh. Well that is an interesting take on it. You could be right. I pay so little attention to contemporary pop culture that I’m really clueless.

        My favorite thing was watching Rihanna in the audience, with her look of polite interest in Miley’s performance. Or was it polite disinterest? I couldn’t tell which. In any case, Rihanna isn’t much of a dancer herself.

        1. Like Lisa Lopes’, Rihanna’s voice has some grit in it. With the right material she could be interesting.

          1. Does she have true grit?

            1. If so, that is the sexiest prosthetic leg I ever saw.

          2. I agree, she has some vocal talent. Not many of the female singer/dancers are actually good dancers. People say Britney can dance but it all looks like aerobics to me. I don’t think hip hop dancing is bad per se, but people like Britney,Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce are only adequate dancers IMO. No one has been as delightfully bad as Whitney Houston. And at the risk of arousing a chorus of laughter, I think Madonna is a talented dancer.

            1. I’m only laughing because the Viking themed Vogueing Superbowl Halftime show was legitimately amusing.

              1. I thought so too…

  16. The Cyrus thing is really boring and I haven’t the slightest idea why it holds any fascination for anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

    1. See “Housesluts of Various Counties”

      1. I understand the appeal of those shows, actually. It’s not my thing, but I understand where it appeals to some people.

        The Cyrus thing is so obviously a ploy for attention that I find it astounding that people are playing right into it.

        1. What amazes me is how desperate people are to remain celebrities. Miley Cyrus made more money than Led Zeppelin as Hannah Montana. You would think she would be content to count her millions and be the subject of the occasional where are they now feature showing her enjoying life in her 30 room mansion in Monte Carlo or somewhere. But she can’t do that. Money doesn’t matter. She must be a celebrity. It is just fucking strange.

          1. It’s not that strange. You could say similar things about most successful businessmen. Why does Robert Plant keep touring? Why would any billionaire keep working? They keep doing it because that is what they like to do.

            1. Plant keeps touring because he likes making music. If he wanted to be a celebrity, he would be back with Led Zeppelin, something the others want but he refuses. So he is the opposite of what I am talking about.

              If Cyrus were just making music, you would have a point. But that is not what she is doing. I don’t blame her for making music. But whoring herself out is just about staying in the public eye. It has nothing to do with her liking anything other than being famous, which is very strange.

              1. Strange to you and me, but apparently that’s what motivates some people. Everyone gets to choose what is important to them. Wanting to run big businesses for your whole working life and become a billionaire seems strange to me. If I had $10 million, I’d stop and just muck around for the rest of my life.

                I’m actually much more puzzled by people who put a lot of time and effort into caring about what celebrities do than the celebrities themselves.

                1. Yes Zeb, she can do what she likes. But that doesn’t make it any less odd.

                  1. I guess my only point is that what is a motivation to one person may seem odd and pointless to others. That’s why I keep using the sample of the rich businessman. A lot of people find it strange that people would want to keep working like that after they have already made enough money to live however they want for the rest of their life. Personally, I agree with you about the celebrity thing. It’s weird. But some people just love the spotlight and get off on it.

  17. I have to respect a girl like Miley for losing that baby fat that did it’s own little dance on her hips last year while touring. I don’t get the hate, sure her music is instantly forgettable, but she is a one woman ?nima for pop culture.

    Flush it down!

  18. “Anna found the whole thing distasteful,” a source told the [U.K.] Mail. “She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.”

    Keep in mind these are the same liberal elites that have been front and center in pushing these kinds of vulgar, childish displays as culturally liberating and empowering for the last 40 years. Miley Cyrus’ antics aren’t any different from what you see in a typical downtown nightclub on any given weekend, but somehow it’s a scandal that she’s presenting herself to Robin Thicke like a dog in heat at the VMAs, which has been Ground Zero for these sort of self-indulgent displays for a number of years now.

    The fact of the matter is that this particular battle of the KULTUR WAR was won by these folks about 15-20 years ago. But now that the products of the very debasement they pushed for so long are emulating the values that liberal elites touted as necessary to progress society against the “racist and sexist” ways of their parents (when in reality it was nothing more than “FUCK YOU, DAD” writ large, an infantile emotional mindset disguised as empowering rather than retarded), these same people are doing a bunch of post-hoc, hypocritical tut-tutting, acting shocked that their own creation would do exactly what they desired it to do.

    1. It is all about class war now. They hate Cyrus because they see her as white trash. Whatever Cyrus’ faults, she is no bigger of a vulgar pig than Lena Dunham. But they love Dunham. It is all because they view Dunham in all her fat, gross vulgarity, as the right sort of person.

      1. There could be something to that. The only real difference between Dunham and her family and Honey Boo-Boo and her family are the respective classes to which they belong. From a perspective of their personal habits and occupations, though, they have more in common than I think media critics would care to admit.

        1. Other than the money to pay for a Brooklyn apartment, what is the difference between the people on Honey BooBoo and the people on Girls? They are basically the same level of trash.

    2. What about complaining about the “rape culture” after spending decades promoting many of its elements?

      1. That too.

  19. Reader comment from the HuffPo slideshow:

    “A very strong case for a secular Islamic society. Draping women in tents is to hide behind a curtain of fear that men will lose their place next to a beautiful and talented woman. This is a breath of fresh air from the Middle East and one the fundamentalists would suffocate if given the upper hand. Syria should be on the world stage. We need to cultivate our relationships to encourage openness like this, rather than bring others to heel militarily.”

    1. I[m pretty sure all the covering up is about sex, purity, and lust, not about men “losing their places”.


    Tina Brown fired at the Daily Beast. In some ways I look at Brown as being an incompetent. But then I remember print media is dying and her task of making it profitable hopeless. So, I think Tina deserves a break.

    1. I hope Moynihan survives the new regime:

      In July, Brown sent out an internal memo to staff announcing a number of staff changes, including the promotion of Michael Moynihan to editorial director

      1. Which regime?

        He’s perfectly adept at fellating those forces which he believes will best butter his bread.

  21. With each contract, O’Bagy made more money. This revelation raises serious questions about her incentives to support American involvement in Syria. Both Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain cited O’Bagy’s work in the push for military action but did not disclose her ties to the rebel groups.

    When asked about the potential conflict of interest, O’Bagy said she was working for the Syrian people.…..z2ecF7ituu

    1. She just graduated with her PHD last year. I am sure she is real expert all right. What a fucking con artist.

      1. “How the Irish Fucked Civilization.”

      2. Well, she says she has a PhD, but she doesn’t have a hood, just a claim that she has submitted and defended her thesis.

    2. Good for the WSJ to show they aren’t just a tool of the intelligence community of one foreign interest or another. Even before the Arab Spring, Islamist and ex pats (often the same) backed by dubious revenue streams have been getting British media to go with out right fabrications printed as news to sway the public to overthrow regimes in the Middle East to advance the interests of the worst elements currently residing on planet Earth.

      1. Getting O’Bagy and Brown stories conflated from above. [Pushes glasses up against nose bridge] Nevermind.

  22. Wasn’t their explanation that because she was “thin and well dressed” she belonged in the magazine?

    1. You Know Who Else was thin and well dressed?

      1. A whole lot of twinks?

    2. Yes it was. That was what the writer said when asked about the peace. She actually used those very words when saying Mrs. Assad had everything you needed to be the subject of a Vogue profile. It was one of the great moments in complete lack of self awareness.

      Sure Mrs. Assaad is married to a mass murdering dictator. But it is not like she is fat or something.

      1. Are you sure it wasn’t actually a simple statement of truth?

  23. I made that point a few days ago in another post on the Reason website, that Assad and his wife were photographed by Annie Leibowitz, only years ago, also for Vanity Fair, not just for Vogue. He was shown as an ‘enlightened’ ruler compared to his father, and celebrated by fashionable, intellectual NY. Maybe the fashionistas are too malnourished to think coherently!

    1. They are just stupid and shallow people who are easily taken in by flattery and desperately want to be taken seriously.
      It makes them very easy to manipulate.

      1. They are looking to the future in their calculation. Ammoral perhaps, but not stupid. If the war goes badly for the Assad’s, she could get gang raped, butchered and beheaded. If they have a back catalog of her pictures to draw from, she could be easily made into a tragic figure, a modern day Eva Braun. IOW, money in the bank for articles years to come.

        1. I was talking about the people who run rags like Vanity Fair and Vogue. No there is nothing stupid about the people who run Syria. Evil sure, but not stupid.

          1. I meant the people running those mags. They made a respectable fortune off of post mortem profiles of Eva Braun for several decades. Syria is the hottest topic on the planet right now, Asma al-Assad is at the fulcrum of those events. If she is killed, and the more dramatic her death, man, that is gold for Vogue, Vanity Fair, and People magazine. A catalog of prints profiling her at that point would be money in the bank.

  24. ADDENDUM: The article is alive and well at Go to Rose in the Desert, and weep.…..1265002284

  25. Miley Cyrus is disdained by the entertainment media industrial complex because she made a performance that originated from the bowels of the internet and not first approved up in the ivory towers.

  26. I’m not so sure I’m willing to vilify Assad. Look, it’s not like the guy was chomping at the bit to be dictator. As far as I can tell the only political office he held prior to being tapped as dictator elect was President of the Syrian Computer Society. He got the hell out of Syria the first chance he got and tried to make an honest living as an eye doctor. He probably got tapped by his father to be his successor because the father believed that the potential for a power vacuum after his death would make him a target. Less so if there’s a designated successor. But, once in, you’re in. If you don’t seize power, whoever does is going to look at you as a potential threat.

    We complain about politics in America. But, I don’t think we understand just how utterly, hopelessly and irredeemably fucked politics in the Third World is. These assholes play the entire thing like it’s an installment of The Godfather.

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