Journalist Facing Jail Time For Refusing To Reveal Sources

Published information from classified police reports on murders


An Illinois crime reporter who published information from classified police reports regarding a grisly double murder is facing jail time after refusing to reveal his sources to a judge.

Joe Hosey, who works for the Joliet, Ill., Patch, a network of local news websites run by AOL, was ordered by Will County Judge Gerald Kinney  to give up the sources who gave him details about the murders last January. Two of the four suspects allegedly had sex on the victims' corpses, and all four are accused of drinking and partying after the two men were strangled.

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  1. I have never understood why a report has thinks he has more rights to hide information than any common citizen. The Constitution give him to right to say things without reprisal, not to hide information. He has no more right there than anyone else. He does have the right not to incriminate himself, but that’s it.

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