"If you've got a subscription to Reason, you won't be for [war in Syria]"


Politico has an interesting story about conservative and libertarian radio hosts who are strongly opposed to intervention in Syria. There's this:

As for how Republican members of Congress will eventually vote on the Syria question, [Sirius/XM host Andrew] Wilkow said the divide is already clear.

"If you've got a subscription to The Weekly Standard, you'll be for it. If you've got a subscription to Reason, you won't be for it," the SiriusXM Patriot host said. "If you're in the Bill Kristol camp, you're for it. If you're in the Nick Gillespie camp, you're not. I would put myself in the Nick Gillespie camp."

And there's this (which I hope is correct): "And the grassroots elements of both parties will be opposing the establishment members when it comes time to cast a vote, Wilkow predicted." Here's hoping that Congress listens to its constituents this time.

Read the whole piece.

Related: The Washington Times' Seth McLaughlin has penned a must-read piece titled "GOP's libertarian wing sees opportunity to push for less intervention." It concludes with this quote from yours truly:

"The intra-GOP rift over Syria showcases the growing power of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party and its ability to tap deeply into public opinion in a way that neither mainstream Democrats or hawkish Republicans can," Mr. Gillespie said, complimenting Mr. Paul and Mr. Amash for their opposition to intervention. "The libertarian wing of the Republican Party will come out of this stronger and more in touch with the vox populi."

Whole thing here.