Standoff Follows Rapper's Refusal to Let Police Search Bus Without Warrant

The crime of touring while black


2 Chainz was among 11 men arrested following a nine-hour standoff over access to his tour bus. After police stopped the rapper's vehicle in an Oklahoma traffic stop, its occupants refused to let officers climb on board and search for drugs.

"This shit will make u go crazy," 2 Chainz tweeted on Thursday afternoon. "Our bus gets pulled [over once] a week and they always say 'I smell weed I need to search ur bus'. Sht gets tiring."

2 Chainz's tweet describes what seems to have happened around midnight on Wednesday, when police pulled over a bus on Oklahoma's Interstate 40. According to Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow, the vehicle was stopped due to a broken taillight; as the driver exited, police "found evidence of drug use".

That wasn't the end of the story. Having only recently been found not guilty of drugs charges, 2 Chainz wasn't willing to accommodate police investigators. Once the driver was outside the bus, the people inside closed and locked the door. They reportedly insisted on seeing a search warrant – setting off a night-long deadlock.