NSA Scandal Hurting Obama's Popularity Among Young Voters

USA Today/Pew Research poll shows that 60 percent of 18- to 29- year olds believe exposing surveillance programs served the public good


Controversy over the National Security Agency's surveillance programs is eroding President Obama's popularity — particularly among young voters.

Some polls show a double-digit drop in Obama's approval rating since Edward Snowden revealed NSA secrets, weakening the president ahead of fall fights with congressional Republicans over the budget and immigration.

Polling taken by the Economist and YouGov finds a 14-point swing in Obama's approval and disapproval rating among voters aged 18-29 in surveys taken immediately before the NSA revelations and last week. Overall, the swing in Obama's approval rating moves just four points.

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  1. It’s nice to fantasize that these disaffected youths will come to their senses and go libertarian, but the reality is that the powers that be have invested so much propaganda in their common fear of individuals that no one ever thinks “Hey, government’s too big, why don’t I take care of myself?” Instead all anybody ever wants is to increase the power of government to make it better.

    It’s like discovering gangrene in an arm and trying to cure it by infecting the other arm too.

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