Opinion: Jeff Bezos Commits the "Crime" of Being a Libertarian Buying a Newspaper

No room for diversity of opinion in the media industry


Jeff Bezos has some explaining to do – or at least that's the gist of an op-ed by Fortune magazine editor Allan Sloan. Bezos' crime? Wanting to invest some of his vast fortune into the struggling newspaper industry while simultaneously daring to hold free-market beliefs.

Yes, that's right, Bezos is guilty of the thoughtcrime of quietly subscribing to libertarianism.

Given the third-degree interrogation to which Sloan thinks Bezos deserves to be subjected, one might think Bezos has been an outspoken advocate of his views. Not so! In the topsy-turvy world Sloan apparently resides in, it's much more suspicious that Bezos is so reserved about his politics.

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  1. Bezos’s company, after all, is based on the Internet, which was created during the Cold War by a military research-and-development arm of the federal government, the Advanced Research Projects Agency. No Arpanet, no Internet. No Internet, no Amazon, no $25 billion personal fortune for Jeff Bezos.

    Right, and if you oppose USDA policies but still eat, you’re a hypocrite.

    1. And if you know about markets, you know the key to making them efficient and fair is for as many players to have as much information as possible.

      The irony, it burns!

    2. The above quote is also a lie the state fellators have been pushing for a few decades now. Arpanet’s version of externally linked networks (there were several developed before it) was one they bought from the Rand Corp. and then created a protocol, a file file structure for the ordering of bits, to use on it. That wasn’t a new thing either. There’s just became commonly adopted.

      Do the fellators ever mention that the same government who they credit for creating the internet also made it illegal for many years to use it for most commercial transaction purposes which delayed its development for a generation? Of course not. Doesn’t fit the good government narrative.

  2. See! This is why the Koch’s can’t have nice things…

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