Canadian Police Chiefs Want to Fine Marijuana Users Instead of Having to "Turn a Blind Eye or Lay Charges"

When they're "confronted" my marijuana possession


a criminal at the toronto freedom festival
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The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police wants more "enforcement options" on possession of cannabis, according to the National Post, which reports that in a resolution the chiefs calls for the option of fining people so that they would not have to "turn a blind eye or lay charges" when "confronted" with marijuana possession. The police chiefs, however, come out firmly against decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, even while the resolution called pressing criminal charges a "lengthy and difficult process" that also ends with a criminal record for the, erm, criminal. That kind of process, the chiefs insist in the resolution, would apparently still be justified for, say, getting caught smoking a joint.

While the chiefs stress they oppose decriminalization, fines for marijuana possession are often a component of "decriminalization." In New York state, for example, that meant NYPD officers tricking people they stopped into revealing the marijuana that was on them, turning a "decriminalized" offense into an actionable crime, displaying in "public view." The alternative of actual legalization also comes with its own revenue stream—the inevitable taxation. Turning the victimless action of possession or use of marijuana from a "crime" to a "decriminalized offense" (but don't call it decriminalization either say Canada's police chiefs), however, provides cops and cities with a revenue stream via fines as well as the latitude to continue "policing" for a crime that's one in name only, without the pesky "process" stuff.


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  1. Ed, in the interests of you avoiding Lucy’s fate:

    The alternative of actual legalization aslo comes with

    needs proofing. 😉

    1. Lucy is doing fine, in my estimation.

      Maybe that’s for the best…

  2. I wonder how much of the hatred for pot smokers comes from the fact that smoking dope is a defiance of authority.

    The law is the law is the law, and the law says you’re not supposed to do that. Yet dopers to it anyway.

    What other laws do they ignore? Rape? Murder? Infanticide?

    The solution to people not respecting the law is not to make the law respectable, but to enforce it harder! Harder! Oh yeah, baby! Enforce it! Enforce it good!

    1. “I wonder how much of the hatred for pot smokers comes from the fact that smoking dope is a defiance of authority.”

      That is easy. All of it.

    2. It’s a high/low prejudice. The TOP MEN hate it because it defies authority, but the little people hate it because they don’t want their kids to do it and/or because they have swallowed all the hilarious lies about it they’ve been told.

      1. From what I’ve witnessed, those most opposed to pot smoking are former smokers in their youth now turned the “respectable” and “concerned” parents of today. The elite hypocrite class who just want what’s best for their darling little demon-seed children.

        1. Wasn’t this actually verified by a poll, which was discussed by Reason?

          I know that I saw a poll verifying it somewhere

  3. Yep, turning a blind eye to something that harms no one is not gonna satisfy the pigs.

    1. Now your name could be sarcasmic.

  4. Cops love “decriminalization” because it still gives them latitude to hassle people if they so wish. This is the resistance to full legalization from them, because it actually reduces their power, so of course they don’t want it. Combine that with the revenue stream of tickets and fines and why would they ever get on board with legalization?

    If I recall correctly police organizations here in WA were resistant to legalization at first and only got on board when their masters, the politicians, did. Also, people were toking up right out on the streets during Hempfest, which is still illegal (I doubt it is anything more than a ticket), but it was nice to see. However, it’s not really indicative of much because the cops have always turned a blind eye during Hempfest.

    1. They have no choice but to turn a blind eye because they are so outnumbered.

      1. For now.

        It’s a little unsettling to think that’s the only thing stopping them from nanny-stating us all right into prison.

  5. Decrim hits the authoritarian cop sweet spot.

    License to hassle? Check.

    PITA paperwork and court appearance? Nope.

    Revenue? Check.

    Its got what they love, but not what they hate.

    1. Hit the nail on the head.

    2. Uncertain about elsewhere, but where I live cops are paid OT for court appearances. In a city with a median income of $25k, several cops on the DUI squad were pulling six-figure salaries due to their frequent court appearances.

      1. “See ya in court – CHA CHING!” *snicker*

        Fuckin’ pigs

    3. And in many cases, as a bonus for their bosses, court-ordered “treatment”.

      Grafters gonna graft.

  6. The cops just want to get a way to raise revenue without any risk or effort.

    That’s some lazy bullshit right there.

  7. seems unprofessional for a chief to have an opinion on it either way.


    1. He checked with his chief, and… yup, it looks like civil disobedience is still disobedience.

  9. I’m ashamed; 15 comments and not one about that hottie with the bong.

    1. Well it’s quite clear she could suck the chrome off a bumper. Or suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

      I mean I’m sure she has a nice personality AND gives good head. Win win.

      1. But can she suck start my Harley? Survey says….YES!

        1. …and this is why there are no…

          1. Single female libertarians?

            1. There aren’t?

    2. Well it’s quite clear she could suck the chrome off a bumper. Or suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

      I mean I’m sure she has a nice personality AND gives good head. Win win.

      1. Ok, that deserved a double post.

  10. Minimize paperwork and overheads, introduce new revenue stream.

    What’s a police chief not to like?

    You know we can use the sweet cash we take from stupid pot heads to buy important law enforcement equipment that our communnity so desperately needs:

    Armored Vehicles
    Level 5 Body Armor
    Heavy Machine Guns
    Anal Probes
    Professional Consulting from Dunphy Protective Services

  11. If ‘progressive’ ever meant anything positive, it seems that in some respects the United States is now more progressive than anywhere in Canada or Amsterdam.

  12. Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party and the party itself have comeout for full legilization of marijuana, while the ruling Conservatives institute mandatory minimums for growing as little as six plants. Next elction in 2015 will be a stark contrast on ths issue.

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