Rochester Police Shoot Disabled Man's Dog, Then Arrest Him Twice in the Days After

Really, about as bad as it gets


For the last couple of years, Floyd James Jr. and his 9-year-old Belgian Shepherd, Cinnamon, shared a small house on Flora Street.

That ended last month when Rochester police shot and killed Cinnamon, touching off a series of interactions with police that left James searching for explanations.

James was arrested twice in the days after the July 11 shooting. The first arrest came when he was accused of not controlling Cinnamon, who police said appeared dangerous.

The second arrest came days later, after police received threatening 911 calls from an untraceable cell phone — calls that police now acknowledge had no connection to James.

James, an Army veteran, retired carpenter and an former Monroe County Legislature candidate in 2001, said Cinnamon was a sweet dog, given to him by his daughter-in-law as a companion animal. Diabetes has reduced the 53-year-old's use of his hands and decreased his vision.


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  1. “Don’t talk bad about Government Almighty, or question Us, or We will kill your stupid-dog”. Stupid-dog, you make us LOOK bad!!!” Dog made me feel threatened, so I killed stupid-dog. When the drug dogs come smellin’ at my door, can I do the same? Or the un-prescribed- lung-flute-dog, for that matter? Or the Somebody-scratched- their-butt-during-the-National-Anthem-dog? Or the you’re-a-witch dog? They can be trained to “alert” on ALL of those things, you know! ? At the end of the day, I’m sorry, y’all dog lovers you, but dogs are SLUTS!!!! They will love their masters, no matter what! Private freedom-loving, peaceful citizens or whores for the State, our stupid-dogs will love and obey us all the same? For better or for worse? I feel bad for the stupid-dogs, maybe we could edumacate them and turn them all into Libertarian dogs?

  2. Heroes!

  3. A few years back, there was this “romcom” movie called “Must Love Dogs.” I suspect every police recruitment video is now titled “Must Hate Dogs.”

  4. Dunphy baiting? Isn’t that illegal?

  5. When the fuck did the police become so inviolate that shoot first became acceptable?

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