School Choice

Twenty Five Private Schools To Participate in WI Voucher Program

More options for families


MADISON – With the beginning of the new school year just weeks away, administrators in 25 private schools learned Thursday they'll participate in the first year of the statewide expansion of parental school choice in Wisconsin.

Parents across the state filled out applications for 2,415 students to attend 45 private schools, but only 500 students will receive vouchers to attend the 25 private schools that received the most applications this year due to a cap set by the Legislature.

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  1. Government Almighty, please forbid that parents should be able to freely decide where their money goes, in order to edumacate their own children! (Notice the sneer I hide when I say “their” children; we all know that “the children” actually belong to “the village”, whose village Voice is Hillary-Bob and Government Almighty, Blessed Be Their Names). My Truly Beloved and I sent the Fruit of Our Loins, briefly, to a private SECULAR school, who paid real estate taxes to the PUBLIC school system, unlike RELIGIOUS schools in our state, who don’t pay those kinds of taxes. What gives?!?! Is secular rationalism a distant 15th cousin to the high-and-mighty, fair-haired, sacred RELIGIOUS freedom? Even more to the point, is it REALLY about “edumacation”, or is it all about “edumacation about how Government Almighty Loveth us Alleth

    1. remember what Hillary said back in 2008; if we do this, then pretty soon jihadists will want to send their kids to schools to learn how to blow up Greyhound buses.

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