Bloomberg Wants To Fingerprint Public Housing Residents

Of course he does


City public housing tenants should all be fingerprinted, Mayor Bloomberg said Friday, sparking an uproar from Democratic mayoral hopefuls.

"What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in," Bloomberg said during his weekly appearance on "The John Gambling Show" on WOR-AM as he spoke about ways to improve safety in public housing.

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  1. Government Almighty Giveth, and Government Almighty Taketh Away, Blessed Be Thy Name of Thy Almighty Government Almighty? And if you don’t want no to-be-finger-printed, don’t be applying for no Pubic Housing!!! Oh-Tay??! ? To balance that, can we say, if you don’t want to PAY for the Pubic Housing, refuse to be finger-printed, and you can be excused!?!?! That’s what I’d like to see! Where do I apply for religious exemption from Government Almighty making my charity choices (Pubic Housing and de-lousing etc.) for me?

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