Angry Americans Want Director of National Intelligence Prosecuted

For lying to Congress about spying


There is no longer any doubt that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress. Likewise, there is no doubt that his lie runs afoul of federal law. And, of course, there is no doubt that in terms of its implications for oversight, constitutional precepts and privacy for millions of Americans, his lies were far more serious than those that have gotten other people prosecuted for perjury. The question now is whether his brazen dishonesty will become a political issue — or whether it will simply disappear into the ether.

As evidenced by President Obama this week attempting to promote Clapper to head an "independent" NSA reform panel, the White House clearly believes it will be the latter. But a set of new polls out today suggests such a calculation may be wrong.

Commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Credo and conducted by Public Policy Polling in five ideologically diverse states, the surveys find that huge majorities want Clapper prosecuted.

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  1. The President can make Clapper immune from charges of perjury.

    in a normal political environment, it would have been easier for me to simply call up the Speaker and say, you know what, this is a twerp that didnt’t go against the essence of the law. ? That would be the normal thing that I would prefer to do. But we’re not in a normal atmosphere around here when it comes to following the “constitution”. We did have the executive authority to do so, and we did so.


  2. Most important story of the day. Let’s promote that to Hit and Run.

  3. Well, I imagine it has to be Congress to press charges. I must say, they’ve developed a sense of humor over being lied to.. It’s unanimous and amazing.

    But if Congress is half as sleazy as they might be…and Clapper owns every call, text and email they, their families, and staffs have made in this century…

    I’d say he was going to get away with it.

  4. So Obama seems to think that his government officials are above the law. Clapper lied under oath to Congress, what more evidence is needed to prosecute and perhaps even impeach such egregious behavior?

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