Warrants Reveal James DiMaggio Tortured and Killed Hannah Anderson's Mother and Brother

Dog was also shot and killed


James Lee DiMaggio "tortured and killed his best friend's wife and 8-year-old son," before kidnapping the friend's daughter, Hannah Anderson, and taking her out of state, according to search warrants that were unsealed Wednesday.

DiMaggio also "shot and killed the family dog," the warrants added.

Hannah Anderson was kidnapped on Aug. 4 by DiMaggio, 40, after she, her brother, Ethan Anderson, and her mother, Christina Anderson, 44, went to his Boulevard, Calif., home.

"He told us he was losing his house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him, and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us," Anderson wrote in response to questions about her ordeal on the social media site