It's Now Illegal To Threaten Police Dogs in New Jersey

Is anything not illegal in New Jersey?


New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill that makes it a crime to threaten a police K-9 being used by a law enforcement agency.

Dano's and Vader's Law, named after police dogs with the Atlantic City Police Department and Somerset County Sheriff's Office, makes threatening a K-9 a fourth-degree offense punishable by as many as 18 months in prison and a fine of as much as $10,000. There is also a mandatory 90-day jail sentence for people convicted of the charge, reports the Press of Atlantic City.


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  1. How can you threaten a dog? You mean verbally? Speak to it? Ok I give up. Maybe they mean telling a human that you mean to harm a dog? Like, “If your dog bites me I’m going to sue.” Boom, you threatened a dog. Or a pig. Now I’m really confused.

  2. They named a police dog after an evil character that hunted down rebels? How very appropriate.

  3. It will be like furtive movements, suspicious movements, failure to maintain lane, and interfering with an arrest. In other words, it will mean whatever the officer says it means. He’ll know it when he sees it.

  4. “Is anything not illegal in New Jersey?”

    Obesity, apparently…

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