Cop Records Police Chief Pushing Ticket Quotas, Boasting About Always Finding a Reason to Stop Someone

"I wanna stop that car load of dumb sh*** in the car, I wanna stop it, but they are not going to do anything wrong."


good cop? donut?

In this incident of cops caught on tape, an officer in Bethel Heights, Arkansas says he recorded his police chief pushing him to manufacture reasons to make traffic stops and get ticket numbers up. From the local NBC affiliate KNWA:

[Timothy] Brasuell, whose been with the BHPD since 2008, says in an effort to issue more tickets, [the police chief Don] McKinnon encouraged crooked cop behavior.

The voice goes on to say in the recording [sic], "If i seen a vehicle, I could always find some reason to stop them even if I made them do something stupid."

The voice, Brasuell says is McKinnon, goes on to describe his traffic stop method:

"I wanna stop that car load of dumb sh*** in the car, I wanna stop it, but they are not going to do anything wrong. Hell, I'll get behind or the other lane and I'd start crowding them. Kinda dirty pool but i got two or three arrests out of it."

The cop says he played the tape to the county prosecutor and the mayor, but the mayor would only say it was an "internal matter." Trying to defend revelations about quotas in the NYPD during a recent lawsuit, police commissioner Ray Kelly said they were just like performance benchmarks in other industries. Faced with the same kind of reasoning at the Auburn police department, former cop Justin Hanners, featured in a Reason TV doc last month, said:   "Streets and fire hydrants don't have Constitutional rights. They don't pay taxes. They don't vote. We're supposed to protect and serve the citizens." Instead, in the last few weeks alone, we heard one Florida sheriff calling his department a "paramilitary organization" and saw cops in Georgia banging on a resident's door at 1:30 in the morning over a "civil fine".

Watch Reason TV on the Auburn cop who whistleblew about ticket quotas in his police department below: 

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  1. Every time I see that generic picture, I think of that football player pissing on the IRS building, and it gives me great joy.

  2. I’ve had cops do that to me…trying to get me to fuck up by tailgating me. Reason #3413132 I don’t like cops.

    1. I wonder what would happen if you hit the brakes and they rear ended you? Isn’t the person rear ending always charged with failure to follow at a safe distance?

      1. That’s when they just slap “Reckless driving” on the ticket too.

      2. That’s the exact kind of table-turning disrespect of their authoritah that will drive them into beatdown mode. Enjoy your ambulance ride.

        1. And a felony for assault with a deadly weapon (the car) on a law enforcement officer.

      3. I did exactly that, as I write below…minus the rear-ending part.

        1. Interesting that the dude backed off when you threatened to go to court to explain the circumstances. I wonder if he was feeling chagrined or just wanted to avoid having to take time away from ‘the Job’. Either way, the paperwork citation was pure d-baggery.

      4. I could write you a shitload of tickets right now.

        I think the Russkies have the right idea with cameras in cars at all times.

        1. “But I can’t stop that goddamned fast when you hit your brakes!”

          Uh, dipshit, that’s pretty much the definition of tailgating.

      5. “I wonder what would happen if you hit the brakes and they rear ended you?”

        I’ve always been very tempted to do this. But I figure I’d probably end up getting stuck with the damages because FMTW.

      6. I have been tempted, but I’ve never owned a car I’d be willing to sacrifice its bumper for it. Just try finding a decent rear bumper for a Merkur XR4ti.

      7. My brother in law has been rear ended by cops twice.
        In both cases he was stopping because a light had turned yellow. Normally he would have just gone on through but he didn’t want to be accused of running a red light.

        As far as I understand both times he got no tickets and the cops got chewed out for rear ending someone.

    2. I got a ticket like that when I was 19. Traffic was going about 75 or so in a 65 zone. Was driving home from college, cop was crowding me, couldn’t move over a lane, sped up, was pulled over exactly when I hit 81 mph.

      And since it was in the middle of nowhere in a county several hours both from home and from college, I couldn’t fight it. Not like it would have done any good.

    3. Same here. I actually got pulled over once by a cop who had been tailgating me so closely at night I couldn’t see his headlights. He.must have been less than 5 feet off my rear bumper. Not knowing he was a cop, I stupidly brake-checked him, goosed the throttle and swerved into the other lane. His lights went on and he pulled me over. He wanted to ticket me for reckless driving until I told him I’d take it to court and explain to the Magistrate exactly what happened. He actually backed off then. Unfortunately he got me on a technical violation for failing to sign my registration papers, which in PA is a $90 fine.


      1. The one time I brake checked someone, he got wicked pissed, blew his horn for about 5 seconds then kept blasting it off and on until for a minute or so until he managed to speed by while flipping me and screaming. I take it he doesn’t realize he was being an asshole.

        1. I have brake checked many times, but one memorable one was when I was being tailgated pretty hard on the highway by this really hot chick. So, of course, I brake checked her and watched her face in the rear-view mirror, and she got very shocked/pissed. It was great.

          I’m a real bear for brake checks, because I hate someone riding my ass. Unless it’s Warty.

          1. And I am a bear, so it’s not really even an exception, technically.

            1. More of an Owlbear really.

        2. The more dickish the behavior the more irrate the reaction. How dare you point out that they are being a dick and warp their fragile little minds.

  3. [Timothy] Brasuell, [who’s] been with the BHPD since 2008, says in an effort to issue more tickets, [the police chief Don] McKinnon encouraged crooked cop behavior.

    That “crooked cop behavior] pays your salary, kiddo. Without it, the force would have to be reduced and there wouldn’t be enough left over to engineer lucrative crimes and solve actual crimes.

  4. totality of circs

  5. Has there ever been a time when cops didn’t pretend to not have quotas, and a time when anyone believed them? I remember being a kid and thinking “there’s no way they don’t have quotas. Just no way.”

    1. Yeah. Who could this possibly surprise?

      1. But man, it never stops them from always denying what everyone knows is true. Cops: honest to the core.

    2. Considering my mother was telling me to watch out cause “they’re out to get their quota, it’s the end of the month!”, I can’t believe there ever wasn’t a time either.

    3. They don’t have quotas! They just can’t get a satisfactory annual evaluation if they don’t meet the metric of x citations per month. And how dare you say that they are more concerned with their performance than upholding the law!

  6. I didn’t read the whole story, did anything else happen?

    1. I think you know the answer to that.

  7. Ray Kelly said they were just like performance benchmarks in other industries.

    Six-Sigma Policing!

    1. Only the union doesn’t let them fire under performers.

    2. I’m sure their quality system is just filled with perverse incentives.

      A complaint would be “Cop failed to wait until all drugs were sold before arresting resulting in lower asset forefeitures.”

      1. Only 75% of canines on property shot.

      2. revenue optimization models ftw!

        1. Black Belt wanted on Police force…and RACIST!

    3. What’s that “rules of a just police force” or similar? I remember one is that the effectiveness of the police should not be measured by arrests/tickets they give, but by the level of crimes committed in the community.

    4. “Ray Kelly said they were just like performance benchmarks in other industries.”

      Except that in private industries, important benchmarks are based on what the consumer values. Here, the benchmarks are aimed at screwing involuntary “consumers.”

  8. Is Braswell still employed with the BHPD?

    I suspect his performance evaluation has gone from “Outstanding – in line for promotion” to “Disciplinary problem, works poorly with other officers.”

  9. Good news to read an Officer say “Every time I hear it, I get nauseous.”

    almost sounds like a Radly nut punch victim.

  10. From the local NBC affiliate KNWA:

    K Niggaz Wit Attitudes?

    1. Knowha, bra, you knowha? Fuck you, mang. Fuck you.

  11. Auburn, AL, eh? That’s where mises.org is located. A lot of great minds to challenge a corrupt system run by people that think just because they were photographed in front of the US flag they have the right to arbitrarily and capriciously deprive citizens of their liberty and property.

    I lived most of my life in the state of Maryland. Article 4 of its constitution, Declaration of Rights reads:

    “That the People of this State have the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government and police thereof, as a free, sovereign and independent State.”

    Note Articles 1, 6, 23, 26, and 27 for starters.


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