Battle of the Sexes

Women today are rarely victims of salary discrimination.


Women make only 77 cents per each dollar made by males. Outrageous! Sex discrimination!

So say advocates of government-enforced "equality."

But they are wrong. Women today are rarely victims of salary discrimination.

If they were, market competition would punish bosses who discriminate. A company that hired women who were "underpaid" by other companies would have a cost advantage, allowing them to lower prices, and they'd quickly take business away from the "sexist" competition. Since those female workers provide the same value for less, entrepreneurs who hired only women would get rich!

Warren Farrell, author of "Why Men Earn More," dug deeper into reasons why women are paid less and found that it's women who make discriminating choices. Women are more likely to choose a well-rounded life than their workaholic male peers.

"Many women say, what do I want? Do I want to make $200,000 a year, or do I want more personal time? Time with my children? More spiritual time?"

He found that even female business owners are more likely to favor flexibility and proximity to home. Men are more likely to chase higher earnings by working longer hours, traveling farther and taking dangerous assignments. They are paid accordingly, though they may not be happier.

In her recent book, "Lean In," the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, urged women to put in the extra effort that enables workers to jockey for position in business.

She says: "At Facebook, we hosted a senior government official, and he had these two women traveling with him who were pretty senior in his department. And I said to them, sit at the table, come on, sit at the table. (But) they sat on the side of the room."

Sandberg's been criticized by feminists for this common-sense message. The critics claim she "blames the victim."  But most women are anything but victims. Making a different choice, choosing a less career-driven life, may be why women have more friends and live longer.

Many women don't want "corporate success," though it's politically incorrect to admit it, says Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women's Forum.

"I don't think that most women want what Sheryl Sandberg wants," Schaeffer told me. "In some recent studies, only 23 percent of women said that they would prefer to work full-time, let alone (have the) sort of CEO quality of life that Sheryl Sandberg is living."

Regardless of what many women prefer, America now is stuck with laws based on a feminist view that only discrimination accounts for differences between women and men—and that government must use regulation to "correct" those differences: affirmative action, subsidies for female-owned businesses, Title IX rules that require equal money for women's college sports, etc.

Instead of trying to change sexist male institutions by force, Sandberg's book suggests that women change voluntarily.

"Sandberg picks up on some very sensitive gender differences," says Schaeffer. "She says, look, women don't negotiate their salaries. I was one of those women. My brother told me he negotiated every salary he had. The fact is, once you're aware of that, you can do things."

If they do, women might very well overtake men in business—but they will have to give something up to do it.

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, author of "The Power of the Female Brain," conducted the biggest brain-scan study ever done—46,000 scans—and found that "female brains were dramatically more active. Women are really wired for leadership. … If it wasn't for this thing called children that derails their careers … they really make great CEOs."

Amen says women are "better with things like empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control." Since leadership isn't all about bellowing and frightening people, those are useful corporate skills.

They are also useful skills for managing a household full of children and promoting family life. We should respect both choices.

Politicians and "equality" feminists should respect reality: Differing choices come with differing rewards—and different salaries.

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  1. I was going to accuse Reason of repeating itself, then I remembered that I saw the story on a different blog, so they merely got scooped (or is H+R an aggregator with book ads?)

    1. (or is H+R an aggregator with book ads?)

      More like book ads with an aggregator.

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  2. Politicians and “equality” feminists should respect reality:

    I found that line to be quite entertaining.

    1. Oh, sure, they claim they will respect it. Then when they are done raping it, they sneak off while it is sleeping and never speak with it again.

      1. Calvin Coolidge, the unappreciated President with the witty aphorisms!

        He also said, “keeping the government away from your money is like keeping a hungry, sex-starved pit bull away from a she-dog covered in caviar.”

        1. It’s funny; he’s only forgotten because he did so little.

          Not that I find anything wrong with that.

          1. He could have done less. Look at Harrison!

        2. “Duty is not collective – it is personal” -C.C.

    2. Reality is fungible.

    3. I thought the previous line was worth noting:

      “They are also useful skills for managing a household full of children and promoting family life. We should respect both choices.”

      In fact we respect neither. In the workplace women are paid 77 cents to the man’s dollar, and as homemakers, women are paid nothing. Even prisoners sewing mail bags get cash for their efforts.

      1. 1) The $0.77 thing has been covered in the article – different preferences

        2) Women also pay nothing in this scenario as presumably the husband (and often the government) steps in and takes care of expenses. Having all your costs plus your children being fully supported isn’t “nothing”.

  3. That’s so last week.

  4. Obama’s first-term economic advisor Christina Romer disproved the “77 cents” myth decades ago. But so many people base their entire identity on the notion that White Men are constantly oppressing them, that facts can’t be allowed to get in the way of a good story.

  5. I hate how the pic goes away. Oh well. Alt Text: “You put your right hand in…”

      1. Fuck! This is why I need the picture!

    1. I haven’t quite figured out how to feel about the alt-text on the disappearing pictures.

  6. Many women don’t (SET ITAL) want (END ITAL) “corporate success,” though it’s politically incorrect to admit it, says Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum.

    Heh. Should we start calling italics fails “Stosselling” the italics?

    1. It was those e-typesetters, they failed to notice the annotation.

    2. This is the problem with e-interns. They don’t know how to read and markup copy!

      1. Probably some doe-eyed chick straight outta virtual secretary academy.

  7. I went to Jezebel to find a related article so we could laugh and have a good time with it.

    I’ll leave it to the pros next time. It’s not good to have boiling rage in the middle of the work day.

    1. I wonder if any Jezzers come here and have aneurysms?

      1. If they come here, it will be to link to the Stossel article, say how Stossel is *THE WORST*, swear a few times, distort his point by saying that he means women deserve to earn less than men for doing the same job, and then smugly pat themselves on the bat. It’s their MO.

        1. On the back, even. Fail.

          1. Well, transsexuals…

          2. I think a reason/Jezebel mixer with lots of booze would be epic. I give it one hour tops before honest to GAWD real violence breaks out.

            1. I can tell you with 100% accuracy which group would start the violence.

              1. I’m going to be honest. I don’t know. I know libertarians have the NAP but they also carry guns and drink heavily. Toss up maybe.

            2. I’d go to one in a second. Hell, I’ll even bring a big pitcher of Hell In The Pacific to kick it all off.

            3. Or an all out orgy.

              1. /This is why there are no female libertines?

              2. That’s likely to aesthetically displeasing.

            4. I can see the news coverage now: “Angry patriot group assaults feminist activists”

              Even though the women will probably swing first and take much less than they give out.

    2. Not even the Lindy West story where she says that girls cutting their hair when upset is a sexist stereotype and all the commenters talk about all the times they cut their hair because they where upset made you smile? Cause that shit was funny.

      Also, Lindy West doesn’t wear a bra.

      1. I don’t get it. Women doing some dumbass thing in response to stress is a stereotype. Now here are some dumbass things I do when stressed.

        1. You know what I do, as a man, when I’m stressed?

          I calmly and coolly solve whatever problem that is stressing me, and then I get back to my job making $1.82 for every $1 my female colleagues make.

          I may indulge myself when I get home by having the little lady bring me a scotch with my slippers, but that’s it.

          1. I’m not a scotch fan but I find Johnny walker green label very drinkable. My cousin likes the glenlivit stuff and he is always asking me to try it.

            1. Oh, I don’t actually drink it. I just get a boost out of the happiness the little lady gets from bringing it to me. Her eyes light up just so…

              1. That gave me a good long chuckle. Thanks

      2. It’s funny (not haha, odd) that all the things she’d do instead of cutting her hair are really stereotypical girl things to do.

        “I would totally eat and shop if I was stressed! Isn’t it messes up how women are written so one dimensionally!? Harrumph!” *sob* *eats ice cream out of tub*

      3. she doesn’t need one. She just needs a bag that covers her whole body.

      4. Thank you for that. I’ve been having a shitty week, and that picked things up a bit.

        1. Glad to help. I also have some pictures of all the cold sores Episiarch has had in the last three months if you’d like me to mail those to you. Always good for a laugh.

          1. Don’t worry, I’ve seen them and now carry a few of their offspring myself.

      5. I didn’t see that. But than…

        Also, Lindy West doesn’t wear a bra.

        Rage has turned into sickness.

    3. It’s not good to have boiling rage in the middle of the work

      Sure it is.

  8. Isn’t this just so typical Stossel?

    Mansplaining away real and legitimate feelings with useless facts.

  9. Well women have brains a third the size of men so if anything they are getting paid double what they are worth.

    Cite: anchorman

    1. Brain size is highly correlated with overall body size.

      1. I’m sorry Charles did you think I was serious? Maybe I should have said something about Jew bankers. That is my usual tell while being sarcastic.

        1. Have you noticed how few Jew bankers are chicks?

          1. Now that you mention it I had not. I’m confused though, is it my white privilege or patriarchy that blinded me to that injustice?

            1. Could be all the drugs and alcohol from your hedonistic revels.

      2. Since chicks are usually smaller than dudes, it thus logically follows that they are stupider, as well. I KNEW it!!!

      3. So, this dude must have been a genius.

  10. Stossel and many others more generous of spirit than I suggest that feminists don’t understand that the pay disparity is accounted for by differing choices with regard to work-life balance. Honestly, I doubt it. This has been talked about for the better part of the last 20 years. At this point, I’d suggest that it’s not that they don’t know, it’s that they don’t care. They think the fact that women make work-life decisions that make them less productively valuable shouldn’t make any difference as to whether they should be equally paid. They don’t want equal treatment. They want privilege.

    1. It’s not fair unless you have equal outcomes! Not fair not fair not fair!

      1. But, that’s just it. A demand for an equal outcome beyond what the market will bear is a demand for privilege. Implicit in their demand for “equality” is the expectation that the net total results remain unchanged, that someone else pick up the slack.

      2. ^^^^^ THIS!

    2. They think the fact that women some people make work-life decisions that make them less productively valuable shouldn’t make any difference as to whether they should be equally paid.

      FTFY. Somewhere along the way feminism got co-opted into the whole “equality = guaranteed equal outcomes” bullshit that the rest of the left wing has gotten into.

    3. But, they only make those decisions because the Patriarchy has conditioned them to! The fact that most voices encouraging them to make those decisions are female proves this – they have been indoctrinated by White Male Privilege! The fact that you can’t see this proves that it is true!

    4. Shorter femitard:

      I should get a better parking space because of my vagina handicap

    5. “it’s that they don’t care.”

      You’re probably right about this. I doubt your conclusions about what women want and don’t want.

      Women can choose to work for wages at a discount, justified on the grounds that women have traditionally, and continue to take up most of the responsibilities of child rearing. Or they typically can choose to stay home and work rearing children for which they receive nothing, despite the fact that this work is unquestionably ‘productively valuable’ and without it, society would come to a crashing end.

      Given the choices women are faced with, you might think that these platitudes about ‘respect for women’ ring a little hollow. I think that’s where the frustration comes in.

  11. But, what about all those wimmins who post here about making $72/hr on the laptop?

    1. Rape culture exploiting them same as strippers.

    2. Those are all really Epi’s mom.

      Her legend has grown so large that nobody even knows where the original story came from.

      1. I hear she married a Nigerian prince.

  12. They are paid accordingly, though they may not be happier.

    Money makes men happy. Money includes all of the things that money can buy.

    1. Actually, sex makes men happy, one way or another if you’ve got money you can get sex.

      If you lack money then you better look like Channing Tatum, be hung like John Holmes, or be a sensitive talented artist like Johnny Depp or you ain’t getting sex on anything approaching a regular basis.

      1. Funny that. Women don’t like to be compared to whores but they won’t sleep with men without cash.

        1. I’ve found that many will also accept credit cards.

          1. where do you swipe the card?

            1. Depends on how much you are willing to put on it….

  13. Have I mentioned that I like Stossel?

    1. Please clarify “like”. Because I think his stache would grate uncomfortably against my face and genitals.

      1. Well, you won’t know until you try, JJ.

        1. Oh rest assured, I’m drawing a conclusion about Stossel’s stache based on prior experience with others of a similiar consistency.

        2. Namely, Episiarch’s mother’s.

          1. That’s ‘a spicy meat-a-ball!

            1. Fun fact: the open sores on her penis weep a clear fluid that tastes suspiciously like honeysuckle.

                1. No, mostly fruit flies.

  14. better at empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control

    The first 3 are not true in general. In the 4th women are likely to have more self-control, but not always. And remember that more self control often means less risk taking, and CEO’s are all about risk taking.

  15. Sure, negotiating salary is the answer to everything… whatever. A couple reasons why women (generally) don’t negotiate their salaries:

    1) They have a ton of baggage associated with it which prevents them from figuring out what they’re worth in the market to begin with.

    2) Women are more likely than men to seek out lower-skilled jobs where the hiring manager doesn’t permit negotiation. If she tries to negotiate, that’s a signal to the hiring manager that she doesn’t want the job, so he disqualifies her from consideration. Example: fast food employee, part time seasonal worker at DisneyWorld, low-level corporate work, etc. For a great many women, the overriding objective is to get hired. Leaving the table because the dickhead manager refuses to pay at the desired level just isn’t an option.

    1. Just because you “desire” $25/hour doesn’t mean you are WORTH $25/hour.

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  17. Liberals create this laws to divide the electorate, it is deliberate.
    Unfortunately, sometimes they succeed.

    They could never respond: why would a profit maximizer company pay $10 to a man if it can get the same job at $5 from a woman?????

    Also, the pseudo scientific conclusions of Mr Amen dont convince me. The truth is that there is very limited knowledge of how the brain actually works.

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    1. Yes, but do you make the same as your male colleagues?

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  24. *sigh* That Dr. Daniel Amen guy is a stain on an otherwise great article. Men and women seem to make equally competent leaders, but in different ways. I, as a woman, prefer male bosses personally. Could you seriously not find a more qualified person to talk about brain differences? Yes male and female brains have some differences, but Amen is a certified quack. He has his own page on Quackwatch for goodness sake! He is extrapolating to behavioral differences between brains by looking at SPECT scans which are not even quantitative. There is no way to look at a colored SPECT scan and infer that women have “useful corporate skills” just by looking at the scan. The increased activity in the female brain in terms of bloodflow could just mean women are actually worse at said skills and thus their brains have to work harder to get the same result as a male brain. Who knows? His large “study” is not even published in the peer-reviewed literature. He is just a publicity-seeker and Stossel fell for his hype. I expected better from John. Dr. Amen is a pseudoscientist and has no respect from the experts in his field. He is a modern day “phrenologist” and a snake oil peddler.

  25. my buddy’s step-sister makes $72 an hour on the computer. She has been laid off for 8 months but last month her payment was $12918 just working on the computer for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more,,,,

  26. Why don’t you change the things you want in life?

    Why should i have to change? He’s the one that sucks.

  27. I agree with Daniel Amen that women are really better in empathy, intuition, collaboration and self control and these are the corporate skills.

    Although the prevalence of salary discrimination is less to be seen yet it can’t be said that now women are rarely victim of it. It is still there as it is rooted in our systems. I have personally observed this.


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