Mega Upload to Develop Secure E-Mail Service

With no physical ties to the US


Last week encrypted email service provider Lavabit announced they were shutting down.  While the subject of the summer has been Edward Snowden and the documents he has leaked out, what many people may not be aware of is that several federal investigations have been ongoing.  Snowden's email account of record was with Lavabit, a secure email service provider and the CEO responded (without responding in a way) and made the statement that the service was shutting down, and was bound to a gag order on what the government is asking of the company in the course of their investigation.  Not too long after that another privacy email provider Silent Circle shut down their operations as they "saw the writing on the wall".  But before you think it's all over – just hold on – It turns out internet maverick Kim Dotcom and his company Mega are working on something of their own.  Reports are that Mega is building a similar high security email service that will not have any servers on US soil.  This is similar to how Mega's filesharing service is currently hosted, you may recall Mega's prior filesharing service was once raided and shut down on US territory based on copyright and pirate issues.