Probe Launched over Fla. Teen's Death after Tasering

Collapsed after stun-gunning by police over graffiti incident


Family members of a teenager who died after being shocked by Miami Beach police say he was an artist who wanted to change the world through art. Now they're asking for an independent investigation to learn about the events that led to Israel Hernandez-Llach's death early Tuesday.

Police said officers confronted the teen, who had recently turned 18, when they found him spray-painting a shuttered fast-food building about 5 a.m. Tuesday. Hernandez-Llach — a graffiti artist known as "Reefa" ran, leading officers on a foot chase through Miami Beach.

Chief Ray Martinez said the teen ignored orders to stop.


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  1. Procedures need to be rewritten so as to create a chilling effect in law enforcement. You know, the chilling effect that career talking head F.O.P. types rant about on the tubes? The chilling effect that will make society more exposed to criminality according to the cop lawyers? Yeah, THAT chilling effect. I’d like to see MORE of it within policing.

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