Los Angeles Considers Requiring BB Guns Be Painted Bright Colors

Considering the number of times police shoot completely unarmed people, not sure how it will help


Prompted by a pair of officer-involved shootings three years ago, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday sought a new city law that would require BB guns, pellet guns and air rifles to be painted a bright color to differentiate them from real weapons.

However, Councilman Bernard Parks questioned if the measure would offer a false sense of security to officers and instead perhaps put their lives at risk.

"In the split second they have to make a decision, they might see a weapon painted a bright color and think they are safe," he said. "My concern is for the officer's safety. From my point of view, when someone points something at you that looks like a gun, you are trained to respond."

Despite his arguments, the council voted 14-1 to have the City Attorney's Office draft the measure that would apply only in the City of Los Angeles.