Police Abuse

Shooting of "Suspicious" Austin Man Who Fled Police Listed as "Justified Homicide"

No word on what crime he may have been committing or even whether the shooting was intentional or accidental


Larry Eugene Jackson Jr.'s death was listed as a "justifiable homicide" in the custodial death report filed with the Texas Attorney General's Office.

The report confirms much of what was already reported by the Austin Police Department in the case: On the afternoon of July 26, 32-year-old Jackson attempted to visit a Central Austin bank, which was closed due to a robbery earlier that day. Detective Charles Kleinert briefly talked with Jackson outside the bank before he ran off. Kleinert chased Jackson and with the help of a civilian driver, the detective caught up with him near Shoal Creek. The two struggled and Kleinert shot Jackson once in the back of the neck, killing him. Police said they have reason to believe Jackson was at the bank to commit a fraud, though they have not released additional information on the suspected crime.