Katherine Mangu-Ward Discusses Sleepy, Corrupt TSA Agents with FBN's Cavuto


Reason Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward discusses the lazy, corrupt security theater that has become the Transportation Security Administration with Fox Business Network's Cavuto. 

Airdate:  July 31, 2013.

About 4 minutes.

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  1. So is Neil Cavuto a one-namer like Madonna now?

  2. The theater goes a lot deeper than just the TSA. When some NYPD cop is pawing through my bag before I can board a fucking subway car, camouflaged army drones nearby with the machine guns helpfully lowered – that is not the TSA. That is an occupation.

  3. Anyone else notice new big green “PREVIEW” and “SUBMIT” buttons?

    So, I’m thinkin… New button color… Maybe they fixed “PREVIEW”


    1. And here I was thinking that you were talking about new “SUBMIT” buttons that TSA agents were wearing at the airport. Woe is me! I’m pressing a pretty green button……now!

      1. No the TSA buttons say “SUBMIT… BITCH”.

    2. Well at least it’ll be harder to press the wrong button now. That’s probably why they changed it.

  4. Who gives a crap about the nature of their job (too boring, too much complacency). Burger flippers have a boring job too, but they, unlike TSA, have a reason to exist, which the real argument about this latest ‘revelation’.

    hey, where’d the big green buttons go? tease?

    1. ahhh, big green buttons only appear in a “reply to this” vs top-level comment. at least for my work IE.

  5. TSA delenda est

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