The TSA Investigated 9,622 Cases of Employee Misconduct Between 2010-2012


Courtesy of your government

"From fiscal years 2010 through 2012, the annual number of TSA misconduct cases increased from 2,691 to 3,408." That data (and worse!) is contained in a newly released report the Government Accountability Office put together at the behest of Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.), who helped create the TSA but now thinks of it as his "little bastard child." 

Here's some more data to chew on: Of the 9,622 complaints the TSA reviewed between 2010-2012, only 17 percent resulted in an employee being dismissed from the agency. Thirty-one percent of complaint investigations resulted in suspension, and 47 percent in a letter of reprimand. A number of cases haven't been resolved. Thank god the TSA is now unionized, right?

Here's a breakdown of all the different types of complaints the agency received and investigated, including not showing up for work, being disrespectful, and "sleeping on duty":


Seeing as the most common offenses are those you'd find at fastfood restaurants and construction sites, it seems like the TSA is maybe not hiring the cream of the crop. It would be cheaper to shut the agency down than hire people who show up to work on time and stay awake for their entire shifts. 

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  1. +1 alt text

  2. …only 17 percent resulted in an employee being dismissed from the agency.

    I knew it. Passengers making spurious accusations against our first line of defense.

  3. I can’t bring myself to RTFR.

    How do they handle multiple complaint types in a single incident?

    “Agent X, all the while keeping an unprofessional appearance, awoke from his alcohol-induced stupor and, using abusive language, performed a careless inspection.”

  4. OT: Obamacare keeps on giving!

    Be careful you don’t fall off the Obamacare “cliff” when the boss asks you to put in some overtime.

    Working more could ultimately mean thousands of dollars less for you under a quirk in the new health-care law going into effect this fall. This could prompt some people to cut back on their hours to avoid losing money.

    In that scenario, an individual or family whose annual income surpasses maximums set by the federal government?if only by $1?will totally lose subsidies available to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

    The loss of those subsidies in some cases will mean that people potentially would have been better off financially if they had worked less during the year, Wu said. And they then would have to work significantly more to make up for the lost subsidy.

    1. I’m trying to figure out what “Affordable” means when my costs are projected to rise at least 50%. The premiums and other expenses are high enough as it is, thank you.

      1. No, no. This is the full employment for lawyers, accountants and consultants phase of the Healthcare. The affordable comes when they start denying lifesaving procedures to Medicare recipients and infants on Medicaid.

    2. “It’s sort of an absurd scenario.”

      You have to draw the line somewhere.


      1. It’s really not that absurd. I’ve turned down a pay raise for similar reasons. I was making just below the threshold for the next higher tax bracket. The raise I would have been given would have bumped me just over that threshold and my take home would have dropped.

        1. It’s really not that absurd. I’ve turned down a pay raise for similar reasons. I was making just below the threshold for the next higher tax bracket.

          ??? The higher tax bracket is on marginal income, not the whole thing. If a tax bracket ends at $25,000 and you make $30,000, only the last $5000 is taxed.

          How could the raise have resulted in your take home dropping?

          1. I was thinking the same thing. I’ve taken some hits as I’ve moved past deduction income caps, but only on a marginal basis. It’s never been better for me to not accept a raise.

            1. I could see turning down extra hours because the marginal taxes were too high and I valued my leisure time more over what would have been left after govt theft, but turning down a raise?

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      1. A- It’s a little too obviously fake. If you really want to take this up to the troll big leagues, you’ve got to tone it down a bit so that it’s more realistic.

        Other than that, good job. I especially liked this part:

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        1. A-? That’s grade inflation, dude. He/she didn’t capitalize the beginning of any sentence, but still used your/you’re correctly. It needed more grammatical errors to truly capture the sense of frothing rage.

          Still, the shout-out to North Korea’s precision politico-cide? Genius.

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          1. Oh shit! The original is even better…still, this is now my jam

      3. Ha! Which one of you douchebag regulars wrote that? It’s hilarious.

  5. .only 17 percent resulted in an employee being dismissed from the agency.

    … And that’s 17% too many!


  6. The first three categories are things that could be positive for us proles:

    1) Unexcused or execessive tardiness: I would be delighted if 100% of TSA employees failed to show up for work.

    2) Bypassing screening, sleeping on duty: Again, if 100% of the employees who did show up just violated procedures and waved us on thru or fell asleep and we could walk past them, that would be great.

    3) Insubordination, ignoring policies, disrespectful conduct: This seems like how I would behave toward my superiors if I were forced at gunpoint to work for the TSA.

    1. Yeah, those sound like the best employees, not the worst, from a “customer” perspective.

  7. In their defense, the passengers were not… unresponsive.

  8. What is that substance emanating from what seems to be the nether-regions of the intrepid traveler in the image? Did someone break wind? Does backscatter capture urine? More troubling then is: did that person piss themselves while getting scanned?

    Enquiring minds want to know, dammit!

  9. The TSA workers in America’s smaller cities are much more professional and serious about their jobs. That’s why I prefer to fly out of the big city airports, where they don’t care enough to hassle me.

  10. If you love the TSA, thank a Republican.

  11. Whats with this line “Seeing as the most common offenses are those you’d find at fastfood restaurants and construction sites…”?

    Most construction workers are highly paid professionals with many years experience and deep knowledge of their trade. Or at least they used to be before the trades were overtaken by gangs of illegals doing work of questionable quality. To equate them with fast food workers and TSA agents is bullshit. Why don’t you go and try to frame a house, or wire one, or plumb one, then you can talk shit about hard working Americans, you pompous ass. And go ahead and call a plumber, get an estimate, and figure out what he makes a year. It’s probably a lot more than you do with your little journalism gig.
    God, who is this Mike Riggs jerk? Some nancy boy who went to college on Daddy’s dime and never did an honest day’s work in his life? What a condescending little shit. I used to work in the trades, and learned my craft with pride and dedication. You really pissed me off you little punk.

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