Twitter Urged To Tackling Trolling After Feminist Activist Receives 50 Sexually-Abusive Tweets an Hour

Caroline Criado-Perez petitioned to have women featured on British bank notes, prompting the abuse


(CNN) — A barrage of rape and death threats on Twitter aimed at feminist Caroline Criado-Perez — who petitioned to have women displayed on banknotes—has sparked outrage in the global media and among the Twitterati.

Following a day-long onslaught, in which Criado-Perez received around 50 sexually-abusive tweets an hour, police finally arrested a 21-year-old man in Manchester on Sunday.

The feminist champion, whose campaign resulted in the Bank of England agreeing to picture Pride and Prejudice author Jane Austen on every £10 bill, tweeted throughout the abuse: "I actually can't keep up with the screen-capping & reporting—rape threats thick and fast now. If anyone wants to report the tweets to Twitter."