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L'Hotel fer Dogs

The Statham, Georgia, city council has barred residents from owning more than three dogs. Anyone who wishes to own more will be treated as a kennel and subject to all the regulations and inspections that kennels must comply with.

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  1. He’s been criticised for backdating his posts. He’s been criticised for SF’ing his links. He’s been criticised for not having a surname. But by God, Charles Oliver makes an effort with his alt-text.

    1. He’s also been criticized for not having alt-text many a time.

    2. Charles Oliver makes an effort with his alt-text.

      Everything else is optional.

      Though I hope he isn’t suggesting that the officer was subject to the high capacity magazine ban, because let’s be honest, he had an exemption for that.

      1. No, some of the dogs would get to cover before he could reload enough times for the average cop accuracy to have hit them.

        1. Don’t they have full auto M4s in their squad cars?

          1. He’s a motorcycle cop. No squad car.

            1. The obvious answer is to equip cycle cops with fragmentation grenades for urban animal control.

  2. What, no comments about “going to the dogs?”

  3. If you have more than three pet dogs and can’t afford the onerous fees of running a kennel, Stratham Police does off a wrong door, no-knock raid for free.

    1. If you have more than three pet dogs and can’t afford the onerous fees of running a kennel, Stratham Police does offer a wrong door, no-knock raid for free.

      (There really was no need for the Freudian slip, was there?)

  4. “We had one person who ran a hobby kennel, and he was raising the dogs to fight,” [the mayor] said.

    Right, because that one person is everybody. Collective guilt FTL.

    Aside: I used to live in a city that had what was nicknamed the “crazy-cat-lady ordinance,” which forbade anyone to have more than four cats.

    1. Having more than four pretty much defines “crazy cat lady.” I wouldn’t want one for a neighbor, but I don’t think I could support such an ordinance, either.

      Someone in my dating history recently doubled her dog count from three to six. For all her other faults, she does take reasonably good care of them.

      1. I used to have a neighbor that not only had multiple cats but also left food outside for all the neighborhood strays. My dog used to hate those things.

  5. Statham is in my general area. I really wouldn’t put it past their police to simply shoot excess dogs, now that they have a pretext.

  6. In Georgia? Really? What about all the hunters who use dogs. How did this ever pass?

  7. Wait…

    Dogs have litters. If your unspayed bitch gives birth, you’re running a kennel?

    1. Depending on the state and the circumstances, you may have to pay a higher licensing fee for an un-neutered animal or even obtain a breeder’s permit.

      1. License? for a mutt?

        That’s inane.

    2. War on bitches.

      1. You forgot the comma.

  8. He said the ordinance bans those hobby kennels and has “bite” to be able to punish violators.

    What a “wag”!

  9. This sort of limit is fairly common in cities and towns. Not defending it, but not high on my list of priorities for things to get outraged about.

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