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Bipartisanship Lives! McCain Working With Obama to Jack Up Defense Spending and Taxes


Would be so much happier if that was a bowl of peach slices. ||| Pete Souza, White House
Pete Souza, White House

TPM has published valentine to Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) for becoming President Barack Obama's best new pal in circumventing obstructionist Republicans:

[A]s the White House and members of Congress prepare for a potentially ugly battle to keep government open and continue paying its bills this fall, Democratic leaders see McCain as a pivotal figure in their effort to reach a compromise and force tea party conservatives to stop holding routine government funding and debt ceiling bills hostage.

I understand why Democrats and their fans would be tickled by these developments. I just wonder how they would have felt five years ago if you would have told them that they'd be cheering on a bipartisan deal between the then-presidential rivals to jack up defense spending:

"Senator McCain is the Senate Republican leadership's worst nightmare," said a senior Democratic aide, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record. "He is very interested in fixing sequestration, he has railed against the tax loopholes, he is clearly not afraid to defy them when he thinks it's the right thing to do, and he takes 10 Republican members with him. We definitely see him as an important part of the path forward on a budget deal."

McCain's desire for a budget agreement is motivated by one of his biggest policy priorities: Protecting the Pentagon. The military budget is set to take a major hit due to the across-the-board budget cuts enacted in 2011, and pragmatists like him recognize that the only politically feasible way to undo the so-called sequester is to replace it with a mix of targeted spending cuts and new revenues. That's a key reason for McCain's alienation from the tea party, which has blocked a budget accord that includes so much as a penny in new tax revenue.

Emphases mine. As we have seen in sharp relief this week, there is a natural bipartisanship in Washington that elevates above all other values the writing of a blank check to the National Security State. Until there are more Justin Amashes and Ron Wydens, and fewer John McCains and Barack Obamas, we will continue seeing these kinds of grotesque contortions for the preservation of power.

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  1. When can we finally bury the animated corpse that was John McCain.

    1. Whenever I hear him speak, I cry aloud, “Why… won’t… you… DIE???”

    2. The proper rituals have not been performed. Banishing the undead isn’t a straightforward task.

      1. Only Bruce Campbell can kill him.

  2. Drop him out of a plane over Vietnam?

  3. the so-called sequester

    Well, you stupid shitlibs, it’s actually a sequester, and it was Captain Wonderful’s idea.

  4. “No, fuck you, cut spending.”

  5. Incidentally, this is why the Mulvaney Amendment voted on this week is important. 38 House Republicans demonstrated that they weren’t willing to go along with leadership gimmicks to exempt DoD spending from the sequester via Overseas Contingency Operations funds (in excess of WH requests, even). 215-206, this one won. (Since the Dem leadership was in favor, it didn’t have the double whipping problem of the Amash Amendment.)

    It’s a big deal, because it suggests a bloc of House GOPers who definitely won’t go along with deals like this.

  6. Unsurprisingly, remaining in power for so long has turned the “Maverick” into just another corrupt, elitist asshole in government.

    Does he even bother to look at the numbers and the insane ramped up levels of spending we are at? Who exactly does that idiot think we need to amass all this military hardware to fight – a bunch of AK-47-toting tribal goat farmers?

    It’s too bad he was never involved in a conflict against rag-tag guerillas who proved impervious to a bloated military force.

    Oh wait.

  7. I’m just glad we were offered real contrast in the 2008 election.

    1. Well, do note that the jokers who represent this bipartisan consensus– like Hilary Clinton and Chris Cristie– are the ones who poll best for 2016. So to some degree the people are to blame too.

  8. John McCain is a Wise Old Man.

    He only has America’s best interest at heart.

  9. McCain is a dirty old whore who just happy someone is willing to pay him the attention he so desperately craves.

    Should have left his ass in Vietnam. I don’t care how crass it sounds. The government left better men than “The Maverick” over there to rot and die.

  10. The Oval Office is so dowdy. When are they going to modernize the joint?

  11. Mutual ass-fucking and whip-riding commenced after that photo shoot.

  12. Mutual masturbation occurs while talking about nuking Iran or domestic surveillance.

  13. Get Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein in there for a foursome. Warmongering police-state pricks and cunts are running the country.

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