US Hopeful About Post-2014 Deal on Afghanistan, Parliament Votes to Sack Interior Minister Over Deteriorating Security

Troops and money to remain in Afghanistan


this is the war that never ends
Sgt. Efren Lopez/US Air Force

President Obama has outlined a plan for Afghanistan that entails US involvement past the "withdrawal" date of 2014; US troops would stay to conduct counterterrorism missions and to help train Afghan security forces, things they've been doing pretty much since the start of the war in 2001. Congressman Walter Jones told Reason last year that "you can train a monkey to ride a bicycle in less time" than its taken the US to train Afghan security forces.

Now, Afghanistan's parliament voted to remove the interior minister, who is in charge of security forces, blaming him for the security forces' poor showing against the Taliban and accusing him of corruption. Hamid Karzai, whose presidential term expires next year, referred the matter to the Supreme Court. Karzai did his part earlier this year to scuttle US peace talks with the Taliban, while Pakistan sent an envoy to help open new peace talks with the Taliban, which it denies having control over.

Earlier this month, the Obama Administration floated the idea of a complete withdrawal by 2014 because of Afghanistan's unwillingness to negotiate the terms under which US troops would operate after that. Today, the chairman of the joints chief of staff downplayed that possibility, after Karzai reportedly agreed in principle on a post-2014 deal, which would also presumably secure the continuation of US money spent on the Afghan government. One country's wasteful spending is another country's fuel for corruption.

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  1. The stimulus must be bigger! Not having a war is impoverishing!

  2. you can train a monkey to ride a bicycle in less time


    1. Should he have said ciscycle?

  3. Speaking of trained monkeys, has Carney ever told us what the US mission in Afghanistan actually is?
    WTF are we doing there?

    1. Something about getting the tallyman to tally our bananas I think.

      1. That explains why me won go home.

  4. Are we leaving Afghanistan before or after we close the prison at Guantanamo? I just want to be clear on the timeframe for all of these promises.

    1. It’s going to be right after your health insurance costs go down.

  5. President Obama has outlined a plan for Afghanistan

    Next, he plans to color in that outline with crayons. Then he intends to tape it to his refrigerator next to his Peace Prize and “most transparent administration evah” award.

    Plan for A-Stan, ay? you dont say. dont rush things though, buddy. its not like yove had enough time to dwell on the various issues. Maybe you should just keep sending soldiers to die for some shithole country and try and keep as mum about it as possible, and just pass the ball to the next president. dont stick your neck out or anything.


  6. I thought it say post-2014 “defeat”…

    oh well.

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