Police Abuse

Brickbat: German Justice



Munich police are investigating an officer who punched a handcuffed woman, breaking her nose and eye socket. The woman, who was not named by media, had called police for help after a fight with her boyfriend. On the way to the station, she tried to call her mother, leading officers to handcuff her and throw her in a cell to "calm her down." The officer struck her when she resisted.

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  1. You know who else acted like Hitler?

  2. Why is there an “h” on “ja”?

  3. Cops are cops the world over.

    1. Yep. We’re three steps out of the cave with a lot of shiny toys. The only difference between Ug and his club or Fritz and his gun is a few thousand years. Human nature has not changed.

  4. He must’ve attended a police conference in LA

  5. I’m sure the officer will be vindicated when they finally release all the photos and texts on her phone that prove she is a gun-running, fight-starting, reefered-up burglar thug.

  6. This story is almost half a year old. The woman had indeed resisted arrest, but the cop hit her in the face when she was already handcuffed and in the cell with 5-7 cops. Under German law, that is assault; self defense does not apply as she is handcuffed.

    The cop has so far rejected a plea deal, and will now get his day in court. Given the facts of the case, if he is found guilty, I’d expect the court to sentence him in the lower end of the range, which is three months to five years.

    In the weeks after the incident, the police tried finding something to stick on her; for example, they showed up at her place at 6 am to search it for drugs, but came up empty.

    1. But see they probably didn’t shoot any dogs, confiscate anything, or take her kids. I never expected such amateur statism out of the Germans.

    2. To be fair, short sentences are the norm in Europe, whether for cops or “civilians.”

  7. It was for her own good. Though love and all that…


  8. What can one expect? The Germans have virtually no experience with
    police state tactics.

  9. That dude seems to know what time it is.


  10. The extent of my Germanness is restricted to when they took over the power plant from Mr. Burns.

  11. My German ancestors got the hell out of the *Heimat* several decades before it all went to shit. So I can Godwin with the best of them:

    “Wow, who could imagine German police could be so brutal?”

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