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Dodd-Frank Regulations Could Fill Almost 30 Copies of War and Peace

Over 15 million words



According to analysis from the law firm Davis Polk rules for implementing Dodd-Frank, the financial reform legislation that turns three years old on Sunday, could fill 28 copies of Leo Tolstoy's epic War and Peace.

From The Hill:

Rules implementing the Dodd-Frank financial reform law could fill 28 copies of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, according to a new analysis of the Wall Street overhaul.

The law firm Davis Polk, which closely tracks the Dodd-Frank rulemaking process, released a graphic Friday that highlights the gargantuan size of the financial reform bill's overhaul of regulations.

All told, regulators have written 13,789 pages and over 15 million words to put the law in place, which is equal to 42 words of regulations for every single word of the already-hefty law, spanning 848 pages itself.

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  1. If it is impossible to run a financial institution in America, then America won’t have to worry about them committing fraud or going broke now will they?

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  2. Having Chris ‘Countrywide’ Dodd and Barney ‘Fannie/Freddie’ Frank write banking regulations is like having Cardinal Bernard Law babysit your kids.

    1. Another devotee’ of Fat Rush’s lies?

      1. Dodd and Frank? I don’t think so.


      2. @ Palin… How does my homage to Milton Friedman cause you to invoke Fat Rush?

        1. Because EVERYTHING causes him to invoke Limbaugh…. or Beck…. or Fox News…. or previous Republican presidents (BOOOSSSHHH!). It’s his schtick. I predict that if he replies to you he’ll imply or outright state that you must be a GOP cheerleader.

  3. Ya know, they really need to tighten up the regulations on these businesses; they’re just running without any oversight at all!

  4. OT

    This is pretty cool.

    iphone as medical device.

    Human innovation/ingenuity, might just be strong enough to overcome the damage being done to the economy by government. Think where we’d be without interference.

    1. Medical device, huh? Thanks, that’s just the “in” we needed to justify new regulations on the cell phone market. /FDA

      1. Yep.

        I was having a discussion with a friend the other day about how competition in a free market drives the price of goods and services down. He pointed to cars and healthcare as counter examples. To which I pointed out to him that the only goods and services that went up in price are the ones regulated by government.

        The theory seems to hold.

  5. Maybe we could all be “Friends of Angelo” like Chris Dodd?!

  6. As a potential juror, the reasonable doubt is baked in when the law is that convoluted.

  7. highlights the gargantuan size of the financial reform bill’s overhaul of regulations.

    Oh, piffle. They’re just trying to fine-tune things a bit.

  8. @ Palin… How does my homage to Milton Friedman cause you to invoke Fat Rush?

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