Law Enforcement Official Fired After Calling in Iowa Governor's SUV Going at 90MPH

Using his government vehicle on a vacation day (the day he called in the governor's speeding) cited as one of the reasons


governor says he'll work on scheduling so speeding doesn't happen
Gage Skidmore/

An update on Larry Hedlund, the law enforcement official (a "special agent in charge" with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations) who called in the Iowa governor's SUV speeding at 90mph: he's been fired. After a disciplinary review, naturally. Authorities deny the call about the governor's SUV led to the firing, accusing Hedlund instead of "negative and disrespectful comments" made via e-mail about the director of DCI and using his government vehicle on a vacation day (the day he called in the governor's SUV). The department said his continued employment would be "counterproductive" to their "best interests." Hedlund's attorney says he plans to sue.

In our last story about this, commenter Eduard van Haalen noted Hedlund's appearance in this video of an apparent arrest of someone who was filming police.*

According to DCI itself, Hedlund had never been disciplined before his firing.

Via Radley Balko's Twitter feed

*UPDATE: Apologies, it's a different Hedlund in the video.

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  1. I’m sure the union will be along to save him, right?

  2. So there is no good guy in this fight, hypocrites in the State police and a governor who drives per the Iowa Rules of the Road FYTW subset.


    Alt text, and even a hat tip to an H&R commenter.

    Today is a good day to die.

  3. You can shoot and fuck with the proles all you like. But you damn well better know to leave your betters alone.

    And what a turd the governor is. The only reason this guy’s bosses care about this is because the governor cares. What a vindictive crap weasel.

    1. It’s hard to believe anyone with a functioning brain could come to any other conclusion.

      So this must be the conclusion the governor AND the police want you to understand. They don’t even care to hide it anymore.

    2. Yeah. The King’s Men are usually immune from screwing with average people. But if one of the King’s Men dare challenge the King… that cannot be tolerated!

  4. Elected officials = best pigs
    Law enforcement = better pigs
    Everyone else = off-band hot dog ingredients

      1. Sure, how about shredded chinese newspaper?

  5. A knight should know his place. He can fuck with the peasants all he wants but hampering the authority of a Lord is out of the question.

  6. That Kirk in the video is a massive dick. He made his point, but he doesn’t move on.

  7. If Branstad can get this man fired, you would think he could get this picture taken off of wikipedia.….._1984.JPEG

  8. Not watching the video. My blood pressure is bad enough as it is.

  9. This is a fine example of why there are hardly any honest cops.

  10. In some states it is a felony to go 20+ MPH over the speed limit. I know in Virginia if you are going 80 MPH (regardless of the speed limit) or 20+ MPH over the speed limit, it is a felony.

    Anyone know what Iowa’s laws are regarding this? And what was the posted speed limit?

    1. I could be wrong but, I don’t think it’s a felony in Iowa. 25 over will cost you your license though.

    2. Really? The speed limit is 70 in some places. Three felonies a day, indeed.

    3. I don’t know what 55 over the limit will get you, so I do it rarely and only on back roads.

    4. WTF? I go a hundred on my motorcycle at least once a year out of principle.

    5. I. Except as noted in II, the fine schedule for speeding offenses is as follows: (1) ?5 MPH over the speed limit-$10; (2) 5 MPH but ?10 MPH over the speed limit-$20; (3) 10 MPH but ?15 MPH over the speed limit-$30; (4) 15 MPH but ?20 MPH over the speed limit-$40; (5) 20 MPH over the speed limit-$40 plus $2 for every MPH over the 20 MPH excessive speed. ‘805.8(2)(g)(1) & (3)

      1. II. In speed zones with a speed limit 55 MPH, the fine schedule for speeding violations is as follows: (1) ?5 MPH over the speed limit-$10; (2) 5 MPH but ?10 MPH over the speed limit-$20; (3) 10 MPH but ?15 MPH over the speed limit-$40; (4) 15 MPH but ?20 MPH over the speed limit-$60; (5) 20 MPH over the speed limit-$60 plus $2 for every MPH over the 20 MPH excessive speed. ‘805.8(2)(g)(4)

        1. III. For violating the posted safe speed limit for a bridge or elevated structure, the scheduled fine is $15. ‘805.8(2)(h)

          1. 8I. For licensing action based on habitual violations of the traffic laws, the following suspensions apply: (1) 3 convictions within 12 months-90 days; (2) 4 convictions within 12 months-120 days; 5 convictions within 12 months-150 days; 6 convictions within 12 months 180 days; and, (5) 7 or more convictions within 12 months-1 year. IAC 761-615.17 Note: The licensing agency is not to consider the first two speeding violations within a 12 month period involving excess speed which was ?10 MPH below the speed limit in speed zones having limits between 34 and 56 MPH. ‘321.210(2)(d)

            1. II. For licensing action based on a serious violation (i.e. exceeding the speed limit by ?25 MPH), State regulations provide for graduated license suspension periods depending upon the speed of the vehicle. E.g., a person convicted of speeding ?25 MPH but

              1. E.g., a person convicted of speeding ?25 MPH but

                1. One more try:

                  E.g., a person convicted of speeding (greater than or equal to)25 MPH but (less than) 49 MPH over the speed limit is subject to a 60 day suspension. Whereas, a person convicted of speeding (greater than or equal to) MPH over the speed limit is subject to a 1 year license suspension.

  11. This isn’t very surpising, considering this is the same Governor whose son killed a person while driving recklessly and wasn’t charged with anything.

    1. what kind of anarchist scumsucker are you that would dare think that our betters and their families should be held to the same standards we are?

      I mean, they’ve got it rough, screwing us day in and day out. They deserve to have an easier life and not be trifled by our mundane laws.

  12. I’m conflicted about this one. I have a hard time getting mad about any cop getting fired.

    1. The gentlemanly thing to do is have a duel. The governor is obviously chicken shit.

    2. What about the police chief who got fired for refusing to press charges against Zimmerman?…..ief-sacked
      Or the one who got fired for refusing to frame the City Manager?…..wanted-him

      That’s why I don’t believe in good cops. The only time you hear about them is when they get canned.

  13. Barring term limits, I wonder if the good people of Iowa will re-elect this turd?

  14. I’m not sure why I should fall down on my knees to praise a cop who just happens to bungle his way into doing the job he’s paid to do.

    I thought it was hilarious when Corzine hit the fence. It’s too bad he wasn’t injured fatally.

    With any luck, Branstad will hit a deer some night as he is exercising his Top Man privileges, and end up trapped in his burning car.

    1. We can only hope Brooks. We can only hope. Hope is a good thing.

  15. So I get a hat tip, but it’s for one of the rare occasions when I was wrong. Perfect.

    1. I think I know what happened, I confused him with his mother, Lynn Cheney.

      Sorry, that was Matt Welch.

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