It Wasn't Us, TSA Says of Car Searches at the Rochester, NY, Airport



Well, the Transportation Security Administration actually got back to me on my query about searches of valet-parked cars at the Rochester, New York, airport. As is often the case with government agencies, though, the official statement is essentially innocuous: "Each airport authority, along with their state and local law enforcement partners, is responsible for securing airport property, including the outer perimeter." The rest of the response, such as it is, is on-background and off-the-record — two categories for disseminating information that annoy the hell out of me. Often, information is given out that way in order to lob untraceable spitballs at somebody else.

Suffice it to say, as you can tell from the official statement emphasizing airport authorities and local agencies, TSA doesn't want to take credit for the car searches at Rochester's airport. Also, I think it's a safe bet that Laurie Iacuzza, and anybody else who left cars with valets at the airport before this story broke, was very likely not properly informed that their vehicles would be searched.

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  1. I know nothing! I see nothing! I didn’t evan get up this morning!

    1. Thank you TSA Sgt Schultz!

  2. “We don’t know nothin’ about nothin’! We certainly don’t know about the body we stashed in the trunk of the Corvette!”

    Strictly a joke – legal department.

    1. Well sure, it wouldn’t be big enough except children. Why do you hate children? Did you tell your wife the Corvette was for the children?

  3. It wasn’t us! Look over there! It was them!

    We recently had an issue with a piece of my wifes luggage on a flight from Miami to Balmer.

    From my observation, what happened is, someone pryed the lock off and started to open it, but stopped. It’s one of the hard case Samsonites with the combination lock.

    Anyway, TSA swear they didn’t do it. I actually believe them because it has a TSA lock on it. If they wanted to steal stuff, it would have been far easier just to open it with their key. I wound up making the airline replace it.

    But who knows, TSA could have done it, they’ve done far worse to peoples stuff than that, including theft.

    1. Not to mention, that peoples stuff gets more personal than luggage, with the TSA, from what I have heard..

      I’ve never had problems with TSA myself. CBP are the real arses, in my experience.

      1. The TSA being the TSA, agents have been known to cut or break TSA-approved locks for no apparent reason. I have also known them to replace approved combination locks on the wrong luggage following their searches, leading passengers to be unable to access their own belongings until they break the reinforced locks designed to prevent such intrusions.

        This and much more for the low price of $8 billion a year!

  4. It was the work of two rogue agents. These individuals have been identified and rewarded disciplined.

  5. When no one is flying anymore because of the hassle, flying will finally offer 100 percent security, which Mr. Obama said we want.

  6. Is it possible their cars were rifled by the Valet guys and when the owners queried about the rifling, the Valet guys just said, “Uhh, it was the TSA! Yeah! The TSA!”

  7. As I posted earlier.

    My return flight got in around midnight and I knew something was up as soon as I tried to roll down the window. The next day I searched the car and found obvious signs it had been rifled through but nothing was missing. I opened the trunk and there were two 50 rd bags of ammo that had been “lost” in my car for about a year after I’d bought around 20 at a gun show. I figured a K-9 alerted for explosives and some authorities searched my car. The window mechanism is still fucked up because it is a PITA to remove and replace my inner door panels.

    1. Holy shit! I thought you were joking in your earlier post.

    2. Did they break the window and then replace it, or was your door slim-jimmed?

    3. Did you write a letter to TSA, thanking them for finding your lost ammo?

    4. How much did the TSA bill you for the trouble they had putting your door panels back on?

  8. Charles Barkley agrees with Zimmerman verdict

    Uncle Tom! Get him!, NSA, IRS, sic him!

  9. Apparently, Holder has decided to go after Zimmerman on civil rights violations.

    These guys are really digging their own graves now. I didn’t think they would ever do enough to actually destroy the Obama admin, but by gawd, I think they are finally going to do it.

  10. How do we eliminate the TSA? Would it be enough to convince airlines that people won’t fly if TSA is handling security. Airlines should handle their own security.

  11. Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the Greater Rochester International Airport after returning from a trip and that’s when she found it — a notice saying her car was inspected after she left for her flight.

    Sheesh, already — What “letterhead”/”signature” was associated with the effin’ notice?

  12. Oh noes, they looked into a car when no one was in it to protect the free fucking world. What an inconvenience to everyone! I think I’ll cry and post on the internet. I’d write my Congressman but I’m too lazy and cool for that, oh and also I really don’t give a crap.

    1. Oh noes, they looked into a car when no one was in it to protect the free fucking world. What an inconvenience to everyone! I think I’ll cry and post on the internet. I’d write my Congressman but I’m too lazy and cool for that, oh and also I really don’t give a crap.


  13. So they’re going with the Shaggy defense?

  14. So what was the off the record stuff they told you? The comments section is just like off the record.

  15. J.D., have you been following the AOPA’s investigation into DHS’s increasingly intrusive “inspections” of private planes at airports around the U.S.? I posted on it several times last month.

  16. When will the general public finally say “Enough!”?

  17. So what about the earlier statement from “John McCaffery, TSA”?

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