Obama Says He's Considering Ray Kelly for DHS Secretary


Pres. Obama told Univision in an interview last night that he's open to the idea of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly–currently overseeing a mass violation of New Yorkers' Fourth Amendment rights–succeeding Janet Napolitano as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The New York Daily News reports

In an interview Tuesday with the New York affiliate of Spanish-language network Univision, Obama called Kelly "one of the best there is" in law enforcement. "Mr. Kelly might be very happy where he is. But if he's not, I'd want to know about it — 'cause you know, obviously, he'd be very well-qualified for the job."

Reason on stop-and-frisk. Reason on Ray Kelly.  

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  1. Of course he’s considering Kelly. Because Kelly is a terrible candidate, so he almost assuredly will get the job. What a great administration this is.

    1. C’mon, he’s perfect for the job.

      1. From Obama’s perspective, yes.

        1. Is there another perspective that counts?

  2. Please, please let this turn on tiny, low-wattage bulbs over the heads of the administration’s remaining supporters.

    1. Keep dreaming, dude. This won’t even make them blink.

    2. Ah, Dweebston. So young, so innocent.

  3. Napolitano and Kelly should have just switch jobs. Big sis has years of experience overseeing a mass violation of Fourth Amendment rights.

    1. No. Napolitano needs to move to HHS or the AMA. Her experience is in groping people. It is Holder and Clapper who have all of the violating the 4th Amendment experience.

      1. She’s moving on to overseeing the University of California system. Though I think people are opposing that.

  4. Stop and frisk going nationwide this fall!! It is a good thing that the NAACP and other minority groups really look out for their members and make sure police officials who engage in systematic harassment of minority communities are not rewarded with big political jobs like cabinet positions.

  5. Obama called Kelly “one of the best there is” in law enforcement.

    Constitutional-Scholar-in-Chief likes what he sees. Plainly, this is a man who will not succumb to the short term temptation of illusory peace brought on by adherence to an outmoded and thoroughly debunked suicide pact.

  6. Why not go for Joe Arpaio instead?

    1. You mean Eric Holder’s future replacement?

    2. Because he is busy harassing a minority group that could conceivably vote Republican. Kelly only harassed black people who will never vote anything but Democrat.

      1. Well, with Arpaio in charge of DHS, the whole thing would soon become so awful that they might vote to kill the DHS altogether.

        Either that, or you can take the BOR off life support and let it die.

        1. What Arpaio does to Hispanics is no worse than what Kelly is doing to black youths in New York. In fact it might not be as bad. At least Arpaio can say that Hispanics are much more likely to be in violation of immigration laws than whites. Kelly can’t say that blacks are any more likely to be in possession of drugs or be a danger to police officers than whites.

          1. Just like in the slavery or Jim Crow days, it’s not racism when the government does it. According to the government.

            1. Well, statists seem to think the same thing.

              1. So evil done by the government is good, but evil done by individuals is bad. Yet the government is us, and we are the government. . . .illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are human. Only humans can explain their behavior! Please explain!

                1. Just beam yourself out into space before you explode, NOMAD, OK? I’m kind of busy.

                  1. Not Nomad, as you very well know. So no planet of android love babes for you.

          2. I don’t think that Kelly has quite the reputation for prisoner abuse, harrassment of political opponents and threats to judges that Arpaio has.

            1. Really, what difference does it make? Arpaio is isolated to one part of one state. Now Obama wants to inflict Kelly upon the country.

              1. My (totally flippant)* suggestion was to nominate Joe Arpaio for DHS.

                *(I like grim humor; I’m not batshit insane.)

                1. Oh, yes, let’s nominate him. In fact, can we nominate someone even more absurd? Who is the worst person living today?

                  1. I don’t think we could persuade the Unicorn Man to nominate Warty.

            2. I am thinking NYPD has one hell of a reputation for prisoner abuse. Google Rikers’ Island Civil Rights Violation sometime. I would be very surprised if Phoenix is even close to New York in the who can abuse prisoners the most race.

          3. Kelly’s harassing Hispanic youths too.

            *And white and Asian ones too, just not in disproportionate numbers. Stop and frisk would be wrong even if it wasn’t racially biased.

  7. Wait, I thought the whole problem Obama had with Zimmerman was that Zimmerman profiled Martin as a criminal due to his race and detained him in violation of his rights?

    So why is he hiring the guy who did that very thing wholesale?

    It’s almost as if Obama is utterly unguided by any ethical principle!

    1. You might think that wouldn’t you. What is worse is that none of Obama’s supporters will bat an eye at supporting this guy and then turning around and screaming about how Zimmerman profiled black teenagers. How do these people feed themselves?

      1. Not to mention there’s far more evidence the NYDP racially profiles than there is that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin

    2. But it’s different when the government does it. See, imagine Zimmerman called in a drone strike on Martin. That would be wrong. The government would do it right, by referring to its classified disposition matrix to employ the amount of drone process deemed necessary by the president in his sole and absolute discretion.

      See the difference?

  8. It’s almost as if Obama is utterly unguided by any ethical principle!

    “I campaign, therefor I am” isn’t an ethical principle?

  9. currently overseeing a mass violation of New Yorkers’ Fourth Amendment rights

    A natural choice for the PRISM President!

  10. Well, it could be worse.

    I’m not sure how, but it could be.

    And if it could be, there’s a decent chance that Obama will find that person and hire him instead.

    I do have to hand it to President Obama though. The man has discovered he can do anything he wants and never face a single consequence from his party or the media, and he can (or he can have his subordinates) brand any dissent as racism. And he’s really, really taking advantage of that.

  11. Ray Kelly–currently overseeing a mass violation of New Yorkers’ Fourth Amendment rights–succeeding Janet Napolitano as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Sounds like he’s the perfect man for the job then.

  12. A NYPD commissioner, if he’s not indicted or jailed, will automatically be considered a Super Top Man because of the post 9-11-01 halo. Before that, he’d just be considered a Top Man. Hey, it’s the big city, he’s in charge of police there, crime is down, ergo he must be a genius. Or, crime is up, and he’s had to deal with that, he must have great endurance. Plus, they’re all Democrats there (even the Republicans), so how can a Democrat fail to appoint him?

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